2 Timothy 1:1 Cross References - Tyndale

1 Paul an Apostle of Iesu Christ by the will of God to preache the promes of lyfe which lyfe is in Christ Iesu.

John 5:24

24 Verely verely I saye vnto you: He that heareth my wordes and beleveth on him that sent me hath everlastinge lyfe and shall not come into damnacion: but is scaped fro deth vnto lyfe.

John 5:39-40

39 Searche the scriptures for in them ye thinke ye have eternall lyfe: and they are they which testify of me. 40 And yet will ye not come to me that ye might have lyfe.

John 6:40

40 And this is the wyll of him yt sent me: yt every man which seith ye sonne and beleveth on him have everlastinge lyfe. And I will rayse him vp at ye last daye.

John 6:54

54 54. Whosoever eateth my flesshe and drinketh my bloude hath eternall lyfe: and I will rayse him vp at the last daye.

John 10:28

28 and I geve vnto the eternall lyfe and they shall never perisshe nether shall eny man plucke the oute of my honde.

John 17:3

3 This is lyfe eternall that they myght knowe the that only very God and whom thou hast sent Iesus Christ.

Romans 1:1

1 Paul the seruaut of Iesus Christ called to be an Apostle put a parte to preache the Gospell of God

Romans 5:21

21 That as synne had raigned vnto deeth even so might grace raygne thorow rightewesnes vnto eternall lyfe by the helpe of Iesu Christ.

Romans 6:23

23 For the rewarde of synne is deeth: but eternall lyfe is the gyfte of God thorow Iesus Christ oure Lorde.

1 Corinthians 1:1

1 Paul by vocacion an Apostle of Iesus Christ thorow the will of God and brother Sostenes.

2 Corinthians 1:1

1 Paul an Apostle of Iesu Christ by the will of God and brother Timotheus. Vnto the congregacion of God which is at Corinthu with all the saynctes which are in all Achaia.

2 Corinthians 1:20

20 For all the promyses of God in him are ye: and are in him Amen vnto the lawde of God thorow vs.

Ephesians 3:6

6 that the gentyls shuld be inheritours also and of the same body and partakers of his promis yt is in Christ by ye meanes of the gospell

1 Timothy 6:19

19 layinge vp in store for them selves a good foundacio agaynst the tyme to come yt they maye obteyne eternall lyfe

Titus 1:2

2 vpon the hope of eternall lyfe which lyfe God that cannot lye hath promised before the worlde begane:

Hebrews 9:15

15 And for this cause is he the mediator of ye newe testament that thorow deeth which chaunsed for the redempcion of those transgressions that were in ye fyrst testamet) they which were called myght receave the promes of eternall inheritaunce.

2 Peter 1:3-4

3 Accordinge as his godly power hath geven vnto vs all thinges that pertayne vnto lyfe and godlynes thorow the knowledge of him that hath called vs by vertue and glory 4 by the meanes whereof are geven vnto vs excellent and moste greate promises that by the helpe of them ye shuld be partakers of the godly nature in that ye flye the corrupcion of worldy lust.

1 John 2:25

25 And this is the promes yt he hath promysed vs even eternall lyfe.

1 John 5:11-13

11 And this ys that recorde how that god hath geven vnto vs eternall lyfe and this lyfe is in his sonne. 12 He that hath the sonne hath lyfe: and he that hath not the sonne of god hath not lyfe. 13 These thynges have I written vnto you that beleve on the name of the sonne of God that ye maye knowe howe that ye have eternall lyfe and that ye maye beleve on the name of the sonne of god.

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