Nehemiah 5:11 Cross References - Matthew

11 Therfore thys same day se that ye restore them theyr landes agayne, theyr vyneyardes, oyle gardens and houses, and the hundred part of the money of the corne, wyne and oyle that ye haue wonne of them.

Leviticus 6:4-5

4 Then when he hath synned or trespaced, he shall restore agayne that he toke violently awaye, or the wrong which he dyd, or that whych was deliuered him to kepe, or the lost thyng whiche he found, 5 or whatsoeuer it be about whyche he hath sworne falselye he shall restore it agayne in the whole somme, and shall adde the fyfte part more thereto, and giue it vnto hym to whome it pertayneth, the same daye that he offereth for his trespace,

1 Samuel 12:3

3 Behold here I am: answere me before the Lorde & before his annoynted, whose oxe haue I taken? or whose asse haue I taken? whom haue I done wrong to? or whom haue I pylled? And of whose hand haue I receiued any bribe, to blynde myne eyes therewith? & I wyll restore it you agayne.

2 Samuel 12:6

6 and shall restore the lambe foure folde, because he dyd thys thynge, and because he had no pitie.

Nehemiah 5:3-4

3 Some sayde: let vs set oure landes, vyneyardes and houses to pledge, and take vp corne in the darth. 4 But some sayde: let vs borowe money of the kynges trybute for oure landes and vyneyardes.

Isaiah 58:6

6 But this fastyng pleaseth not me, til the tyme be thou louse him out of bondage, that is in thy daunger: that thou breake the ooth of wicked barginnes, that thou let the oppressed go fre and take from them all maner of burthens.

Luke 3:8

8 Bringe forth due frutes of repentaunce, and begin not to saye in your selues, we haue Abraham to our father: For I say vnto you God is able of these stones to rayse vp chyldren vnto Abraham.

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