Jeremiah 2:28 Cross References - KJV_Strongs

  28 H430 But where are thy gods H6213 that thou hast made [H8804]   H6965 thee? let them arise [H8799]   H3467 , if they can save [H8686]   H6256 thee in the time H7451 of thy trouble H4557 : for according to the number H5892 of thy cities H430 are thy gods H3063 , O Judah.

Deuteronomy 32:37

  37 H559 And he shall say [H8804]   H430 , Where are their gods H6697 , their rock H2620 in whom they trusted [H8804]  ,

Judges 10:14

  14 H3212 Go [H8798]   H2199 and cry [H8798]   H430 unto the gods H977 which ye have chosen [H8804]   H1992 ; let them H3467 deliver [H8686]   H6256 you in the time H6869 of your tribulation.

2 Kings 3:13

  13 H477 And Elisha H559 said [H8799]   H4428 unto the king H3478 of Israel H3212 , What have I to do with thee? get [H8798]   H5030 thee to the prophets H1 of thy father H5030 , and to the prophets H517 of thy mother H4428 . And the king H3478 of Israel H559 said [H8799]   H3068 unto him, Nay: for the LORD H7121 hath called H7969 these three H4428 kings H7121 together [H8804]   H5414 , to deliver [H8800]   H3027 them into the hand H4124 of Moab.

2 Kings 17:30-31

  30 H582 And the men H894 of Babylon H6213 made [H8804]   H5524 Succothbenoth H582 , and the men H3575 of Cuth H6213 made [H8804]   H5370 Nergal H582 , and the men H2574 of Hamath H6213 made [H8804]   H807 Ashima,
  31 H5757 And the Avites H6213 made [H8804]   H5026 Nibhaz H8662 and Tartak H5616 , and the Sepharvites H8313 burnt [H8802]   H1121 their children H784 in fire H152 to Adrammelech H6048 and Anammelech H430 , the gods H5617 of Sepharvaim.

Isaiah 45:20

  20 H6908 Assemble [H8734]   H935 yourselves and come [H8798]   H5066 ; draw near [H8690]   H3162 together H6412 , ye that are escaped H1471 of the nations H3045 : they have no knowledge [H8804]   H5375 that set up [H8802]   H6086 the wood H6459 of their graven image H6419 , and pray [H8693]   H410 unto a god H3467 that cannot save [H8686]  .

Isaiah 46:2

  2 H7164 They stoop [H8804]   H3766 , they bow down [H8804]   H3162 together H3201 ; they could [H8804]   H4422 not deliver [H8763]   H4853 the burden H5315 , but themselves H1980 are gone [H8804]   H7628 into captivity.

Isaiah 46:7

  7 H5375 They bear [H8799]   H3802 him upon the shoulder H5445 , they carry [H8799]   H3240 him, and set him in his place [H8686]   H5975 , and he standeth [H8799]   H4725 ; from his place H4185 shall he not remove [H8686]   H6817 : yea, one shall cry [H8799]   H6030 unto him, yet can he not answer [H8799]   H3467 , nor save [H8686]   H6869 him out of his trouble.

Jeremiah 11:13

  13 H4557 For according to the number H5892 of thy cities H430 were thy gods H3063 , O Judah H4557 ; and according to the number H2351 of the streets H3389 of Jerusalem H7760 have ye set up [H8804]   H4196 altars H1322 to that shameful thing H4196 , even altars H6999 to burn incense [H8763]   H1168 unto Baal.

Hosea 10:1

  1 H3478 Israel H1238 is an empty [H8802]   H1612 vine H7737 , he bringeth forth [H8762]   H6529 fruit H7230 unto himself: according to the multitude H6529 of his fruit H7235 he hath increased [H8689]   H4196 the altars H2896 ; according to the goodness H776 of his land H2895 they have made goodly [H8689]   H4676 images.

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