Ecclesiastes 5:2 Cross References - Matthew

2 Be not hasty with thy mouth, & let not thyne herte speake any thyng rashly before God. For God is in heauen, & thou vpon earth, therfore let thy wordes be few.

Genesis 18:27

27 And Abraham answered & sayd: behold I haue taken vpon me to speake vnto the Lord, & yet am but dust and asshes.

Genesis 18:30

30 And he sayde: O let not my Lorde be angry, that I speake. What yf there be founde .xxx. there? And he sayde: I wyll not do it, yf I fynde .xxx. there.

Genesis 18:32

32 And he sayde: O let not my Lorde be angrye, that I speake yet, but euen once more oulye. What yf ten be found there? And he sayde: I wyll not destroy them for .x. sake.

Genesis 28:20

20 before time And Iacob vowed a vowe sayinge: If God wyll be wyth me, and wyll kepe me in thys iourney whyche I goo, and wyll gyue me breade to eate, and clothes to put on,

Genesis 28:22

22 & thys stone whyche I haue sette vp an ende, shall be Goddes house: and of all that thou shalte gyue me, wyll I gyue the tenth vnto the.

Numbers 30:2-5

2 If a man vowe vnto the Lorde or swere an othe and bynde hys soule, he shall not go backe with hys worde: but shal fulfyll all that proceadeth out of his mouth. 3 If a damsell vowe a vowe vnto the Lord and bynde her selfe beyinge in her fathers house and vnmaried. 4 If her father heare her vowe & bond which she hath made vpon her soule, & holde hys peace therto: then all her vowes & bondes which she hath made vpon her soule shall stande in effecte. 5 But & yf her father forbyd her the same daye that he heareth it, none of her vowes nor bondes whych she hath made vpon her soule shalbe of value, & the Lorde shall forgeue her, because her father forbade her.

Judges 11:30

30 And Iephthah vowed a vowe vnto the Lorde and sayd: If thou shalt deliuer the children of Ammon into my handes,

1 Samuel 14:24-45

24 And the men of Israel ioyned them selues together that daye: & Saule adiured the people saying: Cursed be he that eateth anye fode vntyll nyghte, that I may be aduenged of myne enemies. And so there was none of the people that tasted any sustinaunce. 25 And all the land came to a woode where honye laye vpon the grounde. 26 And when the people were come into the woodde: Beholde, the honye dropped. How be it there was no man that moued hys hande to hys mouthe, because that the people feared the cursse. 27 But Ionathas heard not when hys father adiured the people, wherfor he put forth the ende of the staffe that was in his hand & dipte it in an honye combe, & put his hande to his mouth, & his eyes receyued sight. 28 Then spake one of the people & sayd: thy father adiured the people saying: Cursed be that man that eateth any sustinaunce this daye, and yet the people were fayntye. 29 Then sayde Ionathas: my father hath troubled the land: for se, myne eyes hath receyued sighte, because I tasted a lytle of thys honye: 30 how then yf all the people had eaten of the spoyle of theyr enemyes, which they founde had there not ben then a muche greater slaughter amonge the Philistines? 31 And they layed on the Philistines that daye, from Machmas to Aialon. And the people were excedynge fayntye. 32 Then the people gat them to the spoyle & toke shepe, oxen & calues, & slue them on the ground & dyd eate wyth the bloude. 33 Then the men told Saul, sayinge: Beholde the people synne agaynst the Lorde, in that they eate wyth the bloude. And he sayde: ye haue trespaced. But roule a greate stone vnto me nowe, 34 and go abroad among the people, and bidde them bryng euery man his oxe & euerye man hys shepe, & slaye them here, & synne not agaynste the Lorde in eatyng with the bloude. And the people brought euery man his oxe in his hand by night & slue them there. 35 And Saul made an aultar vnto the Lorde. And that was the fyrst altare that he made vnto the Lorde. 36 And Saul sayde: let vs go doune after the Philistines by nyght, & let vs make hauoke amonge them vntyll it be daye in the mornyng, and let vs not leaue one of them. And the people answered: do whatsoeuer thou thynkest best. Then sayd the priest: let vs come hether vnto God. 37 And Saule asked of God: shall I go doune after the Philistines? and wylt thou delyuer them into myne handes? But he aunswered hym not at that tyme. 38 Then sayde Saul: let the people come hyther out of all quarters, & knowe and se, in whome thys synne is chaunced thys daye: 39 for as trulye as the Lorde lyueth which hath saued Israel, though it be in Ionathas my sonne he shall dye for it. But no man answered hym of all the people. 40 Then he said vnto all Israell: be ye on one syde, & I & Ionathas my sonne wylbe on another. And the people sayde vnto Saule: what thou thynkest best that do. 41 And Saule sayde vnto the Lorde God of Israell: geue perfecte knoweledge. And Saule and Ionathas were caught, & the people skaped free. 42 Then sayde Saul, cast lottes betwene me & Ionathas my sonne. And Ionathas was caughte. 43 Then Saul sayde to Ionathas: tell me what thou hast done. And Ionathas tolde hym & sayde: I tasted a lytle honye vpon the ende of my staffe that was in myne hande, & se, I must dye. 44 Then sayd Saul: God do so and so to me except that thou dye Ionathas. 45 But the people sayde vnto Saul: shall Ionathas dye whiche hath so myghtely holpe Israel? God forbyd. As truly as the Lorde lyueth, there shall not one hearre of his head fal to the ground: for he hath wroughte with God thys daye. And so the people delyuered Ionathas, that he dyed not. And then Saule departed from folowyng the Philistynes.

Psalms 115:3

3 As for oure God, he is in heauen, he doeth whatsoeuer it pleaseth him.

Proverbs 10:19

19 Where much babling is, ther must nedes be offence: he that refraineth his lippes is wisest of all.

Proverbs 20:25

25 It is a snare for a man to to blaspheme that which is holy, and then to go aboute wyth vowes.

Ecclesiastes 5:3

3 For where muche carefulnesse is, there are many dreames: and where many wordes are, there men may heare fooles.

Ecclesiastes 5:7

7 And why? where as are many dreames and many wordes, there are also diuerse vanities: but loke that thou feare God.

Isaiah 55:9

9 but as farre as the heauens are hyer then the earth, so farre do my wayes exceade yours, and my thoughtes yours.

Matthew 6:7

7 But when ye praye, bable not much as the Heathen do: for they thinke that they shalbe herde, for their muche bablynge sake.

Matthew 6:9

9 after this manner therfore pray ye. Our father which art in heauen, halowed be thy name.

Mark 6:23

23 And he sware to her, whatsoeuer thou shalt axe of me, I wil geue it the, euen vnto the halfe of my kyngdome.

James 3:2

2 for in many thinges we synne all. Yf a man synne not in worde, the same is a perfect man and able to tame al the bodye.

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