Acts 11:8 Cross References - Matthew

8 And I saide: God forbid Lord, for nothing commen or vncleane, hath at anye tyme entred into my mouth.

Leviticus 10:10

10 that ye may put difference betwene holy & vnholi, & betwene vncleane & cleane,

Leviticus 11:47

47 that ye may put difference betwene vncleane & cleane, & betwene the beastes that are eaten and the beastes that are not eaten.

Ezra 9:11-12

11 whiche thou hast commaunded by thy seruauntes the Prophetes, and sayde: The lande vnto whiche ye go to possesse, it is an vncleane land thorow the fylthynes of the people of the landes, in their abhominacyons, wherwyth they haue made it ful of vnclennes on euery syde. 12 Therfore shall ye not geue your doughters vnto their sounes, and their doughters shal ye not take vnto your sonnes & seke not their peace & welthe for euer, that ye maye be stronge, and enioye the good in the lande, & that ye and youre chyldren may haue the enheritaunce of it for euermore.

Hosea 9:3

3 They will not dwell in the Lordes lande, but Ephraim turneth agayne into Egypte, and eateth vncleane thinges amonge the Assirians.

Mark 7:2

2 And when they sawe certayne of hys disciples eate breade with commen handes (that is to say wt vnwashen handes) they complayned.

Romans 14:14

14 For I knowe and am ful certifyed in the Lorde Iesus, that there is nothynge comen of it selfe, but vnto hym that iudgeth it to be commen: to hym is it comen.

1 Corinthians 7:14

14 For the vnbeleuinge husbande, is sainctified by the wyfe: and the vnbeleuinge wife, is sainctified by the husbande. Or els were youre chyldren vnclene: but nowe are they pure.

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