Psalms 111:1 Cross References - Matthew

1 Prayse the euerlastynge. I wyll geue thanckes vnto the Lorde wyth my whole herte: secretly amonge the faythful and in the congregacyon:

1 Chronicles 29:10-20

10 And Dauid blessed the Lorde before all the congregacyon and sayde: Blessed arte thou Lorde God of Israel oure father, from euer and for euer. 11 Thyne (O Lorde) is greatenesse, power glorye, vyctorye and prayse: for all that is in heauen and in earthe is thyne, and thyne is the kyngedome (O Lorde) and thou arte lyfte vp an head aboue all. 12 And rychesse and honoure come of the, and thou raygnest ouer all, and in thyne hande is power and strengthe, and in thyne hande it is to make greate, and to geue strengthe vnto all. 13 And nowe oure God, we thanke the, and prayse thy gloryous name. 14 For what am I? and what is my people? that we shulde obtayne strengthe to be so wyllynge? But all is of the, and of that we receyued of thyne hand we haue geuen the. 15 For we be but straungers before the and tenauntes, as were all oure fathers. Oure dayes on the earth is but a shadowe, and there is none abydynge. 16 O Lorde oure God, all thys kepe that we haue prepared to buylde the an house for thy holy name, cometh of thyne hande, & is all thyne. 17 I wote my God, that thou prouest the herte, and hast pleasure in playnesse. And in playnesse of myne herte I haue wyllynglye geuen all thys. And now I se thy people whiche are here in gladnesse, to offer wyllyngly to the. 18 O Lorde God of Abraham, Isaac and of Israell oure fathers, kepe thys for euer in the ymaginacion of the thoughtes of the herte of thy people, & prepare theyr hertes vnto the. 19 And geue vnto Salomon my sonne, a pure herte to kepe thy commaundementes, thy testimonyes & thyne ordinaunces, and to do all, and to buylde the house whiche I entended. 20 And Dauid sayde to all the congregacion: blesse the Lorde youre God. And all the congregacyon blessed the Lorde God of theyr fathers, & stouped & bowed them selues vnto the Lorde, & to the Kynge.

2 Chronicles 6:3-4

3 And the kynge turned hys face, & blessed the hole congregacyon of Israel, and all the congregacyon of Israel stode. 4 And he sayde: blessed be the Lorde God of Israell which spake wyth hys mouthe to my father Dauid, & hath fulfylled it wyth handes, for God sayde:

2 Chronicles 20:26-28

26 And the fourth daye they assembled in the valeye of blessynge, for there they blessed the Lord. And therfore they called the name of the sayd place the valeie of blessynge vnto thys daye. 27 And also the men of Iuda and Ierusalem returned & Iehosaphat amonge the thyckest of them, for to go again to Ierusalem wyth gladnesse: for the Lorde hath made them to reioyse of their enemyes. 28 And they came to Ierusalem wyth psalteries & harpes and trompettes, euen vnto the house of the Lorde.

Psalms 9:1

1 To the chaunter vpon Almuth Laben, a Psalme of Dauid. I wyll geue thankes vnto the (O Lord) with my whole hert I will speake of all thy meruelous workes.

Psalms 22:25

25 I wyll prayse the in the great congregacion, and perfourme my vowes in the sighte of all them that feare the.

Psalms 35:18

18 So will I geue the thanckes in the great congregacion, and prayse the among muche people.

Psalms 40:9-10

9 I will preach of thy ryghtuousnesse in the great congregacyon: Lo. I wyl not refraine my lippes, O Lorde, and that thou knowest. 10 I do not hyde thy ryghtuousnes in my hert, my talkinge is of thy trueth and sauing health: I kepe not thy louyng mercy & faythfulnesse backe from the greate congregacyon.

Psalms 89:5

5 O Lorde the verye heauens shall prayse thy wonderous, worckes, yea and thy faythfulnes in the congregation of the saynctes.

Psalms 89:7

7 God is greatly to be feared in the councel of the saintes and to be had in reuerence of al them that are aboute hym.

Psalms 103:1

1 Of Dauid. Prayse the Lorde O my soule: & all that is within me prayse hys holy name.

Psalms 106:1

1 Prayse the euerlastynge. O geue thankes vnto the Lorde, for he is gracyous, and hys mercy endureth for euer.

Psalms 106:48

48 Blessed be the Lorde God of Israel from euerlastyng and world without ende, and let all people saye: Amen, Amen. Prayse the euerlastynge.

Psalms 107:32

32 That they wolde exalte him in the congregacion of the people, & loane hym in the seate of the elders.

Psalms 108:3

3 I wyll geue thanckes vnto the, O Lord, amonge the people. I wil syng prayses vnto the among the Heathen.

Psalms 109:30

30 As for me, I wyl geue thanckes vnto the Lord wyth my mouth, and praise hym among the multitude.

Psalms 138:1

1 Of Dauid. I wyll geue thankes vnto the. O Lord, wyth my whole herte, euen before the Gods, wil I singe prayses vnto the.

Psalms 149:1

1 Prayse the euerlastynge. O synge vnto the Lorde a newe songe, let the congregacion of saynctes prayse hym.

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