Matthew 14:9 Cross References - NHEB

9 And the king was grieved, but for the sake of his oaths, and of those who sat at the table with him, he commanded it to be given,

Numbers 30:5-8

5 But if her father disallow her in the day that he hears, none of her vows, or of her bonds with which she has bound her soul, shall stand: and the LORD will forgive her, because her father disallowed her. 6 "If she has a husband, while her vows are on her, or the rash utterance of her lips, with which she has bound her soul, 7 and her husband hears it, and holds his peace at her in the day that he hears it; then her vows shall stand, and her bonds with which she has bound her soul shall stand. 8 But if her husband forbids her in the day that he hears it, then he shall make void her vow which is on her, and the rash utterance of her lips, with which she has bound her soul: and the LORD will forgive her.

Judges 11:30-31

30 Jephthah made a vow to the LORD, and said, "If you will indeed deliver the children of Ammon into my hand, 31 then it shall be that whatever comes forth from the doors of my house to meet me, when I return in peace from the children of Ammon, it shall be the LORD's, and I will offer it up for a burnt offering."

Judges 11:39

39 It happened at the end of two months, that she returned to her father, who did with her according to what he had vowed. And she was a virgin. It became a custom in Israel,

Judges 21:1

1 Now the men of Israel had sworn in Mizpah, saying, "There shall not any of us give his daughter to Benjamin as wife."

Judges 21:7-23

7 How shall we do for wives for those who remain, seeing we have sworn by the LORD that we will not give them of our daughters to wives?" 8 They said, "What one is there of the tribes of Israel who did not come up to the LORD to Mizpah?" Look, no one came to the camp from Jabesh Gilead to the assembly. 9 For when the people were numbered, look, there were none of the inhabitants of Jabesh Gilead there. 10 The congregation sent there twelve thousand men of the most valiant, and commanded them, saying, "Go and strike the inhabitants of Jabesh Gilead with the edge of the sword, with the women and the little ones. 11 This is the thing that you shall do: you shall utterly destroy every male, and every woman who has slept with a man, but the virgins you are to keep alive." And they did so. 12 They found among the inhabitants of Jabesh Gilead four hundred young virgins who had never slept with a man; and they brought them to the camp to Shiloh, which is in the land of Canaan. 13 The whole congregation sent and spoke to the children of Benjamin who were in the rock of Rimmon, and proclaimed peace to them. 14 Benjamin returned at that time; and they gave them the women whom they had saved alive of the women of Jabesh Gilead: and yet so they weren't enough for them. 15 The people grieved for Benjamin, because the LORD had made a gap in the tribes of Israel. 16 Then the elders of the congregation said, "How shall we provide wives for those who remain, since the women of Benjamin have been destroyed?" 17 They said, "How will an inheritance remain for the survivors of Benjamin, that a tribe not be blotted out from Israel. 18 However we may not give them wives of our daughters, for the children of Israel had sworn, saying, 'Cursed is he who gives a wife to Benjamin.'" 19 They said, "Look, there is a feast of the LORD from year to year in Shiloh, which is on the north of Bethel, on the east side of the highway that goes up from Bethel to Shechem, and on the south of Lebonah." 20 They commanded the children of Benjamin, saying, "Go and lie in wait in the vineyards, 21 and watch. If the daughters of Shiloh come out to dance in the dances, then come out of the vineyards, and each man catch his wife from the daughters of Shiloh, and go to the land of Benjamin. 22 It shall be, when their fathers or their brothers come to complain to us, that we will say to them, 'Grant them graciously to us, because we didn't take wives for each man in battle, neither did you give them to them, otherwise you would now be guilty.'" 23 The children of Benjamin did so, and took them wives, according to their number, of those who danced, whom they carried off. They went and returned to their inheritance, built the cities, and lived in them.

1 Samuel 14:24

24 And Saul committed a great blunder that day, for he had placed the people under an oath, saying, "Cursed is the man who eats any food until it is evening, and I am avenged of my enemies." So none of the people tasted food.

1 Samuel 14:28

28 Then one of the people answered, and said, "Your father directly commanded the people with an oath, saying, 'Cursed is the man who eats food this day.'" The people were faint.

1 Samuel 14:39-45

39 For, as the LORD lives, who saves Israel, though it is in Jonathan my son, he shall surely die." But there was not a man among all the people who answered him. 40 Then he said to all Israel, "You be on one side, and I and Jonathan my son will be on the other side." The people said to Saul, "Do what seems good to you." 41 Therefore Saul said, "LORD, God of Israel, why have you not answered your servant this day? If this sin is mine or in Jonathan my son, LORD, God of Israel, give Urim. But if this sin is in your people Israel, give Thummim." And Jonathan and Saul were chosen, but the people were cleared. 42 And Saul said, "Cast lots between me and Jonathan my son. Whomever the LORD shall indicate to be taken by lot, let him die." And the people said to Saul, "This thing is not to be." And Saul prevailed over the people, and they cast lots between him and Jonathan his son. And Jonathan was selected. 43 Then Saul said to Jonathan, "Tell me what you have done." And Jonathan told him, and said, "I certainly did taste a little honey with the end of the staff that was in my hand; and look, I must die." 44 Saul said, "God do so and more also; for you shall surely die, Jonathan." 45 The people said to Saul, "Shall Jonathan die, who has worked this great salvation in Israel? Far from it. As the LORD lives, there shall not one hair of his head fall to the ground; for he has worked with God this day." So the people rescued Jonathan, and he did not die.

1 Samuel 25:22

22 God do so to the enemies of David, and more also, if I leave of all that belongs to him by the morning light so much as one who urinates on a wall."

1 Samuel 25:32-34

32 David said to Abigail, "Blessed is the LORD, the God of Israel, who sent you this day to meet me. 33 Blessed is your discretion, and blessed are you, that have kept me this day from blood guiltiness, and from avenging myself with my own hand. 34 For indeed, as the LORD, the God of Israel, lives, who has withheld me from hurting you, unless you had hurried and come to meet me, surely there wouldn't have been left to Nabal by the morning light so much as one who urinates on a wall."

1 Samuel 28:10

10 Saul swore to her by the LORD, saying, "As the LORD lives, no punishment shall happen to you for this thing."

2 Kings 6:31-33

31 Then he said, "God do so to me, and more also, if the head of Elisha the son of Shaphat shall stay on him this day." 32 But Elisha was sitting in his house, and the elders were sitting with him. Then the king sent a man from before him; but before the messenger came to him, he said to the elders, "Do you see how this son of a murderer has sent to take away my head? Look, when the messenger comes, shut the door, and hold the door shut against him. Isn't the sound of his master's feet behind him?" 33 While he was still talking with them, look, the messenger came down to him. Then he said, "Look, this disaster is from the LORD. Why should I wait for the LORD any longer?"

Ecclesiastes 5:2

2 Do not be rash with your mouth, and do not let your heart be hasty to utter anything before God; for God is in heaven, and you on earth. Therefore let your words be few.

Daniel 6:14-16

14 Then the king, when he heard these words, was very displeased, and set his heart on Daniel to deliver him. And he labored until the going down of the sun to rescue him. 15 Then these men assembled together to the king, and said to the king, "Know, O king, that it is a law of the Medes and Persians, that no decree nor statute which the king establishes may be changed." 16 Then the king commanded, and they brought Daniel, and cast him into the den of lions. Now the king spoke and said to Daniel, "Your God whom you serve continually, he will deliver you."

Matthew 14:1

1 At that time, Herod the tetrarch heard the report concerning Jesus,

Matthew 14:5

5 And though he wanted to kill him, he feared the crowd because they regarded him as a prophet.

Matthew 27:17-26

17 When therefore they were gathered together, Pilate said to them, "Whom do you want me to release to you? Barabbas, or Jesus, who is called Messiah?" 18 For he knew that because of envy they had delivered him up. 19 While he was sitting on the judgment seat, his wife sent to him, saying, "Have nothing to do with that righteous man, for I have suffered many things this day in a dream because of him." 20 Now the chief priests and the elders persuaded the crowds to ask for Barabbas, and destroy Jesus. 21 But the governor answered them, "Which of the two do you want me to release to you?" They said, "Barabbas." 22 Pilate said to them, "What then should I do with Jesus, who is called Messiah?" They all said, "Let him be crucified." 23 But he said, "Why? What evil has he done?" But they shouted all the louder, saying, "Let him be crucified." 24 So Pilate, seeing that nothing was being gained, but rather that a disturbance was starting, took water and he washed his hands before the crowd, saying, "I am innocent of the blood of this righteous man. You see to it." 25 All the people answered, "May his blood be on us, and on our children." 26 Then he released to them Barabbas, but Jesus he flogged and delivered to be crucified.

Mark 6:14

14 King Herod heard this, for his name had become known, and he said, "John the Baptist has risen from the dead, and therefore these powers are at work in him."

Mark 6:20

20 for Herod feared John, knowing that he was a righteous and holy man, and kept him safe. And when he heard him, he was very perplexed, but he heard him gladly.

Mark 6:26

26 And the king was exceedingly sorry, but for the sake of his oaths, and those reclining, he did not wish to refuse her.

Luke 13:32

32 And he said to them, "Go and tell that fox, 'Look, I cast out demons and perform cures today and tomorrow, and the third day I complete my mission.

John 19:12-16

12 At this, Pilate was seeking to release him, but the Jewish leaders shouted, saying, "If you release this man, you are not Caesar's friend. Everyone who makes himself a king speaks against Caesar." 13 When Pilate therefore heard these words, he brought Jesus out, and sat down on the judgment seat at a place called "The Pavement," but in Hebrew, "Gabbatha." 14 Now it was the Preparation Day of the Passover, at about the sixth hour. He said to the Jewish leaders, "Look, here is your King." 15 They shouted, "Away with him. Away with him. Crucify him." Pilate said to them, "Should I crucify your King?" The chief priests answered, "We have no king but Caesar." 16 So then he delivered him to them to be crucified. So they took Jesus.

Acts 24:23-27

23 He ordered the centurion that he should be kept in custody, and should have some privileges, and not to forbid any of his friends to serve him or to visit him. 24 But after some days, Felix came with Drusilla, his wife, who was a Jewess, and sent for Paul, and heard him concerning the faith in Christ Jesus. 25 As he reasoned about righteousness, self-control, and the judgment to come, Felix was terrified, and answered, "Go your way for this time, and when it is convenient for me, I will summon you." 26 Meanwhile, he also hoped that money would be given to him by Paul. Therefore also he sent for him more often, and talked with him. 27 But when two years were fulfilled, Felix was succeeded by Porcius Festus, and desiring to gain favor with the Jews, Felix left Paul in bonds.

Acts 25:3-9

3 asking a favor against him, that he would summon him to Jerusalem; plotting to kill him on the way. 4 However Festus answered that Paul should be kept in custody at Caesarea, and that he himself was about to depart shortly. 5 "Let them therefore," said he, "that are in power among you go down with me, and if there is anything wrong in the man, let them accuse him." 6 When he had stayed among them more than eight or ten days, he went down to Caesarea, and on the next day he sat on the judgment seat, and commanded Paul to be brought. 7 When he had come, the Jews who had come down from Jerusalem stood around him, bringing against him many and grievous charges which they could not prove, 8 while he said in his defense, "Neither against the law of the Jews, nor against the temple, nor against Caesar, have I sinned at all." 9 But Festus, desiring to gain favor with the Jews, answered Paul and said, "Are you willing to go up to Jerusalem, and be judged by me there concerning these things?"

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