Psalms 69:27 Cross References - Matthew

27 Let them fall from one wyckednesse to another, and not come into thy ryghtuousnesse.

Exodus 8:15

15 But when Pharao sawe that he had rest geuen hym, he hardened his hert and herkened not vnto them, as the Lord had sayed.

Exodus 8:32

32 But for all that Pharao hardened his hert euen then also and would not let the people go.

Exodus 9:12

12 But the Lord hardened the hert of Pharao, that he herkened not vnto them, as the Lord had sayd vnto Moses.

Leviticus 26:39

39 And they that are lefte of you, shall pyne away in theyr vnryghtuousnes, euen in their enymyes lande, and also in the misdedes of their fathers shall they consume.

Nehemiah 4:5

5 Couer not their wickednesse, and put not oute theyr synne from thy presence: for they haue prouoked the buylders.

Psalms 24:5

5 He shal receaue the blessing from the Lord, and mercy from God his sauiour.

Psalms 81:12

12 So I gaue them vp vnto their owne hertes luste, and let them folowe theyr owne ymaginacions.

Psalms 109:14

14 Let the wickednesse of his fathers be had in remembraunce in the syght of the Lorde & and let not the synne of hys mother be done awaye.

Psalms 109:17-19

17 Hys delyte was in cursynge, and therfore shall it happen vnto hym: he loued not blessynge and that shall be far from hym. 18 He clothed hym selfe wyth cursynge lyke as wyth a rayment: yea it wente into hys bowels lyke water, and lyke oile into his bone 19 Let it be vnto hym as the cloke that he hath vpon hym, and as the gyrdle that he is gyrded with al.

Isaiah 5:6

6 I wyl laye it waste, that it shall neyther be twisted nor cut, but beare thornes and breares. I wil also forbydde the cloudes, that they shall not raine vpon it.

Isaiah 26:10

10 But the vngodly (though he haue receyued grace) yet lerneth he not ryghtuousnesse, but in the place where he is punished, he offendeth, & feareth not the glorye of the Lorde.

Matthew 21:19

19 and spyed a fygge tree in the waye, and came to it, and found nothynge thereon, but leaues onely, and sayed to it, neuer frute growe on the hence forwardes. And anone the figge tre wyddered away

Matthew 23:31-32

31 So then ye be witnesses to your selues, that ye are the chyldren of them whyche kylled the Prophetes. 32 Fulfil ye likewyse the measure of your fathers.

Matthew 27:4-5

4 saying: I haue synned betrayinge the innocent bloud. And they sayde: what is that to vs? Se thou to that. 5 And he caste doune the syluer plates in the temple, and departed, and wente, and honge hym selfe.

Romans 1:28

28 And as it semed not good vnto them to be a knowen of God, euen so God deliuered them vp vnto a leud minde, that they should do those thinges, whiche were not comly,

Romans 9:18

18 So hath he mercie on whom he wyll, and whom he wyll, he maketh harde herted.

Romans 9:31

31 But Israell whiche folowed the lawe of rightuousnes, coulde not attayne vnto the lawe of ryghtuousnes.

Romans 10:2-3

2 For I beare them recorde that they haue a feruent mynde to Godwarde, but not accordynge to knoweledge. 3 For they are ignoraunte of the ryghteousnes whiche is alowed before God, and go aboute to stablish theyr owne ryghtuousnes, and therfore are not obediente vnto the ryghtuousnes whiche is of valoure before God.

2 Thessalonians 2:11-12

11 And therfore God shall sende them stronge delusyon, that they shoulde beleue lyes: 12 that all they myghte be damned which beleued not the trueth but had pleasure in vnryghtuousnes.

2 Timothy 4:14

14 Alexander the coppersmyth dyd me muche euyll, the Lorde rewarde him, according to hys dedes,

Revelation 22:10-11

10 And he sayd vnto me: seale not the sayinges of the prophesye of thys boke. For the tyme is at hand 11 He that doeth euill, let hym do euyll styll, & he whiche is filthy, let him be filthy still: & he that is ryghteous, let hym be more righteous: & he that is holy, let him be more holy

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