Nehemiah 10:1 Cross References - LEB

1 Upon the sealed documents: Nehemiah the governor, son of Hacaliah and Zedekiah;

Ezra 2:63

63 The governor said to them that they could not eat from the holy food of the sanctuary* until there was present a priest for the Urim and Thummim.

Nehemiah 1:1

1 The words of Nehemiah son of Hacaliah.
It happened in the month of Kislev, in the twentieth year, that I myself was in the citadel in Susa,

Nehemiah 7:70

70 Now some from the heads of the families* gave to the work. The governor gave to the storehouse one thousand darics of gold, fifty basins, and five hundred and thirty priestly tunics.

Nehemiah 8:9

9 Nehemiah the governor, Ezra the priest and scribe, and the Levites who taught the people said to all of the people, "This day is holy to Yahweh your God. Do not mourn nor weep." For all of the people wept when they heard the words of the law.*

Nehemiah 9:38

38 * "Now because of all of this we make a binding written agreement and are writing on the sealed documents the names of our commanders, our Levites, and our priests."

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