Proverbs 16:2 Cross References - Rotherham

2 All the ways of a man, [may be] pure in his own eyes, but, he that testeth spirits, is Yahweh.

1 Samuel 15:13-14

13 And Samuel came unto Saul,—and Saul said unto him—Blessed, be thou by Yahweh: I have established the word of Yahweh. 14 And Samuel said, What then is this bleating of sheep, in mine ears,—and the lowing of oxen, which I can hear?

1 Samuel 16:7

7 But Yahweh said unto Samuel—Do not regard his countenance, or the height of his stature, for I have rejected him,—for it is not what man looketh to but what God looketh to. For, man, looketh to the outward appearance, but, Yahweh, looketh to the heart.

Psalms 36:2

2 For he flattereth himself [too much] in his own eyes, to find his iniquity—to hate [it] .

Proverbs 5:21

21 For, before the eyes of Yahweh, are the ways of a man,—and, all his tracks, doth he consider:

Proverbs 16:25

25 There is a way that enticeth a man, but, at the latter end thereof, are the ways of death.

Proverbs 21:2

2 Every way of a man, may be right in his own eyes, but, he that testeth hearts, is Yahweh.

Proverbs 24:12

12 Though thou say, Lo! we knew not this, Shall not, he that proveth hearts, himself, discern? And, he that formeth thy soul, himself, know? and bring back to a son of earth according to his deed?

Proverbs 30:12

12 A generation! Pure in its own eyes, yet, from its filth, hath it not been bathed,

Isaiah 26:7

7 The path of a righteous man, is, even,—O Upright One! the track of a righteous man, thou makest level.

Jeremiah 2:22-23

22 For though thou wash thee with nitre, And take thee much soap, Yet is thine iniquity inscribed before me Declareth My Lord Yahweh. 23 How canst thou say, I have not defiled myself, After the Baalim, have I not gone? See thy way, in the valley, Own what thou hast done,—A nimble young she-camel, crossing her own ways;

Jeremiah 17:10

10 I—Yahweh, Searching the heart, Testing the affections; And giving to every man According to his way, According to the fruit of his doings.

Daniel 5:27

27 T’kel,—thou art weighed [="Weighed"] in the balances, and found wanting;

Luke 16:15

15 And he said unto them—Ye, are they who justify themselves before men, but, God, knoweth your hearts; because, that which amongst men is lofty, is an abomination before God.

Luke 18:9-11

9 And he spake, even unto certain who were confident in themselves that they were righteous, and were despising the rest, this parable:— 10 Two men, went up into the temple to pray, one, a Pharisee, and, the other, a tax-collector. 11 The Pharisee, taking his stand, these things unto himself was praying: O God! I thank thee, that I am not like the rest of men,—extortioners, unjust, adulterers, or, even as this tax-collector;

Romans 7:7-9

7 What, then, shall we say? Is the law sin? Far be it! On the contrary, I had not discovered, sin, save through law, for even, of coveting, I had not been aware if, the law, had not kept on saying—Thou shall not covet; 8 Howbeit sin taking, occasion—through the commandment, wrought out in me all manner of coveting; for, apart from law, sin is dead;— 9 And, I, was alive, apart from law, at one time, but, the commandment coming, sin sprang up to life,

Revelation 2:18

18 And, unto the messenger of the assembly, in Thyatira, write:—These things, saith the Son of God, who hath his eyes like a flame of fire, and his feet like unto glowing copper:

Revelation 2:23

23 and, her children, will I slay with death;—and all the assemblies shall get to know, that, I, am he that searcheth reins and hearts, and will give unto you, each one, according to your works.

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