Psalms 119:82 Cross References - KJV_Strongs

  82 H5869 Mine eyes H3615 fail [H8804]   H565 for thy word H559 , saying [H8800]   H5162 , When wilt thou comfort [H8762]   me?

Deuteronomy 28:32

  32 H1121 Thy sons H1323 and thy daughters H5414 shall be given [H8803]   H312 unto another H5971 people H5869 , and thine eyes H7200 shall look [H8802]   H3616 , and fail H3117 with longing for them all the day H410 long: and there shall be no might H3027 in thine hand.

Psalms 69:3

  3 H3021 I am weary [H8804]   H7121 of my crying [H8800]   H1627 : my throat H2787 is dried [H8738]   H5869 : mine eyes H3615 fail [H8804]   H3176 while I wait [H8764]   H430 for my God.

Psalms 86:17

  17 H6213 Shew [H8798]   H226 me a token H2896 for good H8130 ; that they which hate [H8802]   H7200 me may see [H8799]   H954 it, and be ashamed [H8799]   H3068 : because thou, LORD H5826 , hast holpen [H8804]   H5162 me, and comforted [H8765]   me.

Psalms 90:13-15

  13 H7725 Return [H8798]   H3068 , O LORD H5162 , how long? and let it repent [H8734]   H5650 thee concerning thy servants.
  14 H7646 O satisfy [H8761]   H1242 us early H2617 with thy mercy H7442 ; that we may rejoice [H8762]   H8055 and be glad [H8799]   H3117 all our days.
  15 H8055 Make us glad [H8761]   H3117 according to the days H6031 wherein thou hast afflicted [H8765]   H8141 us, and the years H7200 wherein we have seen [H8804]   H7451 evil.

Psalms 119:123

  123 H5869 Mine eyes H3615 fail [H8804]   H3444 for thy salvation H565 , and for the word H6664 of thy righteousness.

Proverbs 13:12

  12 H8431 Hope H4900 deferred [H8794]   H3820 maketh the heart H2470 sick [H8688]   H8378 : but when the desire H935 cometh [H8802]   H6086 , it is a tree H2416 of life.

Isaiah 38:11

  11 H559 I said [H8804]   H7200 , I shall not see [H8799]   H3050 the LORD H3050 , even the LORD H776 , in the land H2416 of the living H5027 : I shall behold [H8686]   H120 man H3427 no more with the inhabitants [H8802]   H2309 of the world.

Lamentations 2:11

  11 H5869 Mine eyes H3615 do fail [H8804]   H1832 with tears H4578 , my bowels H2560 are troubled [H8777]   H3516 , my liver H8210 is poured [H8738]   H776 upon the earth H7667 , for the destruction H1323 of the daughter H5971 of my people H5768 ; because the children H3243 and the sucklings [H8802]   H5848 swoon [H8736]   H7339 in the streets H7151 of the city.

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