Nehemiah 3:24 Cross References - Matthew

24 After hym buylded Benui the sonne of Henadad the other pece from the house of Asariah vnto the turnynge, and vnto the corner.

Nehemiah 3:11

11 But Melchia the sonne of Harim, and Hasub the sonne of Pahath. Moab buylded the other pece, and the tower besyde the fornace.

Nehemiah 3:19

19 After hym builded Ezer the sonne of Iosua the ruler of Masphah the other pece harde ouer agaynst the harnesse corner.

Nehemiah 3:27

27 After hym buylded they of Thekua the other pece ouer agaynst the greate toure, that lyeth outward, and vnto the wall of Ophel.

Nehemiah 10:9

9 The Leuites were: Iesua the sonne of Azariah, Benui amonge the chyldren of Henadad & Cadmiel.

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