Jeremiah 50:43 Cross References - WEB_Strongs

  43 H4428 The king H894 of Babylon H8085 has heard H8088 the news H3027 of them, and his hands H7503 wax feeble: H6869 anguish H2388 has taken hold H2427 of him, pains H3205 as of a woman in labor.

Isaiah 13:6-8

  6 H3213 Wail; H3117 for the day H3068 of Yahweh H7138 is at hand! H935 It will come H7701 as destruction H7706 from the Almighty.
  7 H3027 Therefore all hands H7503 will be feeble, H582 and everyone's H3824 heart H7503 will melt.
  8 H926 They will be dismayed. H6735 Pangs H2256 and sorrows H270 will seize H2342 them. They will be in pain H3205 like a woman in labor. H8539 They will look in amazement H376 one H7453 at another. H6440 Their faces H6440 will be faces of flame.

Isaiah 21:3-4

  3 H4975 Therefore my thighs H4390 are filled H2479 with anguish. H2479 Pains H270 have taken hold H6735 on me, like the pains H3205 of a woman in labor. H5753 I am in so much pain H8085 that I can't hear. H926 I so am dismayed H7200 that I can't see.
  4 H3824 My heart H8582 flutters. H6427 Horror H1204 has frightened H5399 me. The twilight H2837 that I desired H7760 has been turned H2731 into trembling for me.

Jeremiah 49:22

  22 H5927 Behold, he shall come up H1675 and fly H5404 as the eagle, H6566 and spread H3671 out his wings H1224 against Bozrah: H3820 and the heart H1368 of the mighty men H123 of Edom H3117 at that day H3820 shall be as the heart H802 of a woman H6887 in her pangs.

Jeremiah 49:24

  24 H1834 Damascus H7503 has grown feeble, H6437 she turns H5127 herself to flee, H7374 and trembling H2388 has seized H6869 on her: anguish H2256 and sorrows H270 have taken H3205 hold of her, as of a woman in travail.

Jeremiah 51:31

  31 H7323 One runner H7323 will run H7125 to meet H7323 another, H5046 and one messenger H7125 to meet H5046 another, H5046 to show H4428 the king H894 of Babylon H5892 that his city H3920 is taken H7097 on every quarter:

Daniel 5:5-6

  5 H8160 In the same hour H5312 came forth H677 the fingers H606 of a man's H3028 hand, H3790 and wrote H6903 over against H5043 the lampstand H5922 on H1528 the plaster H3797 of the wall H4430 of the king's H1965 palace: H4430 and the king H2370 saw H6447 the part H3028 of the hand H3790 that wrote.
  6 H116 Then H4430 the king's H2122 face H8133 was changed H7476 in him, and his thoughts H927 troubled H7001 him; and the joints H2783 of his thighs H8271 were loosened, H755 and his knees H5368 struck H1668 one H1668 against another.

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