Job 4:10 Cross References - WEB_Strongs

  10 H7581 The roaring H738 of the lion, H6963 and the voice H7826 of the fierce lion, H8127 the teeth H3715 of the young lions, H5421 are broken.

Job 5:15

  15 H3467 But he saves H2719 from the sword H6310 of their mouth, H34 even the needy H3027 from the hand H2389 of the mighty.

Job 29:17

  17 H7665 I broke H4973 the jaws H5767 of the unrighteous, H7993 and plucked H2964 the prey H8127 out of his teeth.

Psalms 3:7

  7 H6965 Arise, H3068 Yahweh! H3467 Save H430 me, my God! H5221 For you have struck H341 all of my enemies H3895 on the cheek bone. H7665 You have broken H8127 the teeth H7563 of the wicked.

Psalms 57:4

  4 H5315 My soul H8432 is among H3833 lions. H7901 I lie H3857 among those who are set on fire, H1121 even the sons H120 of men, H8127 whose teeth H2595 are spears H2671 and arrows, H3956 and their tongue H2299 a sharp H2719 sword.

Psalms 58:6

  6 H2040 Break H8127 their teeth, H430 God, H6310 in their mouth. H5422 Break out H4459 the great teeth H3715 of the young lions, H3068 Yahweh.

Proverbs 30:14

  14 H1755 There is a generation H8127 whose teeth H2719 are like swords, H4973 and their jaws H3979 like knives, H398 to devour H6041 the poor H776 from the earth, H34 and the needy H120 from among men.

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