Exodus 25:40 Cross References - Rotherham

40 And see thou and make them, by the pattern of them, which thou wast caused to behold in the mount

Exodus 25:9

9 according to all that, I, am shewing thee, the pattern of the habitation, and the pattern of all the furnishings thereof, even so, shall ye make it.

Exodus 26:30

30 So shalt thou rear up the habitation, according to the fashion thereof, which thou wast caused to see in the mount.

Exodus 39:42-43

42 According to all that Yahweh commanded Moses, so, did the sons of Israel make all the work. 43 And Moses looked upon all the structure and lo! they had made it, as Yahweh had commanded, so, had they made it,—and Moses blessed them.

Numbers 8:4

4 Now, this, was the work of the lampstand—beaten work of gold both in the shaft thereof and in the flowers thereof, was it beaten work, according to the appearance which Yahweh caused to appear unto Moses, so, made he the lampstand.

1 Chronicles 28:11

11 Then gave David unto Solomon his son, the plan of the porch, and the recesses thereof, and the treasuries thereof, and the upper rooms thereof, and the inner chambers thereof, and the recess for the propitiatory;

1 Chronicles 28:19

19 the whole in writing, From the hand of Yahweh upon me, to give understanding,—all the works of the pattern.

Ezekiel 43:11-12

11 And when they have blushed for all that they have done, then The form of the house. And the arrangement thereof And the exits thereof. And the entrances thereof And all the forms thereof, and all the statutes thereof. And all the forms thereof and all the laws thereof, make thou known unto them, And write e it before their yes; That they may keep— All the forms thereof And all the statutes thereof. And do them. 12 This shall be the law of the house,— Upon the top of the mountain, all the boundary thereof round about on every side If shall be most holy, Lo! this, shall be the law of the house.

Acts 7:44

44 The tent of witness, was with our fathers in the desert, according as he who was speaking unto Moses, gave instructions, to make it, according to the model which he had seen.

Hebrews 8:5

5 Who, indeed, are rendering divine service, with a glimpse and shadow, of the heavenly things; even as Moses hath received intimation, when about to complete the tent,—For see! saith he—Thou shalt make all things according to the model which hath been pointed out to thee in the mount.

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