Jeremiah 51:32 Cross References - KJV_Strongs

  32 H4569 And that the passages H8610 are stopped [H8738]   H98 , and the reeds H8313 they have burned [H8804]   H784 with fire H582 , and the men H4421 of war H926 are affrighted [H8738]  .

Isaiah 44:27

  27 H559 That saith [H8802]   H6683 to the deep H2717 , Be dry [H8798]   H3001 , and I will dry up [H8686]   H5104 thy rivers:

Jeremiah 50:37-38

  37 H2719 A sword H5483 is upon their horses H7393 , and upon their chariots H6153 , and upon all the mingled people H8432 that are in the midst H802 of her; and they shall become as women H2719 : a sword H214 is upon her treasures H962 ; and they shall be robbed [H8795]  .
  38 H2721 A drought H4325 is upon her waters H3001 ; and they shall be dried up [H8804]   H776 : for it is the land H6456 of graven images H1984 , and they are mad [H8704]   H367 upon their idols.

Jeremiah 51:30

  30 H1368 The mighty men H894 of Babylon H2308 have forborn [H8804]   H3898 to fight [H8736]   H3427 , they have remained [H8804]   H4679 in their holds H1369 : their might H5405 hath failed [H8804]   H802 ; they became as women H3341 : they have burned [H8689]   H4908 her dwellingplaces H1280 ; her bars H7665 are broken [H8738]  .

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