Jeremiah 51:1 Cross References - KJV_Strongs

  1 H559 Thus saith [H8804]   H3068 the LORD H5782 ; Behold, I will raise up [H8688]   H894 against Babylon H3427 , and against them that dwell [H8802]   H3820 in the midst H6965 of them that rise up [H8801]   H7843 against me, a destroying [H8688]   H7307 wind;

2 Kings 19:7

  7 H5414 Behold, I will send [H8802]   H7307 a blast H8085 upon him, and he shall hear [H8804]   H8052 a rumour H7725 , and shall return [H8804]   H776 to his own land H5307 ; and I will cause him to fall [H8689]   H2719 by the sword H776 in his own land.

Isaiah 13:3-5

  3 H6680 I have commanded [H8765]   H6942 my sanctified ones [H8794]   H7121 , I have also called [H8804]   H1368 my mighty ones H639 for mine anger H5947 , even them that rejoice H1346 in my highness.
  4 H6963 The noise H1995 of a multitude H2022 in the mountains H1823 , like as H7227 of a great H5971 people H7588 ; a tumultuous H6963 noise H4467 of the kingdoms H1471 of nations H622 gathered together [H8737]   H3068 : the LORD H6635 of hosts H6485 mustereth [H8764]   H6635 the host H4421 of the battle.
  5 H935 They come [H8802]   H4801 from a far H776 country H7097 , from the end H8064 of heaven H3068 , even the LORD H3627 , and the weapons H2195 of his indignation H2254 , to destroy [H8763]   H776 the whole land.

Jeremiah 4:11-12

  11 H6256 At that time H559 shall it be said [H8735]   H5971 to this people H3389 and to Jerusalem H6703 , A dry H7307 wind H8205 of the high places H4057 in the wilderness H1870 toward H1323 the daughter H5971 of my people H2219 , not to fan [H8800]   H1305 , nor to cleanse [H8687]  ,
  12 H4392 Even a full H7307 wind H935 from those places shall come [H8799]   H1696 unto me: now also will I give [H8762]   H4941 sentence against them.

Jeremiah 49:36

  36 H5867 And upon Elam H935 will I bring [H8689]   H702 the four H7307 winds H702 from the four H7098 quarters H8064 of heaven H2219 , and will scatter [H8765]   H7307 them toward all those winds H1471 ; and there shall be no nation H5080 whither the outcasts [H8737]   H5867 of Elam [H8675]   H5769   H935 shall not come [H8799]  .

Jeremiah 50:9

  9 H5782 For, lo, I will raise [H8688]   H5927 and cause to come up [H8688]   H894 against Babylon H6951 an assembly H1419 of great H1471 nations H6828 from the north H776 country H6186 : and they shall set themselves in array [H8804]   H3920 against her; from thence she shall be taken [H8735]   H2671 : their arrows H1368 shall be as of a mighty H7919 expert man [H8688]   [H8676]   H7921   [H8688]   H7725 ; none shall return [H8799]   H7387 in vain.

Jeremiah 50:14-16

  14 H6186 Put yourselves in array [H8798]   H894 against Babylon H5439 round about H1869 : all ye that bend [H8802]   H7198 the bow H3034 , shoot [H8798]   H2550 at her, spare [H8799]   H2671 no arrows H2398 : for she hath sinned [H8804]   H3068 against the LORD.
  15 H7321 Shout [H8685]   H5439 against her round about H5414 : she hath given [H8804]   H3027 her hand H803 : her foundations H5307 are fallen [H8804]   H2346 , her walls H2040 are thrown down [H8738]   H5360 : for it is the vengeance H3068 of the LORD H5358 : take vengeance [H8734]   H6213 upon her; as she hath done [H8804]   H6213 , do [H8798]   unto her.
  16 H3772 Cut off [H8798]   H2232 the sower [H8802]   H894 from Babylon H8610 , and him that handleth [H8802]   H4038 the sickle H6256 in the time H7105 of harvest H6440 : for fear H3238 of the oppressing [H8802]   H2719 sword H6437 they shall turn [H8799]   H376 every one H5971 to his people H5127 , and they shall flee [H8799]   H376 every one H776 to his own land.

Jeremiah 50:21

  21 H5927 Go up [H8798]   H776 against the land H4850 of Merathaim H3427 , even against it, and against the inhabitants [H8802]   H6489 of Pekod H2717 : waste [H8798]   H2763 and utterly destroy [H8687]   H310 after H5002 them, saith [H8803]   H3068 the LORD H6213 , and do [H8798]   H6680 according to all that I have commanded [H8765]   thee.

Jeremiah 50:24

  24 H3369 I have laid a snare [H8804]   H3920 for thee, and thou art also taken [H8738]   H894 , O Babylon H3045 , and thou wast not aware [H8804]   H4672 : thou art found [H8738]   H8610 , and also caught [H8738]   H1624 , because thou hast striven [H8694]   H3068 against the LORD.

Jeremiah 50:29

  29 H8085 Call together [H8685]   H7228 the archers H894 against Babylon H1869 : all ye that bend [H8802]   H7198 the bow H2583 , camp [H8798]   H5439 against it round about H6413 ; let none thereof escape H7999 : recompense [H8761]   H6467 her according to her work H6213 ; according to all that she hath done [H8804]   H6213 , do [H8798]   H2102 unto her: for she hath been proud [H8804]   H3068 against the LORD H6918 , against the Holy One H3478 of Israel.

Jeremiah 50:33

  33 H559 Thus saith [H8804]   H3068 the LORD H6635 of hosts H1121 ; The children H3478 of Israel H1121 and the children H3063 of Judah H6231 were oppressed [H8803]   H3162 together H7617 : and all that took them captives [H8802]   H2388 held them fast [H8689]   H3985 ; they refused [H8765]   H7971 to let them go [H8763]  .

Ezekiel 19:12

  12 H5428 But she was plucked up [H8714]   H2534 in fury H7993 , she was cast down [H8717]   H776 to the ground H6921 , and the east H7307 wind H3001 dried up [H8689]   H6529 her fruit H5797 : her strong H4294 rods H6561 were broken [H8694]   H3001 and withered [H8804]   H784 ; the fire H398 consumed [H8804]   them.

Hosea 13:15

  15 H6500 Though he be fruitful [H8686]   H251 among his brethren H6921 , an east wind H935 shall come [H8799]   H7307 , the wind H3068 of the LORD H5927 shall come up [H8802]   H4057 from the wilderness H4726 , and his spring H954 shall become dry [H8799]   H4599 , and his fountain H2717 shall be dried up [H8799]   H8154 : he shall spoil [H8799]   H214 the treasure H2532 of all pleasant H3627 vessels.

Amos 3:6

  6 H7782 Shall a trumpet H8628 be blown [H8735]   H5892 in the city H5971 , and the people H2729 not be afraid [H8799]   H7451 ? shall there be evil H5892 in a city H3068 , and the LORD H6213 hath not done [H8804]   it ?

Zechariah 2:8

  8 H559 For thus saith [H8804]   H3068 the LORD H6635 of hosts H310 ; After H3519 the glory H7971 hath he sent [H8804]   H1471 me unto the nations H7997 which spoiled [H8802]   H5060 you: for he that toucheth [H8802]   H5060 you toucheth [H8802]   H892 the apple H5869 of his eye.

Acts 9:4

  4 G2532 And G4098 he fell [G5631]   G1909 to G1093 the earth G191 , and heard [G5656]   G5456 a voice G3004 saying [G5723]   G846 unto him G4549 , Saul G4549 , Saul G5101 , why G1377 persecutest thou [G5719]   G3165 me?

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