1 Chronicles 7:13 Cross References - WEB_Strongs

  13 H1121 The sons H5321 of Naphtali: H3185 Jahziel, H1476 and Guni, H3337 and Jezer, H7967 and Shallum, H1121 the sons H1090 of Bilhah.

Genesis 30:3-8

  3 H559 She said, H519 "Behold, my maid H1090 Bilhah. H935 Go in H3205 to her, that she may bear H1290 on my knees, H1129 and I also may obtain children by her."
  4 H5414 She gave H1090 him Bilhah H8198 her handmaid H802 as wife, H3290 and Jacob H935 went in to her.
  5 H1090 Bilhah H2029 conceived, H3205 and bore H3290 Jacob H1121 a son.
  6 H7354 Rachel H559 said, H430 "God H1777 has judged H8085 me, and has also heard H6963 my voice, H5414 and has given H1121 me a son." H7121 Therefore called H8034 she his name H1835 Dan.
  7 H1090 Bilhah, H7354 Rachel's H8198 handmaid, H2029 conceived H3205 again, and bore H3290 Jacob H8145 a second H1121 son.
  8 H7354 Rachel H559 said, H430 "With mighty H5319 wrestlings H6617 have I wrestled H269 with my sister, H3201 and have prevailed." H8034 She named H7121 him H5321 Naphtali.

Genesis 35:22

  22 H3478 It happened, while Israel H7931 lived H776 in that land, H7205 that Reuben H3212 went H7901 and lay H1090 with Bilhah, H1 his father's H6370 concubine, H3478 and Israel H8085 heard H1121 of it. Now the sons H3290 of Jacob H8147 were twelve.

Genesis 46:24-25

  24 H1121 The sons H5321 of Naphtali: H3183 Jahzeel, H1476 Guni, H3337 Jezer, H8006 and Shillem.
  25 H1121 These are the sons H1090 of Bilhah, H3837 whom Laban H5414 gave H7354 to Rachel, H1323 his daughter, H3205 and these she bore H3290 to Jacob: H5315 all the souls H7651 were seven.

Numbers 26:48-49

  48 H1121 The sons H5321 of Naphtali H4940 after their families: H3183 of Jahzeel, H4940 the family H3184 of the Jahzeelites; H1476 of Guni, H4940 the family H1477 of the Gunites;
  49 H3337 of Jezer, H4940 the family H3340 of the Jezerites; H8006 of Shillem, H4940 the family H8016 of the Shillemites.

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