1 Kings 1:35 Cross References - WEB_Strongs

  35 H5927 Then you shall come up H310 after H935 him, and he shall come H3427 and sit H3678 on my throne; H4427 for he shall be king H6680 in my place. I have appointed H5057 him to be prince H3478 over Israel H3063 and over Judah."

1 Kings 1:13

  13 H3212 Go H935 in H4428 to king H1732 David, H559 and tell H113 him, ‘Didn't you, my lord, H4428 king, H7650 swear H519 to your handmaid, H559 saying, H3588 Assuredly H8010 Solomon H1121 your son H4427 shall reign H310 after H3427 me, and he shall sit H3678 on my throne? H138 Why then does Adonijah H4427 reign?'

1 Kings 1:17

  17 H559 She said H113 to him, "My lord, H7650 you swore H113 by Yahweh H430 your God H519 to your handmaid, H8010 ‘Assuredly Solomon H1121 your son H4427 shall reign H310 after H3427 me, and he shall sit H3678 on my throne.'

1 Kings 2:12

  12 H8010 Solomon H3427 sat H3678 on the throne H1732 of David H1 his father; H4438 and his kingdom H3966 was firmly H3559 established.

1 Kings 2:15

  15 H559 He said, H3045 "You know H4410 that the kingdom H3478 was mine, and that all Israel H7760 set H6440 their faces H4427 on me, that I should reign. H4410 However the kingdom H5437 is turned around, H251 and has become my brother's; H3068 for it was his from Yahweh.

1 Chronicles 23:1

  1 H1732 Now David H2204 was old H7646 and full H3117 of days; H8010 and he made Solomon H1121 his son H4427 king H3478 over Israel.

1 Chronicles 28:4-5

  4 H3068 However Yahweh, H430 the God H3478 of Israel, H977 chose H1004 me out of all the house H1 of my father H4428 to be king H3478 over Israel H5769 forever. H977 For he has chosen H3063 Judah H5057 to be prince; H1004 and in the house H3063 of Judah, H1004 the house H1 of my father; H1121 and among the sons H1 of my father H7521 he took pleasure H4427 in me to make me king H3478 over all Israel.
  5 H1121 Of all my sons H3068 (for Yahweh H5414 has given H7227 me many H1121 sons), H977 he has chosen H8010 Solomon H1121 my son H3427 to sit H3678 on the throne H3068 of Yahweh's H4438 kingdom H3478 over Israel.

Psalms 2:6

  6 H5258 "Yet I have set H4428 my King H6944 on my holy H2022 hill H6726 of Zion."

Psalms 72:1-2

  1 H430 God, H5414 give H4428 the king H4941 your justice; H6666 your righteousness H4428 to the royal H1121 son.
  2 H1777 He will judge H5971 your people H6664 with righteousness, H6041 and your poor H4941 with justice.

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