Psalms 119:159 Cross References - Matthew

159 Considre, O Lorde, how I loue thy commaundementes, O quycken me with thy louyng kyndnesse.

2 Kings 20:3

3 Oh Lorde, remembre yet howe I haue walked before the truly and with a perfect herte, and haue done that whyche is good in thy sighte, and wepte a great pace.

Nehemiah 5:19

19 Thyncke vpon me my God vnto the best, accordynge to all that I haue done for thys people.

Nehemiah 13:22

22 And I sayde vnto the Leuytes whiche were cleane, that they shulde come and kepe the gates, to halowe the Saboth daye. Thynke vpon me (O my God) concernynge this also, and spare me according to thy greate mercy.

Psalms 119:97

97 Mem. O what loue haue I vnto thy law? all the daye longe is my talkyng of it.

Psalms 119:153

153 Res. O considre myne aduersite, & deliuer me, for I do not forget thy lawe.

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