1 Chronicles 29:3 Cross References - Rotherham

3 And yet further, because of my delighting in the house of my God, having a treasure of mine own in gold and silver, I have given for the house of my God, above and beyond all that I have prepared for the holy house:

1 Chronicles 21:24

24 Then said King David to Ornan, Nay! but I will, surely buy, it for silver in full,—for I will not take that which is thine for Yahweh, nor offer an ascending-sacrifice that hath cost me nothing.

1 Chronicles 22:4-5

4 and cedar-trees, even without number,—for the Zidonians and the Tyreans brought cedar-trees in abundance, unto David. 5 And David said, Solomon my son, is young and tender, and, the house to be built, must be great and lofty and famous and beautiful, for all lands,—oh let me then prepare for it. So David prepared abundantly, before his death.

1 Chronicles 22:14-16

14 Lo! then, in my humiliation, have I prepared for the house of Yahweh, of gold a hundred thousand talents, and of silver a thousand thousand talents, and, as for bronze and iron, without weight, for, an abundance, hath it become,—timber also and stone, have I prepared, and, thereunto, thou canst add. 15 And, with thee, in abundance, are workmen, hewers and carvers of stone and wood,—and every sort of wise man, in all manner of work: 16 for gold and for silver and for bronze and for iron, without number. Arise and do, and Yahweh be with thee!

Psalms 26:8

8 O Yahweh, I have loved the asylum of thy house, even the place of the habitation of thy glory!

Psalms 27:4

4 One thing, have I asked of Yahweh, That, will I seek to secure,—That I may dwell in the house of Yahweh, all the days of my life, To view the delightfulness of Yahweh, And to contemplate in his temple.

Psalms 84:1

1 To the Chief Musician. On "the Gittith." For the Sons of Korah. A Melody.

Psalms 84:10

10 For better is a day in thy courts, than a thousand, I choose rather to stand at the threshold in the house of my God, Than to dwell in the tents of lawlessness.

Psalms 122:1-9

1 A Song of Ascents. David’s. 2 Standing are our feet, within thy gates, O Jerusalem! 3 Jerusalem! that hath been builded, A true city, all joined together as one: 4 Whither have come up the tribes, The tribes of Yah, A testimony to Israel, To give thanks unto the Name of Yahweh: 5 For there are set—Thrones for justice, Thrones for the house David. 6 Ask ye for the peace of Jerusalem, They shall prosper, who love thee! 7 Peace be within thy walls, prosperity within thy palaces: 8 For the sake of my brethren and friends, Oh, might I speak [saying], Peace be within thee! 9 For the sake of the house of Yahweh our God, will I seek blessing for thee.

Proverbs 3:9-10

9 Honour thou Yahweh, with thy substance, and with the firstfruit of all thine increase; 10 So shall thy storehouses be filled with plenty, and, with new wine, shall thy vats overflow.

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