Ezekiel 4:10 Cross References - KJV_Strongs

  10 H3978 And thy meat H398 which thou shalt eat [H8799]   H4946 shall be by weight H6242 , twenty H8255 shekels H3117 a day H6256 : from time H6256 to time H398 shalt thou eat [H8799]   it.

Leviticus 26:26

  26 H7665 And when I have broken [H8800]   H4294 the staff H3899 of your bread H6235 , ten H802 women H644 shall bake [H8804]   H3899 your bread H259 in one H8574 oven H7725 , and they shall deliver H3899 you your bread H7725 again [H8689]   H4948 by weight H398 : and ye shall eat [H8804]   H7646 , and not be satisfied [H8799]  .

Deuteronomy 28:51-68

  51 H398 And he shall eat [H8804]   H6529 the fruit H929 of thy cattle H6529 , and the fruit H127 of thy land H8045 , until thou be destroyed [H8736]   H7604 : which also shall not leave [H8686]   H1715 thee either corn H8492 , wine H3323 , or oil H7698 , or the increase H504 of thy kine H6251 , or flocks H6629 of thy sheep H6 , until he have destroyed [H8687]   thee.
  52 H6887 And he shall besiege [H8689]   H8179 thee in all thy gates H1364 , until thy high H1219 and fenced [H8803]   H2346 walls H3381 come down [H8800]   H2004 , wherein H982 thou trustedst [H8802]   H776 , throughout all thy land H6887 : and he shall besiege [H8689]   H8179 thee in all thy gates H776 throughout all thy land H3068 , which the LORD H430 thy God H5414 hath given [H8804]   thee.
  53 H398 And thou shalt eat [H8804]   H6529 the fruit H990 of thine own body H1320 , the flesh H1121 of thy sons H1323 and of thy daughters H3068 , which the LORD H430 thy God H5414 hath given [H8804]   H4692 thee, in the siege H4689 , and in the straitness H341 , wherewith thine enemies [H8802]   H6693 shall distress [H8686]   thee:
  54 H376 So that the man H7390 that is tender H3966 among you, and very H6028 delicate H5869 , his eye H3415 shall be evil [H8799]   H251 toward his brother H802 , and toward the wife H2436 of his bosom H3499 , and toward the remnant H1121 of his children H3498 which he shall leave [H8686]  :
  55 H5414 So that he will not give [H8800]   H259 to any H1320 of them of the flesh H1121 of his children H398 whom he shall eat [H8799]   H7604 : because he hath nothing left [H8689]   H4692 him in the siege H4689 , and in the straitness H341 , wherewith thine enemies [H8802]   H6693 shall distress [H8686]   H8179 thee in all thy gates.
  56 H7390 The tender H6028 and delicate H5254 woman among you, which would not adventure [H8765]   H3322 to set [H8687]   H3709 the sole H7272 of her foot H776 upon the ground H6026 for delicateness [H8692]   H7391 and tenderness H5869 , her eye H3415 shall be evil [H8799]   H376 toward the husband H2436 of her bosom H1121 , and toward her son H1323 , and toward her daughter,
  57 H7988 And toward her young one H3318 that cometh out [H8802]   H7272 from between her feet H1121 , and toward her children H3205 which she shall bear [H8799]   H398 : for she shall eat [H8799]   H2640 them for want H5643 of all things secretly H4692 in the siege H4689 and straitness H341 , wherewith thine enemy [H8802]   H6693 shall distress [H8686]   H8179 thee in thy gates.
  58 H8104 If thou wilt not observe [H8799]   H6213 to do [H8800]   H1697 all the words H8451 of this law H3789 that are written [H8803]   H5612 in this book H3372 , that thou mayest fear [H8800]   H3513 this glorious [H8737]   H3372 and fearful [H8737]   H8034 name H3068 , THE LORD H430 THY GOD;
  59 H3068 Then the LORD H6381 will make H4347 thy plagues H6381 wonderful [H8689]   H4347 , and the plagues H2233 of thy seed H1419 , even great H4347 plagues H539 , and of long continuance [H8737]   H7451 , and sore H2483 sicknesses H539 , and of long continuance [H8737]  .
  60 H7725 Moreover he will bring [H8689]   H4064 upon thee all the diseases H4714 of Egypt H3025 , which thou wast afraid [H8804]   H6440 of H1692 ; and they shall cleave [H8804]   unto thee.
  61 H2483 Also every sickness H4347 , and every plague H3789 , which is not written [H8803]   H5612 in the book H8451 of this law H3068 , them will the LORD H5927 bring [H8686]   H8045 upon thee, until thou be destroyed [H8736]  .
  62 H7604 And ye shall be left [H8738]   H4592 few H4962 in number H834 , whereas H3556 ye were as the stars H8064 of heaven H7230 for multitude H8085 ; because thou wouldest not obey [H8804]   H6963 the voice H3068 of the LORD H430 thy God.
  63 H3068 And it shall come to pass, that as the LORD H7797 rejoiced [H8804]   H3190 over you to do you good [H8687]   H7235 , and to multiply [H8687]   H3068 you; so the LORD H7797 will rejoice [H8799]   H6 over you to destroy [H8687]   H8045 you, and to bring you to nought [H8687]   H5255 ; and ye shall be plucked [H8738]   H127 from off the land H935 whither thou goest [H8802]   H3423 to possess [H8800]   it.
  64 H3068 And the LORD H6327 shall scatter [H8689]   H5971 thee among all people H7097 , from the one end H776 of the earth H7097 even unto the other H5647 ; and there thou shalt serve [H8804]   H312 other H430 gods H1 , which neither thou nor thy fathers H3045 have known [H8804]   H6086 , even wood H68 and stone.
  65 H1992 And among these H1471 nations H7280 shalt thou find no ease [H8686]   H3709 , neither shall the sole H7272 of thy foot H4494 have rest H3068 : but the LORD H5414 shall give [H8804]   H7268 thee there a trembling H3820 heart H3631 , and failing H5869 of eyes H1671 , and sorrow H5315 of mind:
  66 H2416 And thy life H8511 shall hang [H8803]   H5048 in doubt before H6342 thee; and thou shalt fear [H8804]   H3119 day H3915 and night H539 , and shalt have none assurance [H8686]   H2416 of thy life:
  67 H1242 In the morning H559 thou shalt say [H8799]   H5414 , Would God it were [H8799]   H6153 even H6153 ! and at even H559 thou shalt say [H8799]   H5414 , Would God it were [H8799]   H1242 morning H6343 ! for the fear H3824 of thine heart H6342 wherewith thou shalt fear [H8799]   H4758 , and for the sight H5869 of thine eyes H7200 which thou shalt see [H8799]  .
  68 H3068 And the LORD H7725 shall bring H4714 thee into Egypt H7725 again [H8689]   H591 with ships H1870 , by the way H559 whereof I spake [H8804]   H7200 unto thee, Thou shalt see [H8800]   H3254 it no more again [H8686]   H4376 : and there ye shall be sold [H8694]   H341 unto your enemies [H8802]   H5650 for bondmen H8198 and bondwomen H7069 , and no man shall buy [H8802]   you .

Isaiah 3:1

  1 H113 For, behold, the Lord H3068 , the LORD H6635 of hosts H5493 , doth take away [H8688]   H3389 from Jerusalem H3063 and from Judah H4937 the stay H4938 and the staff H4937 , the whole stay H3899 of bread H3605 , and the whole H4937 stay H4325 of water,

Ezekiel 4:16

  16 H559 Moreover he said [H8799]   H1121 unto me, Son H120 of man H7665 , behold, I will break [H8799]   H4294 the staff H3899 of bread H3389 in Jerusalem H398 : and they shall eat [H8804]   H3899 bread H4948 by weight H1674 , and with care H8354 ; and they shall drink [H8799]   H4325 water H4884 by measure H8078 , and with astonishment:

Ezekiel 14:13

  13 H1121 Son H120 of man H776 , when the land H2398 sinneth [H8799]   H4603 against me by trespassing [H8800]   H4604 grievously H5186 , then will I stretch out [H8804]   H3027 mine hand H7665 upon it, and will break [H8804]   H4294 the staff H3899 of the bread H7971 thereof, and will send [H8689]   H7458 famine H3772 upon it, and will cut off [H8689]   H120 man H929 and beast from it:

Ezekiel 45:12

  12 H8255 And the shekel H6242 shall be twenty H1626 gerahs H6242 : twenty H8255 shekels H2568 , five H6242 and twenty H8255 shekels H2568 , fifteen H6235   H8255 shekels H4488 , shall be your maneh.

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