Luke 16:31 Cross References - Matthew

31 He sayed vnto hym: yf they heare not Moyses, and the Prophetes, neyther wyll they beleue, though one rose from death agayne.

Genesis 9:27

27 God encrease Iapheth, that he maye dwel in the tentes of Sem. And Canan be theyr seruant.

John 11:43-53

43 And when he thus had spoken: he cryed wt a loude voyce: Lazarus come forth. 44 And he that was dead, came forth, bounde hand and fote with graue boundes, and his face was bounde with a napkin. Iesus sayed vnto them, lowse him, and let hym go. 45 Then many of the Iewes which came to Marye, and had sene the thynges whiche Iesus dyd, beleued on hym. 46 But some of them went theyr wayes to the Pharises, and tolde them what Iesus had done. 47 Then gathered the hye Priestes and Pharyses a counsel and sayd: What do we? This man doth many myracles: 48 yf we let hym scape thus, all men wyll beleue on hym, & the Romaynes shall come and take away our countrey and the people. 49 And one of them named Cayphas which was the hye prieste that same yeare sayde vnto them: ye perceyue nothynge at all, nor yet consyder that 50 it is expedyent for vs, that one man dye for the people, & not that all the people peryshe. 51 Thys spake he not of hym selfe, but beynge hye Prieste that same yeare he prophesyed that Iesus shoulde dye for the people, 52 and not for the people only, but that he shoulde gather together in one the children of God which were scattered abrode. 53 From that daye forth they helde a counsell together, for to put hym to death.

John 12:10-11

10 The hye priestes therfore helde a counsel, that they myght put Lazarus to death also, 11 because that for hys sake many of the Iewes went away, and beleued on Iesus.

Acts 19:8

8 And he went into the synagoge, & speake boldelye for the space of thre monethes, disputynge and geuynge them exhortacions of the kyngedome of God.

Acts 26:28

28 Agrippa saied to Paule: Some what thou bringest me in mynd for to become a Christian,

Acts 28:23

23 And when they had appoynted him a daye, there came manye vnto him into hys lodgynge, to whom he expounded and testifyed the kingedome of God, and preached vnto them of Iesu: both out of the Prophetes, euen from morninge to nyghte.

2 Corinthians 4:3

3 Yf oure Gospell be yet hyd, it is hyd among them that are loste,

2 Corinthians 5:11

11 Seynge then that we know, how the Lorde is to be feared, we fare fayre with men. For we are knowen well ynoughe vnto God. I truste also that we are knowen in your consciences.

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