2 Samuel 20:13 Cross References - Matthew

13 And as sone as he was tombeled out of the waye, all the people went after Ioab, to folowe after Seba the sonne of Bochri.

Numbers 20:19

19 And the chyldren of Israel sayed vnto him: we wyl go by the beaten way: and if eyther we or our cattell drynke of thy water, we wyll pay for it, we wyll do no more but passe thorow by fote onelye.

Judges 21:19

19 Then they sayde: beholde there is a feaste of the Lorde yerlye in Siloh, which is on the northsyde of Bethell, and on the east syde of the way that goeth from Bethel to Sichem, and south from Libanon.

1 Samuel 6:12

12 And the kyne toke the strayght way to Bethsames, bothe one waye, and as they wente, lowed, turnyng nether to the ryght hand nor to the lefte. And the Lordes of the Philistines went after them vntyll they came to the borders of Bethsames.

2 Samuel 20:12-13

12 And Amasa lay walowing in bloud in the middes of the waye. And there was a man, that sawe al the people stande styl. And when he saw that al that came by hym, stode styl, he rouled Amasa out of the waye into the felde, and cast a cloth vpon hym. 13 And as sone as he was tombeled out of the waye, all the people went after Ioab, to folowe after Seba the sonne of Bochri.

2 Kings 18:17

17 And the kinge of Assyrya sent Tarthan & Rabsaris & Rabsakeh from Lachis to kynge Hezekiah with a greate Host to Ierusalem. And they went vp & came to Ierusalem, & wente & stode by the conduyte of the vppermoste pole which is in the waye to the fullers felde,

Proverbs 16:17

17 The path of the rightuous eschueth euel, & who so loketh wel to his waies, kepeth hys owne soule.

Isaiah 7:3

3 Then sayde God vnto Esay: go mete Ahaz (thou and thy sonne Sear Iasub) at the heade of the ouer pole, in the fote pathe by the fullers grounde,

Isaiah 36:2

2 And the Kynge of the Assyrians sent Rabsakeh from Lachis towarde Ierusalem, agaynst Kynge Hesekiah, wyth a greuous Hoste, which set hym by the condite of the ouerpole, in the waye that goeth thorowe the fullers lande.

Isaiah 62:10

10 Stande backe, and depart a sunder, ye that stand vnder the gate: make roume ye people, repayre the strete, and take awaye the stones, & set out a token for the people.

Jeremiah 31:21

21 Get the watchemen, prouyde teachers for the set thyne herte vpon the right waye, that thou shuldest walcke, and turne agayne (O thou doughter of Israell) turne agayne to these cytyes of thyne.

Mark 10:46

46 And they came to Hierico: and as he went out of Hierico with hys discyples, and a great numbre of people, Barthymeus the sonne of Chimeus whiche was blynde, sate by the hye wayes syde begginge.

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