Judges 18:10 Cross References - Matthew

10 When ye be come, ye shall come vnto a people that casteth no parelles, and vnto a large countrey: for God hath geuen into youre handes a place, wherin is no lacke of any thinge that is in the worlde.

Exodus 3:8

8 and am come downe to deliuer them out of the handes of the Egyptians, & to bringe them out of that land vnto a good lande & a large, & vnto a land that floweth with milke & hony: euen vnto the place of the Cananites Hethites, Amorites, Pherezites, Heuites, & of the Iebusites.

Deuteronomy 2:29

29 (as the chyldren of Esau dyd vnto me whych dwel in Seir & the Moabites whych dwel in Ar) vntyl I be come ouer Iordan, into the lande whych the Lorde oure God geueth vs.

Deuteronomy 4:1

1 And now herken Israel vnto the ordinaunces & lawes which I teach you, for to do them, that ye maye lyue & go and conquere the lande whych the Lorde God of youre fathers geueth you.

Deuteronomy 8:7-9

7 For the Lorde thy God bryngeth the into a good Lande, a lande of ryuers of water, of fountaynes & of springes that spring out boeth in valeies and hylles: 8 a land of wheate & of barley, of vynes, fyggetrees & pomgranates, a land of olyue trees wyth oyle & of honye: 9 a lande wherein thou shalt not eate bread in scharsenesse, and where thou shalt lacke nothynge, a lande whose stones are yron, & out of whose hyls thou shalt digge brasse.

Deuteronomy 11:11-12

11 but the land whither ye go ouer to possesse it, is a land of hylles and valeyes & drynketh water of the rayne of heauen, 12 and a Land whyche the Lord thy God careth for. The eyes of the lord thy God are alwayes vpon it, from the beginnyng of the yere vnto the latter end of the yere.

Joshua 6:16

16 And at the seuenthe tyme, the priestes blew wyth the hornes, & Iosua sayde vnto the people, showte for the Lorde hath geuen you the cytye.

Judges 18:7

7 Then the fyue men departed and came to Lais, and sawe the people that were therin, how they dwelt carelesse, and after the maner of the Sidons, stylle, and without castyng of parelles, & that no man made any trouble in the lande or vsurped any dominion, and how they were farre from the Sidons, and had no busines wyth any nacion.

Judges 18:27

27 And they toke the thinges whiche Micah had made, and the prieste whiche he had, and went vnto Lais, euen vnto a people that were at reast and without mistruste, and smote them wyth the edge of the swerde, and burnte the cytye wyth fyre.

Ezekiel 20:6

6 euen in the daye that I lift vp mine hande ouer them, to bring them out of the lande of Egipte, into a lande that I haue prouided for them, which floweth with milcke and hony, and it is a pleasaunte lande amonge al other:

1 Timothy 6:17

17 Charge them that are ryche in this worlde shal they be not exceadyng wyse, and that they truste not in the vncertayne ryches, but in the lyuyng God, which geueth vs aboundauntly al thynges to enioy them,

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