2 Chronicles 32:29 Cross References - KJV_Strongs

  29 H6213 Moreover he provided [H8804]   H5892 him cities H4735 , and possessions H6629 of flocks H1241 and herds H7230 in abundance H430 : for God H5414 had given [H8804]   H7399 him substance H3966 very H7227 much.

Genesis 13:2-6

  2 H87 And Abram H3966 was very H3513 rich [H8804]   H4735 in cattle H3701 , in silver H2091 , and in gold.
  3 H3212 And he went [H8799]   H4550 on his journeys H5045 from the south H1008 even to Bethel H4725 , unto the place H168 where his tent H1961 had been [H8804]   H8462 at the beginning H1008 , between Bethel H5857 and Hai;
  4 H4725 Unto the place H4196 of the altar H6213 , which he had made [H8804]   H7223 there at the first H87 : and there Abram H7121 called [H8799]   H8034 on the name H3068 of the LORD.
  5 H3876 And Lot H1980 also, which went [H8802]   H854 with H87 Abram H6629 , had flocks H1241 , and herds H168 , and tents.
  6 H776 And the land H5375 was not able to bear [H8804]   H3427 them, that they might dwell [H8800]   H3162 together H7399 : for their substance H7227 was great H3201 , so that they could [H8804]   H3427 not dwell [H8800]   H3162 together.

Deuteronomy 8:18

  18 H2142 But thou shalt remember [H8804]   H3068 the LORD H430 thy God H5414 : for it is he that giveth [H8802]   H3581 thee power H6213 to get [H8800]   H2428 wealth H6965 , that he may establish [H8687]   H1285 his covenant H7650 which he sware [H8738]   H1 unto thy fathers H3117 , as it is this day.

1 Samuel 2:7

  7 H3068 The LORD H3423 maketh poor [H8688]   H6238 , and maketh rich [H8688]   H8213 : he bringeth low [H8688]   H637 , and H7311 lifteth up [H8789]  .

1 Chronicles 27:29-31

  29 H1241 And over the herds H7462 that fed [H8802]   H8289 in Sharon H7861 was Shitrai H8290 the Sharonite H1241 : and over the herds H6010 that were in the valleys H8202 was Shaphat H1121 the son H5724 of Adlai:
  30 H1581 Over the camels H179 also was Obil H3459 the Ishmaelite H860 : and over the asses H3165 was Jehdeiah H4824 the Meronothite:
  31 H6629 And over the flocks H3151 was Jaziz H1905 the Hagerite H8269 . All these were the rulers H7399 of the substance H4428 which was king H1732 David's.

1 Chronicles 29:12

  12 H6239 Both riches H3519 and honour H6440 come of thee H4910 , and thou reignest [H8802]   H3027 over all; and in thine hand H3581 is power H1369 and might H3027 ; and in thine hand H1431 it is to make great [H8763]   H2388 , and to give strength [H8763]   unto all.

2 Chronicles 25:9

  9 H558 And Amaziah H559 said [H8799]   H376 to the man H430 of God H6213 , But what shall we do [H8800]   H3967 for the hundred H3603 talents H5414 which I have given [H8804]   H1416 to the army H3478 of Israel H376 ? And the man H430 of God H559 answered [H8799]   H3068 , The LORD H3426 is H5414 able to give [H8800]   H7235 thee much more [H8687]   than this.

2 Chronicles 26:10

  10 H1129 Also he built [H8799]   H4026 towers H4057 in the desert H2672 , and digged [H8799]   H7227 many H953 wells H7227 : for he had much H4735 cattle H8219 , both in the low country H4334 , and in the plains H406 : husbandmen H3755 also, and vine dressers H2022 in the mountains H3760 , and in Carmel H157 : for he loved [H8802]   H127 husbandry.

Job 1:3

  3 H4735 His substance H7651 also was seven H505 thousand H6629 sheep H7969 , and three H505 thousand H1581 camels H2568 , and five H3967 hundred H6776 yoke H1241 of oxen H2568 , and five H3967 hundred H860 she asses H3966 , and a very H7227 great H5657 household H376 ; so that this man H1419 was the greatest H1121 of all the men H6924 of the east.

Job 1:9

  9 H7854 Then Satan H6030 answered [H8799]   H3068 the LORD H559 , and said [H8799]   H347 , Doth Job H3372 fear [H8804]   H430 God H2600 for nought?

Job 42:12

  12 H3068 So the LORD H1288 blessed [H8765]   H319 the latter end H347 of Job H7225 more than his beginning H702 : for he had fourteen H6240   H505 thousand H6629 sheep H8337 , and six H505 thousand H1581 camels H505 , and a thousand H6776 yoke H1241 of oxen H505 , and a thousand H860 she asses.

Proverbs 10:22

  22 H1293 The blessing H3068 of the LORD H6238 , it maketh rich [H8686]   H3254 , and he addeth [H8686]   H6089 no sorrow with it.

1 Timothy 6:17-18

  17 G3853 Charge [G5720]   G4145 them that are rich G1722 in G3568 this G165 world G5309 , that they be G3361 not G5309 highminded [G5721]   G3366 , nor G1679 trust [G5760]   G1909 in G83 uncertain G4149 riches G235 , but G1722 in G2198 the living [G5723]   G2316 God G3588 , who G3930 giveth [G5723]   G2254 us G4146 richly G3956 all things G1519 to G619 enjoy;
  18 G14 That they do good [G5721]   G4147 , that they be rich [G5721]   G1722 in G2570 good G2041 works G1511 , ready to distribute [G5750]   G2130   G2843 , willing to communicate;

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