Jeremiah 39:11 Cross References - MKJV

11 And Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon gave command concerning Jeremiah to Nebuzaradan the chief of the executioners, saying,

Job 5:19

19 He will deliver you in six troubles; yea, in seven no evil shall touch you.

Jeremiah 15:11

11 Jehovah said, Truly I will free you for good. Truly I will cause the enemy to entreat you in the time of evil and in the time of affliction.

Jeremiah 15:21

21 And I will deliver you out of the hand of the wicked, and I will redeem you out of the hand of the evil ones.

Jeremiah 37:2

2 But neither he, nor his servants, nor the people of the land, listened to the Words of Jehovah which He spoke by the prophet Jeremiah.

Acts 24:23

23 And he commanded a centurion to keep Paul and to let him have liberty, and not to forbid anyone of his own to minister or come to him.

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