Nehemiah 10:31 Cross References - LEB

31 And the peoples of the land who bring merchandise and any grain on the Sabbath day to sell, we will not accept it from them on the Sabbath or on a holy day. We will forego the crops of the seventh year and cancel every debt.

Exodus 12:16

16 It will be for you on the first day a holy assembly* and on the seventh day a holy assembly;* no work will be done on them; only what is eaten by every person, it alone will be prepared for you.

Exodus 20:10

10 But the seventh day is a Sabbath for Yahweh your God; you will not do any work—you or your son or your daughter, your male slave or your female slave, or your animal, or your alien who is in your gates—

Exodus 23:10-11

10 " 'And six years you will sow your land and gather its yield. 11 But the seventh you will let it rest and leave it fallow, and the poor of your people will eat, and their remainder the animals* of the field will eat. You will do likewise for your vineyard and for your olive trees.

Leviticus 16:29

29 "And this shall be a lasting statute* for you: in the seventh month, on the tenth of the month, you must deny yourselves and you must not do any work, whether the native or* the alien who is dwelling in your midst,

Leviticus 23:3

3 " 'For six days work is to be done, and on the seventh day shall be a Sabbath of complete rest,* a holy assembly; you shall not do any work; it shall be a Sabbath for Yahweh in all your dwellings.

Leviticus 23:21

21 And you shall make a proclamation* on this very same day;* it shall be a holy assembly for you; you shall not do any regular work;* this is a lasting statute* in all your dwellings throughout* your generations.

Leviticus 23:35-36

35 On the first day there shall be a holy assembly; you must not do any regular work.* 36 For seven days you must present an offering made by fire to Yahweh. On the eighth day it shall be a holy assembly for you, and you shall present an offering made by fire to Yahweh; it is a celebration; you must not do any regular work.*

Leviticus 25:1-7

1 Then* Yahweh spoke to Moses on Mount Sinai,* saying, 2 "Speak to the Israelites,* and say to them, 'When you* come into the land that I am about to give to you,* then* the land shall observe a Sabbath for Yahweh. 3 Six years you* shall sow your field, and six years you shall prune your vineyard, and you shall gather its yield. 4 But* in the seventh year it shall be a Sabbath of complete rest* for the land—a Sabbath for Yahweh; you* must not sow your field, and you must not prune your vineyard. 5 You* must not reap your harvest's aftergrowth, and you must not harvest the grapes of your unpruned vines—it shall be a year of complete rest* for the land. 6 And a Sabbath of the land shall be for food for you:* for you* and for your slave and for your slave woman and for your hired worker and for your temporary residents* who are dwelling as aliens with you; 7 and all its yield shall be for your* domestic animal and for the wild animal, which are in your land to eat.

Deuteronomy 5:12-14

12 'Observe the Sabbath day* to make it holy,* just as Yahweh your God has commanded you. 13 Six days you shall work, and you shall do all of your work, 14 but the seventh day is a Sabbath unto Yahweh your God; you shall not do any work, or your son, or your daughter, or your slave, or your slave woman, or your ox, or your donkey, or any of your domestic animals, or your resident alien who is in your towns,* so that your slave and your slave woman may rest as you rest.

Deuteronomy 15:1-3

1 "At the end of seven years you shall grant a remission of debt. 2 And this is the manner of the remission of debt: every creditor* shall remit his claim that he holds against his neighbor, and he shall not exact payment from his brother because there* a remission of debt has been proclaimed unto* Yahweh. 3 With respect to the foreigner you may exact payment, but you must remit* what shall be owed to you with respect to your brother.

Deuteronomy 15:7-9

7 If there is a poor person among you from among one of your brothers in one of your towns* that Yahweh your God is giving to you, you shall not harden your heart, and you shall not shut your hand toward your brother who is poor.* 8 But you shall certainly open your hand for him, and you shall willingly lend* to him enough to meet his need, whatever it is.* 9 Take care* so that there* will not be a thought of wickedness* in your heart, saying,* 'The seventh year, the year of the remission of debt is near,' and you view your needy neighbor with hostility,* and so you do not give to him, and he might cry out against you to Yahweh, and you would incur guilt against yourself.*

2 Chronicles 36:21

21 to fulfill the word of Yahweh by the mouth of Jeremiah, until the land has enjoyed its Sabbaths. All the days of desolation it kept Sabbath, to fulfill seventy years.

Nehemiah 5:1-13

1 Now there was a great cry of distress of the people and of their wives against their Jewish brothers. 2 There were those who were saying, "Our sons and daughters, we are many. We must get grain so that we may eat and live." 3 There were also those saying, "We have pledged our fields and our vineyards and our houses so that we can get grain in the famine." 4 And there were those who were saying, "We have borrowed money on our fields and our vineyards for the tax of the king. 5 Now our flesh is like the flesh of our brothers, our sons are like their sons. Look, we are subduing our sons and our daughters to be slaves, and there are some from our daughters being molested. We are powerless,* and our fields and vineyards belong to others." 6 I was very angry when I heard their shouts and these words. 7 I thought over this in my heart, and then I quarreled with the nobles and the prefects. I said to them, "You yourselves are taking interest from your own brother!" So I called the great assembly against them, 8 and I said to them: "We ourselves have bought back our brothers the Jews who were sold to the nations as we were able. But now you yourselves have sold your brothers so they may be sold to us!" They were silent and could not find a word to say. 9 So I said, "The thing that you are doing is not good. Should you not walk in the fear of our God to prevent the disgrace from the nations, our enemies? 10 Also, I and my brothers and my servants are lending them money and grain. Please stop taking this interest. 11 Please restore to them this day their fields, their vineyards, their olive groves, their houses, and the interest on the money, the grain, the grape juice, and the olive oil that you have been taking from them." 12 So they said, "We will restore it and will not request anything more. So we will do as you say." Then I called the priests and made them take an oath to do this promise. 13 I also shook out my garment and said, "This is how God will shake out everyone from his house who will not keep this promise. So this is how his possessions will be shaken out and emptied." And all the assembly said, "Amen!" And they praised Yahweh, and the people kept this promise.

Nehemiah 13:15-22

15 In those days I saw in Judah people treading the wine press on the Sabbath, bringing in heaps of grain and loading them on donkeys along with wine, grapes and figs, and every kind of burden and bringing it all to Jerusalem on the day of the Sabbath. And I warned them at that time against selling food. 16 Tyrian men who lived in Jerusalem brought fish and every kind of merchandise and sold it on the Sabbath to the descendants* of Judah and in Jerusalem. 17 So I quarreled with the nobles of Judah and said to them, "What is this evil thing that you are doing, profaning the day of the Sabbath? 18 Did not your ancestors* do this also, and our God brought on us all of this disaster and on this city too? Now you are adding fierce wrath on Israel by profaning the Sabbath!" 19 So when it became dark at the gates of Jerusalem before the Sabbath, I commanded that the doors be shut and said that they should not be opened until after the Sabbath. And I appointed some of my young men over the gates to prevent any goods* being brought in on the day of the Sabbath. 20 So the merchants and the sellers of merchandise spent the night outside of Jerusalem once or twice. 21 But I warned them and said to them, "Why are you spending the night opposite the wall? If you do it again, I will lay hands against you." From that time on they did not come on the Sabbath. 22 And then I told two Levites that they must purify themselves and come to guard the gates in order to consecrate the day of the Sabbath. Remember this also, my God, and take pity on me according to the greatness of your loyal love.

Isaiah 58:6

6 Is this not the fast I choose: to release the bonds of injustice, to untie the ropes of the yoke, and to let the oppressed go free, and tear* every yoke to pieces?

Isaiah 58:13-14

13 If you hold your foot back from the Sabbath, from doing your affairs on my holy day,* if* you call the Sabbath a pleasure, the holy day of Yahweh honorable, if* you honor him more than* doing your ways, than finding your affairs* and speaking a word, 14 then you shall take your pleasure in* Yahweh, and I will make you ride upon the heights of the earth, and I will feed you the heritage of Jacob your ancestor,*
for the mouth of Yahweh has spoken."

Jeremiah 17:21-22

21 Thus says Yahweh, "Be on your guard for the sake of yourselves, that you must not carry a burden on the day of the Sabbath, and you must not bring it* through the gates of Jerusalem. 22 And you must not carry a burden from your houses on the day of the Sabbath, and you must not do any work. But you must declare holy the day of Sabbath, just as I commanded your ancestors.*

Matthew 6:12

12 and forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors.

Matthew 18:27-35

27 So the master of that slave, because he* had compassion, released him and forgave him the loan. 28 But that slave went out and* found one of his fellow slaves who owed him a hundred denarii, and taking hold of him, he began to choke him,* saying, 'Pay back everything that you owe!' 29 Then his fellow slave threw himself to the ground and* began to implore* him, saying, 'Be patient with me and I will repay you!' 30 But he did not want to, but rather he went and* threw him into prison until he would repay what was owed. 31 So when* his fellow slaves saw what had happened, they were extremely distressed, and went and* reported to their master everything that had happened. 32 Then his master summoned him and* said to him, 'Wicked slave! I forgave you all that debt because you implored me! 33 Should you not also have shown mercy to your fellow slave as I also showed mercy to you?' 34 And because he* was angry, his master handed him over to the merciless jailers* until he would repay everything that was owed. 35 So also my heavenly Father will do to you, unless each of you forgives his brother from your hearts!"

Colossians 2:16

16 Therefore do not let anyone judge you with reference to eating or* drinking or participation in a feast or a new moon or a Sabbath,

James 2:13

13 For judgment is merciless to the one who has not practiced mercy. Mercy triumphs over judgment.

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