Job 4:11 Cross References - LITV

11 the old lion is perishing for lack of prey; and the lioness' offspring are scattered.

Genesis 49:9

9 Judah is a lion's whelp. My son, you have risen up from the prey; he stoops, he crouches like a lion; and like a lioness, who can rouse him?

Numbers 23:24

24 Behold, the people shall rise like a lioness and as a lion he shall lift himself up; he shall not lie down until he eats the prey and drinks the blood of the slain.

Numbers 24:9

9 He has crouched; he has lain down like a lion, and like a lioness; who shall rouse him up? Blessed is everyone that blesses you, and cursed is everyone that curses you.

Job 1:19

19 And, behold! A great wind came from the wilderness and touched the four corners of the house. And it fell on the young men and they died; and I, I alone have escaped to tell you.

Job 8:3-4

3 Or does God pervert judgment? Or does the Almighty pervert the right? 4 If your sons have sinned against Him, and if He has sent them away in the hand of their transgression,

Job 27:14-15

14 If his sons become numerous, the sword is for them; and his offspring shall not be satisfied with bread. 15 Those remaining of him shall be buried in death, and his widows shall not weep.

Job 38:39

39 Will you hunt the prey for the lion, or fill the appetite of the young lions,

Psalms 7:2

2 lest he tear my soul like a lion, ripping, and there be no one to deliver.

Psalms 34:10

10 The young lions have lacked and been hungry; but they who seek Jehovah shall not lack any good thing.

Jeremiah 4:7

7 The lion has come up from his thicket, and a destroyer of nations has set out. He has left his place to make your land a waste. Your cities will fall into ruins without inhabitant.

Hosea 11:10

10 They shall walk after Jehovah; He shall roar as a lion. When He roars, then sons shall tremble from the west.

2 Timothy 4:17

17 But the Lord stood with me and gave me power, that through me the preaching might be fulfilled, and all the nations might hear. And I was delivered out of the mouth of the lion.

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