2 Samuel 10:9 Cross References - KJV_Strongs

  9 H3097 When Joab H7200 saw [H8799]   H6440 that the front H4421 of the battle H6440 was against him before H268 and behind H977 , he chose [H8799]   H977 of all the choice [H8803]   H3478 men of Israel H6186 , and put them in array [H8799]   H7125 against [H8800]   H758 the Syrians:

Joshua 8:21-22

  21 H3091 And when Joshua H3478 and all Israel H7200 saw [H8804]   H693 that the ambush [H8802]   H3920 had taken [H8804]   H5892 the city H6227 , and that the smoke H5892 of the city H5927 ascended [H8804]   H7725 , then they turned again [H8799]   H5221 , and slew [H8686]   H582 the men H5857 of Ai.
  22 H428 And the other H3318 issued out [H8804]   H5892 of the city H7125 against [H8800]   H8432 them; so they were in the midst H3478 of Israel H5221 , some on this side, and some on that side: and they smote [H8686]   H5704 them, so that H7604 they let [H8689]   H8300 none of them remain H6412 or escape.

Judges 20:42-43

  42 H6437 Therefore they turned [H8799]   H6440 their backs before H376 the men H3478 of Israel H1870 unto the way H4057 of the wilderness H4421 ; but the battle H1692 overtook [H8689]   H5892 them; and them which came out of the cities H7843 they destroyed [H8688]   H8432 in the midst of them.
  43 H3803 Thus they inclosed [H8765]   H1145 the Benjamites H3803 round about [H8765]   H7291 , and chased [H8689]   H1869 them, and trode them down [H8689]   H4496 with ease H5227 over against H1390 Gibeah H4217 toward the sunrising H8121  .

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