Isaiah 45:12 Cross References - Matthew

12 I haue made the earth, & created man vpon it. Wyth myne handes haue I spred forth heauen, and geuen a commaundment for all the Host therof.

Genesis 1:26-27

26 And God sayde: let vs make man in oure similitude & after our lycknesse: that he may haue rule ouer the fysh of the sea, and ouer the foules of the ayre, & ouer catell, and ouer all the erth, and ouer all wormes that crepe on the erth. 27 And God created man after hys likenes, after the lycknesse of god created he hym: male & female created he them.

Genesis 2:1

1 Thus was heauen and erth fynyshed with all their apparel,

Nehemiah 9:6

6 Lorde, thou alone haste made heauen, & the heauen of al heauens, with all theyr host the earth & all that is therein, the sea and all that is therein: thou geuest lyfe vnto all, & the host of heauen bowe them selues vnto the.

Psalms 102:25

25 Thou Lorde in the beginnyng hast layed the foundacion of the earth, and the heauens are the workes of thy handes.

Isaiah 40:12

12 Who hath holden the waters in hys fyst? Who hath measured heauen with his spanne, and hath comprehended all the earth of the worlde in thre fyngers? Who hath weyed the mountaynes and hylles?

Isaiah 40:22

22 That he sytteth vpon the circle of the worlde, and that al the inhabytours of the worlde are in comparison of him, but as greshoppers: That he spredeth out the heauens as a coueryng, that he stretcheth them out, as a tent to dwell in:

Isaiah 40:28

28 Knowest thou not, or hast thou not hearde, that the euerlastynge God the Lorde whiche made all the corners of the earth, is nether weery nor faynt, & that his wysdome can not be comprehended,

Isaiah 42:5

5 For thus sayeth God the Lord vnto hym (euen he that the made heauens, and spred them abrode & seth forth the earth with her increase, whych geueth breath vnto the people that is in it, & to them that dwell therin)

Isaiah 44:24

24 For thus sayth the Lorde thy redemer euen he that fashioned the from thy mothers wombe: I am the Lorde, whiche do all thinges my selfe alone. I onlye haue spred oute the heauens and I only haue layde the foundacyon of the earth.

Isaiah 45:18

18 For thus sayeth the Lorde: euen he that created heauen, the God that made the earth, that fashioned it, & sett it forth: I haue not made it for naught, but I made it to be enhabited Euen I the Lorde, wythout whom there is none other.

Jeremiah 27:5

5 I am he that made the earthe, the men, & the catell that are vpon the grounde, with my great power and outstretched arme, & haue geuen it vnto whome it pleased me.

Jeremiah 32:17

17 O Lorde God, it is thou that hast made heauen and earthe wyth thy greate power, and hye arme, and there is nothinge to harde for the.

Zechariah 12:1

1 The heauy burthen which the lord hath deuised for Israel. Thus saieth the lord, which spred the heauens abroade, layde the foundacyon of the earth, and geueth man the breath of lyfe:

Hebrews 11:3

3 Thorow faythe we vnderstande that the worlde was ordeyned by the worde of God: and that thinges whiche are sene, were made of thynges whiche are not sene.

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