Matthew 21:46 Cross References - Living_Oracles

46 but though they wished to lay hold on him, they were afraid of the populace, who reckoned him a prophet.

Matthew 21:11

11 The crowd answered, It is Jesus, the prophet of Nazareth, in Galilee.

Matthew 21:26

26 And if we say, From men, we dread the multitude, amongst whom John is universally accounted a prophet.

Luke 7:16

16 And all present were struck with awe, and glorified God, saying, A great prophet has arisen among us; and God has visited his people.

Luke 7:39

39 The Pharisee, who had invited him, observing this, said within himself, If this man were a prophet, he would have known who this woman is that touches him, and of what character, for she is a sinner.

John 7:7

7 The world can not hate you; but me it hates, because I disclose the wickedness of its actions.

John 7:40-41

40 Many of the people having heard what was spoken, said, This is certainly the prophet. 41 Some said, This is the Messiah. Others, does the Messiah come from Galilee?

Acts 2:22

22 Israelites, hear these words: Jesus, the Nazarene, a man recommended to you by God, by powerful operations, and wonders, and signs, which God wrought by him in the midst of you, (as you yourselves also know,)

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