Ephesians 5:18 Cross References - KJV_Strongs

  18 G2532 And G3182 be G3361 not G3182 drunk [G5745]   G3631 with wine G1722 , wherein G3739   G2076 is [G5748]   G810 excess G235 ; but G4137 be filled [G5744]   G1722 with G4151 the Spirit;

Genesis 9:21

  21 H8354 And he drank [H8799]   H3196 of the wine H7937 , and was drunken [H8799]   H1540 ; and he was uncovered [H8691]   H8432 within H168 his tent.

Genesis 19:32-35

  32 H3212 Come [H8798]   H8248 , let us make H1 our father H8248 drink [H8686]   H3196 wine H7901 , and we will lie [H8799]   H2421 with him, that we may preserve [H8762]   H2233 seed H1 of our father.
  33 H8248 And they made H1 their father H8248 drink [H8686]   H3196 wine H3915 that night H1067 : and the firstborn H935 went in [H8799]   H7901 , and lay [H8799]   H1 with her father H3045 ; and he perceived [H8804]   H7901 not when she lay down [H8800]   H6965 , nor when she arose [H8800]  .
  34 H4283 And it came to pass on the morrow H1067 , that the firstborn H559 said [H8799]   H6810 unto the younger H7901 , Behold, I lay [H8804]   H570 yesternight H1 with my father H8248 : let us make him drink [H8686]   H3196 wine H3915 this night H935 also; and go thou in [H8798]   H7901 , and lie [H8798]   H2421 with him, that we may preserve [H8762]   H2233 seed H1 of our father.
  35 H8248 And they made H1 their father H8248 drink [H8686]   H3196 wine H1931 that H3915 night H6810 also: and the younger H6965 arose [H8799]   H7901 , and lay [H8799]   H3045 with him; and he perceived [H8804]   H7901 not when she lay down [H8800]   H6965 , nor when she arose [H8800]  .

Deuteronomy 21:20

  20 H559 And they shall say [H8804]   H2205 unto the elders H5892 of his city H1121 , This our son H5637 is stubborn [H8802]   H4784 and rebellious [H8802]   H8085 , he will not obey [H8802]   H6963 our voice H2151 ; he is a glutton [H8802]   H5433 , and a drunkard [H8802]  .

Psalms 63:3-5

  3 H2617 Because thy lovingkindness H2896 is better H2416 than life H8193 , my lips H7623 shall praise [H8762]   thee.
  4 H1288 Thus will I bless [H8762]   H2416 thee while I live H5375 : I will lift up [H8799]   H3709 my hands H8034 in thy name.
  5 H5315 My soul H7646 shall be satisfied [H8799]   H2459 as with marrow H1880 and fatness H6310 ; and my mouth H1984 shall praise [H8762]   H7445 thee with joyful H8193 lips:

Psalms 69:12

  12 H3427 They that sit in [H8802]   H8179 the gate H7878 speak [H8799]   H5058 against me; and I was the song H8354 of the drunkards [H8802]   H7941  .

Proverbs 20:1

  1 H3196 Wine H3887 is a mocker [H8801]   H7941 , strong drink H1993 is raging [H8802]   H7686 : and whosoever is deceived [H8802]   H2449 thereby is not wise [H8799]  .

Proverbs 23:20-21

  20 H3196 Be not among winebibbers H5433   [H8802]   H2151 ; among riotous eaters [H8802]   H1320 of flesh:
  21 H5433 For the drunkard [H8802]   H2151 and the glutton [H8802]   H3423 shall come to poverty [H8735]   H5124 : and drowsiness H3847 shall clothe [H8686]   H7168 a man with rags.

Proverbs 23:29-35

  29 H188 Who hath woe H17 ? who hath sorrow H4079 ? who hath contentions [H8675]   H4066   H7879 ? who hath babbling H6482 ? who hath wounds H2600 without cause H2448 ? who hath redness H5869 of eyes?
  30 H309 They that tarry long [H8764]   H3196 at the wine H935 ; they that go [H8802]   H2713 to seek [H8800]   H4469 mixed wine.
  31 H7200 Look [H8799]   H3196 not thou upon the wine H119 when it is red [H8691]   H5414 , when it giveth [H8799]   H5869 his colour H3563 in the cup [H8675]   H3599   H1980 , when it moveth [H8691]   H4339 itself aright.
  32 H319 At the last H5391 it biteth [H8799]   H5175 like a serpent H6567 , and stingeth [H8686]   H6848 like an adder.
  33 H5869 Thine eyes H7200 shall behold [H8799]   H2114 strange women [H8801]   H3820 , and thine heart H1696 shall utter [H8762]   H8419 perverse things.
  34 H7901 Yea, thou shalt be as he that lieth down [H8802]   H3820 in the midst H3220 of the sea H7901 , or as he that lieth [H8802]   H7218 upon the top H2260 of a mast.
  35 H5221 They have stricken [H8689]   H2470 me, shalt thou say, and I was not sick [H8804]   H1986 ; they have beaten [H8804]   H3045 me, and I felt [H8804]   H6974 it not: when shall I awake [H8686]   H1245 ? I will seek [H8762]   H3254 it yet [H8686]   again.

Song of Songs 1:4

  4 H4900 Draw [H8798]   H7323 me, we will run [H8799]   H310 after H4428 thee: the king H935 hath brought [H8689]   H2315 me into his chambers H1523 : we will be glad [H8799]   H8055 and rejoice [H8799]   H2142 in thee, we will remember [H8686]   H1730 thy love H3196 more than wine H4339 : the upright H157 love [H8804]   thee.

Song of Songs 7:9

  9 H2441 And the roof of thy mouth H2896 like the best H3196 wine H1730 for my beloved H1980 , that goeth [H8802]   H4339 down sweetly H8193 , causing the lips H3463 of those that are asleep H1680 to speak [H8802]  .

Isaiah 5:11-13

  11 H1945 Woe H7925 unto them that rise up early [H8688]   H1242 in the morning H7291 , that they may follow [H8799]   H7941 strong drink H309 ; that continue [H8764]   H5399 until night H3196 , till wine H1814 inflame [H8686]   them!
  12 H3658 And the harp H5035 , and the viol H8596 , the tabret H2485 , and pipe H3196 , and wine H4960 , are in their feasts H5027 : but they regard [H8686]   H6467 not the work H3068 of the LORD H7200 , neither consider [H8804]   H4639 the operation H3027 of his hands.
  13 H5971 Therefore my people H1540 are gone into captivity [H8804]   H1847 , because they have no knowledge H3519 : and their honourable H4962 men H7458 are famished H1995 , and their multitude H6704 dried up H6772 with thirst.

Isaiah 5:22

  22 H1945 Woe H1368 unto them that are mighty H8354 to drink [H8800]   H3196 wine H582 , and men H2428 of strength H4537 to mingle [H8800]   H7941 strong drink:

Isaiah 25:6

  6 H2022 And in this mountain H3068 shall the LORD H6635 of hosts H6213 make [H8804]   H5971 unto all people H4960 a feast H8081 of fat things H4960 , a feast H8105 of wines on the lees H8081 , of fat things H4229 full of marrow [H8794]   H8105 , of wines on the lees H2212 well refined [H8794]  .

Isaiah 55:1

  1 H1945 Ho H6771 , every one that thirsteth H3212 , come [H8798]   H4325 ye to the waters H3701 , and he that hath no money H3212 ; come [H8798]   H7666 ye, buy [H8798]   H398 , and eat [H8798]   H3212 ; yea, come [H8798]   H7666 , buy [H8798]   H3196 wine H2461 and milk H3701 without money H4242 and without price.

Zechariah 9:15-17

  15 H3068 The LORD H6635 of hosts H1598 shall defend [H8686]   H398 them; and they shall devour [H8804]   H3533 , and subdue [H8804]   H7050 with sling H68 stones H8354 ; and they shall drink [H8804]   H1993 , and make a noise [H8804]   H3196 as through wine H4390 ; and they shall be filled [H8804]   H4219 like bowls H2106 , and as the corners H4196 of the altar.
  16 H3068 And the LORD H430 their God H3467 shall save [H8689]   H3117 them in that day H6629 as the flock H5971 of his people H68 : for they shall be as the stones H5145 of a crown H5264 , lifted up as an ensign [H8706]   H127 upon his land.
  17 H2898 For how great is his goodness H3308 , and how great is his beauty H1715 ! corn H970 shall make the young men H5107 cheerful [H8766]   H8492 , and new wine H1330 the maids.

Matthew 23:25

  25 G3759 Woe G5213 unto you G1122 , scribes G2532 and G5330 Pharisees G5273 , hypocrites G3754 ! for G2511 ye make clean [G5719]   G1855 the outside G4221 of the cup G2532 and G3953 of the platter G1161 , but G2081 within G1073 they are full [G5719]   G1537 of G724 extortion G2532 and G192 excess.

Matthew 24:49

  49 G2532 And G756 shall begin [G5672]   G5180 to smite [G5721]   G4889 his fellowservants G1161 , and G2068 to eat [G5721]   G2532 and G4095 drink [G5721]   G3326 with G3184 the drunken [G5723]  ;

Luke 1:15

  15 G1063 For G2071 he shall be [G5704]   G3173 great G1799 in the sight G2962 of the Lord G2532 , and G4095 shall drink [G5632]   G3364 neither G3631 wine G2532 nor G4608 strong drink G2532 ; and G4130 he shall be filled [G5701]   G40 with the Holy G4151 Ghost G2089 , even G1537 from G846 his G3384 mother's G2836 womb.

Luke 11:13

  13 G1487 If G5210 ye G3767 then G5225 , being [G5723]   G4190 evil G1492 , know [G5758]   G1325 how to give [G5721]   G18 good G1390 gifts G5216 unto your G5043 children G4214 : how much G3123 more G1325 shall G3772 your heavenly G3962 Father G1537   G1325 give [G5692]   G40 the Holy G4151 Spirit G154 to them that ask [G5723]   G846 him?

Luke 12:45

  45 G1161 But and G1437 if G1565 that G1401 servant G2036 say [G5632]   G1722 in G846 his G2588 heart G3450 , My G2962 lord G5549 delayeth [G5719]   G2064 his coming [G5738]   G2532 ; and G756 shall begin [G5672]   G5180 to beat [G5721]   G3816 the menservants G2532 and G3814 maidens G5037 , and G2068 to eat [G5721]   G2532 and G4095 drink [G5721]   G2532 , and G3182 to be drunken [G5745]  ;

Luke 21:34

  34 G1161 And G4337 take heed [G5720]   G1438 to yourselves G3379 , lest at any time G5216 your G2588 hearts G925 be overcharged [G5686]   G1722 with G2897 surfeiting G2532 , and G3178 drunkenness G2532 , and G3308 cares G982 of this life G2532 , and G1565 so that G2250 day G2186 come [G5632]   G1909 upon G5209 you G160 unawares.

Acts 2:13-18

  13 G1161   G2087 Others G5512 mocking [G5723]   G3004 said [G5707]   G3754 , G1526 These men are [G5748]   G3325 full [G5772]   G1098 of new wine.
  14 G1161 But G4074 Peter G2476 , standing up [G5685]   G4862 with G1733 the eleven G1869 , lifted up [G5656]   G846 his G5456 voice G2532 , and G669 said [G5662]   G846 unto them G435 , Ye men G2453 of Judaea G2532 , and G537 all G2730 ye that dwell [G5723]   G2419 at Jerusalem G2077 , be [G5749]   G5124 this G1110 known G5213 unto you G2532 , and G1801 hearken [G5663]   G3450 to my G4487 words:
  15 G1063 For G3778 these G3184 are G3756 not G3184 drunken [G5719]   G5613 , as G5210 ye G5274 suppose [G5719]   G1063 , seeing G2076 it is [G5748]   G5154 but the third G5610 hour G2250 of the day.
  16 G235 But G5124 this G2076 is [G5748]   G2046 that which was spoken [G5772]   G1223 by G4396 the prophet G2493 Joel;
  17 G2532 And G2071 it shall come to pass [G5704]   G1722 in G2078 the last G2250 days G3004 , saith [G5719]   G2316 God G1632 , I will pour out [G5692]   G575 of G3450 my G4151 Spirit G1909 upon G3956 all G4561 flesh G2532 : and G5216 your G5207 sons G2532 and G5216 your G2364 daughters G4395 shall prophesy [G5692]   G2532 , and G5216 your G3495 young men G3700 shall see [G5695]   G3706 visions G2532 , and G5216 your G4245 old men G1798 shall dream G1797 dreams [G5701]  :
  18 G2532 And G1065   G1909 on G3450 my G1401 servants G2532 and G1909 on G3450 my G1399 handmaidens G1632 I will pour out [G5692]   G1722 in G1565 those G2250 days G575 of G3450 my G4151 Spirit G2532 ; and G4395 they shall prophesy [G5692]  :

Acts 11:24

  24 G3754 For G2258 he was [G5713]   G18 a good G435 man G2532 , and G4134 full G40 of the Holy G4151 Ghost G2532 and G4102 of faith G2532 : and G2425 much G3793 people G4369 was added [G5681]   G2962 unto the Lord.

Romans 13:13

  13 G4043 Let us walk [G5661]   G2156 honestly G5613 , as G1722 in G2250 the day G3361 ; not G2970 in rioting G2532 and G3178 drunkenness G3361 , not G2845 in chambering G2532 and G766 wantonness G3361 , not G2054 in strife G2532 and G2205 envying.

1 Corinthians 5:11

  11 G1161 But G3570 now G1125 I have written [G5656]   G5213 unto you G3361 not G4874 to keep company [G5733]   G1437 , if G5100 any man G3687 that is called [G5746]   G80 a brother G2228 be G4205 a fornicator G2228 , or G4123 covetous G2228 , or G1496 an idolater G2228 , or G3060 a railer G2228 , or G3183 a drunkard G2228 , or G727 an extortioner G5108 ; with such an one G3366 no not G4906 to eat [G5721]  .

1 Corinthians 6:10

  10 G3777 Nor G2812 thieves G3777 , nor G4123 covetous G3777 , nor G3183 drunkards G3756 , nor G3060 revilers G3756 , nor G727 extortioners G3756 , shall inherit G2816   [G5692]   G932 the kingdom G2316 of God.

1 Corinthians 11:21

  21 G1063 For G1722 in G5315 eating [G5629]   G1538 every one G4301 taketh before [G5719]   G2398 other his own G1173 supper G2532 : and G3739 one G3303   G3983 is hungry [G5719]   G1161 , and G3739 another G3184 is drunken [G5719]  .

Galatians 5:21-25

  21 G5355 Envyings G5408 , murders G3178 , drunkenness G2970 , revellings G2532 , and G5125 such G3664 like G3739 : of the which G4302 I tell G5213 you G4302 before [G5719]   G2531 , as G4277 I have G2532 also G4277 told you in time past [G5627]   G3754 , that G4238 they which do [G5723]   G5108 such things G2816 shall G3756 not G2816 inherit [G5692]   G932 the kingdom G2316 of God.
  22 G1161 But G2590 the fruit G4151 of the Spirit G2076 is [G5748]   G26 love G5479 , joy G1515 , peace G3115 , longsuffering G5544 , gentleness G19 , goodness G4102 , faith,
  23 G4236 Meekness G1466 , temperance G2596 : against G5108 such G2076 there is [G5748]   G3756 no G3551 law.
  24 G1161 And G3588 they that are G5547 Christ's G4717 have crucified [G5656]   G4561 the flesh G4862 with G3804 the affections G2532 and G1939 lusts.
  25 G1487 If G2198 we live [G5719]   G4151 in the Spirit G4748 , let us G2532 also G4748 walk [G5725]   G4151 in the Spirit.

1 Thessalonians 5:7

  7 G1063 For G2518 they that sleep [G5723]   G2518 sleep [G5719]   G3571 in the night G2532 ; and G3182 they that be drunken [G5746]   G3184 are drunken [G5719]   G3571 in the night.

Titus 1:6

  6 G1536 If any G2076 be [G5748]   G410 blameless G435 , the husband G3391 of one G1135 wife G2192 , having [G5723]   G4103 faithful G5043 children G3361 not G1722 accused G2724   G810 of riot G2228 or G506 unruly.

1 Peter 4:3-4

  3 G1063 For G5550 the time G3928 past [G5756]   G979 of our life G713 may suffice G2254 us G2716 to have wrought [G5664]   G2307 the will G1484 of the Gentiles G4198 , when we walked [G5768]   G1722 in G766 lasciviousness G1939 , lusts G3632 , excess of wine G2970 , revellings G4224 , banquetings G2532 , and G111 abominable G1495 idolatries:
  4 G1722 Wherein G3739   G3579 they think it strange [G5743]   G5216 that ye G4936 run [G5723]   G3361 not G1519 with them to G846 the same G401 excess G810 of riot G987 , speaking evil of [G5723]   you :

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