Exodus 14:8 Cross References - Matthew

8 For the Lord hardened the harte of Pharao kynge of Egypt, that he folowed after the chyldren of Israel whyche for al that went oute thorow and hye hande

Exodus 6:1

1 Then the Lord sayed vnto Moyses: Nowe shalte thou se what I wyll do vnto Pharao for wyth a myghtye hande shall he let them go, and wyth a myghty hande shal he dryue them out of his land.

Exodus 13:9

9 Therfore it shall be a sygne vnto the vpon thyne hande a remembraunce betwene thyne eyes, that the Lordes lawe maye be in thy mouth. For with a stronge hande the Lord brought the out of Egypt,

Exodus 13:16

16 And thys shalbe as a token in thyne hande, & as a thing hanged vp betwene thyne eyes: because the Lorde brought vs out of Egypte wyth a myghtye hande.

Exodus 13:18

18 therfore God led them aboute thorow the wildernesse that bordeth on the red sea. The children of Israel went harnessed out of the lande of Egypte.

Exodus 14:4

4 And I wyl harden his harte, that he shall folow after them, that I may get me honour vpon Pharao & vpon all his hoste, that the Egypcyans may knowe that I am the Lorde. And they dyd euen so.

Numbers 33:3

3 The chyldren of Israel departed from Rahemses the .xv. day of the fyrst moneth, on the morow after. Passeouer, and went out wyth an hye hand in the syghte of all Egypte,

Deuteronomy 26:8

8 And the Lord brought vs out of Egipt with a myghtye hand & a stretched out arme & wt great terreblenesse and with signes and wonders.

Deuteronomy 32:27

27 Were it not that I feared the raylynge of theyr enemies, lest theyr aduersaries woulde be proude and saye: our hye hande hathe done all these worckes and not the Lorde.

Psalms 86:13

13 For great is thy mercy towarde me, thou hast delyuered my soule from the nether most hell.

Acts 13:17

17 The God of thys people chose our fathers, and exalted the people when they dwelt as straungers in the lande of Egypt, and with a myghtye arme brought them out of it,

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