Isaiah 8:18 Cross References - LEB

18 Look! I and the children whom Yahweh has given to me are like signs and portents in Israel from Yahweh of hosts, the one who dwells on the mountain of Zion.

1 Chronicles 23:25

25 For David said, "Yahweh, the God of Israel, has given rest to his people, and he dwells in Jerusalem forever.

Psalms 9:11

11 Sing praises to Yahweh who sits enthroned* in Zion. Tell his deeds among the peoples,

Psalms 22:30

30 Descendants* will serve him. Regarding the Lord, it will be told to the next generation.

Psalms 71:7

7 I have become a wonder to many, but you are my strong refuge.

Isaiah 7:3

3 Then Yahweh said to Isaiah, "Go out to meet Ahaz, you and Shear-Jashub your son, at the end of the conduit of the upper pool on the highway of the washer's field.

Isaiah 7:16

16 For before the boy knows to reject the evil and to choose the good, the land whose two kings you dread will be abandoned.*

Isaiah 8:3

3 And I approached the prophetess, and she conceived, and she gave birth to a son. And Yahweh said to me, "Call his name Maher-Halal-Hash-Baz.

Isaiah 12:6

6 Inhabitant of Zion, shout out and sing for joy, for the holy one of Israel is great in your midst."

Isaiah 14:32

32 And what will one answer the messengers of the nation?
That Yahweh has founded Zion, and the needy of his people will take refuge in it.

Isaiah 24:23

23 And the full moon will be ashamed and the sun will be ashamed, for Yahweh of hosts will rule on Mount Zion* and in Jerusalem, and before his elders in glory.

Isaiah 53:10

10 Yet* Yahweh was pleased to crush him; he made him sick.* If she* places* his life a guilt offering,* he will see offspring. He will prolong days, and the will of Yahweh will succeed in his hand.

Ezekiel 14:8

8 And I will set my face against that person, and I will make him to* be a sign and make him into* the subject of proverbs; and I will cut him off from the midst of my people, and you will know I am Yahweh.

Zechariah 3:8

8 Listen, please, O Joshua the high priest, you and your companions* that are sitting before* you. For the men are a sign that,* look, I am going to bring my servant the Branch.*

Zechariah 8:3

3 Thus says Yahweh: 'I have returned to Zion, and I will dwell in the midst of Jerusalem; and Jerusalem will be called the faithful city,* and the mountain of Yahweh of hosts will be called the holy mountain.'

Luke 2:34

34 And Simeon blessed them and said to his mother Mary, "Behold, this child is appointed for the fall and rise of many in Israel, and for a sign that is opposed*

1 Corinthians 4:9-13

9 For, I think, God has exhibited us apostles last of all, as condemned to death, because we have become a spectacle to the world and to angels and to people. 10 We are fools for the sake of Christ, but you are prudent in Christ! We are weak, but you are strong! You are honored, but we are dishonored! 11 Until the present hour we are both hungry and thirsty and poorly clothed and roughly treated and homeless, 12 and we toil, working with our own hands. When we are* reviled, we bless; when we are* persecuted, we endure; 13 when we are* slandered, we encourage. We have become like the refuse of the world, the offscouring of all things, until now.

Hebrews 2:13-14

13 And again,
"I will trust in him."*
And again,
"Behold, I and the children God has given me."* 14 Therefore, since the children share in blood and flesh, he also in like manner shared in these same things, in order that through death he could destroy the one who has the power of death, that is, the devil,

Hebrews 10:33

33 sometimes being publicly exposed both to insults and to afflictions, and sometimes becoming sharers with those who were treated in this way.

Hebrews 12:22

22 But you have come to Mount Zion, and to the city of the living God, to the heavenly Jerusalem, and to tens of thousands of angels, to the festal gathering

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