Amos 7:11 Cross References - Matthew

11 For Amos sayeth, Ieroboam shall dye with the swearde, and Israel shall be led awaye captyue oute of theyr owne land.

2 Kings 17:6

6 And in the nynthe yeare of Hosea, the kynge of Assyrya toke Samaria & caryed Israel away vnto Assyrya, & put them in Hala, in Habor on the riuer of Gozan, & in the cytyes of the Medes.

Psalms 56:5

5 They vexe my dayly in my wordes: all that they ymagyne, is to do me euell.

Jeremiah 26:9

9 How darrest thou be so bolde, as to saye in the name of the Lord it shall happen to thys house as it dyd vnto Siloh? and this citie shalbe so waste, that no man shall dwell therein?

Jeremiah 28:10-11

10 And Hananiah the Prophete toke the chaine from the Prophet Ieremies neck, and brake it 11 and with that sayde Hananiah, that all the people myghte heare: Thus hath the Lorde spoken: Euen so wyll I breake the yocke of Nabuchodonosor kynge of Babylon, from the necke of all nacyons, yea & that within thys two yeare. And so the Prophete Ieremye went hys waye.

Amos 6:7-8

7 Therfor now shal ye be the fyrst of them, that shal be led awaye captyue, and the lusty chere of the wylfull shal come to an ende. 8 The Lorde God hath sworne euen by himselfe (sayeth the Lorde God of hostes) I hate the pryde of Iacob, and I abhorre his palaces and I wyll geue ouer the cytie, with all that is therein:

Amos 7:9

9 but the hye hylchapels of Isaac must be layed waste, and the churches of Israell made desolate: and as for the house of Ieroboam, I wyl stand vp agaynst with the swerd.

Matthew 26:61

61 and sayed: Thys fellowe sayed: I can destroye the temple of God and buylde it agayne in thre dayes.

Acts 6:14

14 for we hearde him saie: this Iesus of Nazareth shall destroye this place, and shal chaung the ordinaunces, which Moises gaue vs.

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