Romans 1:19 Cross References - JMNT

19 simply because the thing experientially known (or: personally knowable; able to be gained by insight) pertaining to God (or: from, and which has its origin in, God; which is God) is continuously made visible (made apparent; manifested by light) within (or: among) them, for God at one point made (or: makes) it visible (manifests it) to them (or: for them; in them; by them; among them).

John 1:9

9 It was (or: He was, and continued being) the True and Genuine Light which (or: Who) is continuously (repeatedly; progressively) enlightening (giving light to) every person (or: human) continuously (repeatedly; progressively; constantly; one after another) coming into the world (or: the ordered system of culture, religion, economics and government; or: the universe) (or: It was the real Light, progressively coming into the world {organized system}, which is progressively enlightening {or: shedding light on} every human).

Acts 14:16-17

16 "Who, within the generations having gone by, permitted (let; allowed) all the ethnic groups (nations; non-Jewish multitudes) to continue going in their ways (or: to progressively travel on their paths), 17 "although He did not leave (or: abandon; neglect; let go from His care and attendance of) Himself without evidence (= proof; or: testimony; or: a witness) by repeatedly doing good works (or: produced benevolent deeds): regularly giving to (or: for) you people rains from heaven (or: [the] sky), and thus fruit-bearing seasons, constantly filling the core of your beings full of food (or: nourishment) and your hearts with gladness and a frame of mind (or: disposition) characterized by ease and well-being in the midst of togetherness."

Acts 17:23-30

23 "for while passing through, and then continuing in contemplation during carefully observing one after another of your religious objects (items of reverence; effects of veneration, devotion and worship), I also found an elevated spot within which it had been inscribed, 'To (or: For) an Unknown (or: Unknowable) God.' To Whom then, while continuing ignorant, you make it a habit to give reverent worship and dutiful support, this One am I myself presently announcing (bringing down a clear proclamation of) to you folks (or: Therefore, to what you people continue unknowingly giving godly devotion, this same One do I myself continue publishing among you). 24 "The God making (forming and constructing; producing) the ordered system and arrangement of the universe, and all the things within it – this One continuously being from the start: Lord of heaven and of earth (or: this Owner and Master, repeatedly and progressively being the subsisting and originating source, the under-beginning, of sky and land) – is not now (or: habitually) taking up residence within handmade shrines, sanctuaries or temples! 25 "Neither is He continuously provided for, attended or habitually served by human hands – as constantly being in want, or having a need of something – He Himself being the One constantly giving to all people (or: all things) life and breath and all things (or: everything; the whole [universe])! 26 "Besides this, He made (formed; or: constructs; or: produced) from out of one [man, or, source; D and other MSS add: blood] every ethnic group of mankind, to continue dwelling (or: to be repeatedly residing) upon all [the] face of the earth (or: land) – while setting a boundary for (or: defining; determining; specifying) [the] seasons and fitting situations (or: fertile moments and opportunities) which have been set and arranged with [predetermined] aspects (or: facing toward [specific purposes]), as well as [the] limits and bounds of their dwelling place (residence; habitat) – 27 " [D adds: most of all] to be continuously seeking God [D reads: the Deity], since really, in fact, they could feel about and grope, and then at some point might (or: possibly) find Him! And, to be sure, [He] is continuously being an Originator (or: He is constantly subsisting, being inherently [the] Under-beginner) not far away (or: a long distance) from each one of us! 28 "For you see, within the midst of and in union with Him we continuously live (or, as a subjunctive: could be constantly living), and are constantly moved about and put into motion, and continue existing (experiencing Being). Even as certain of the poets down among you people have said, 'You see, we are also a family of the One (or: we even continuously exist being a race whose source is the One; or: we also are His species and offspring; we are even a family which is composed of the One and which is the One).' 29 "Therefore, continuously and inherently subsisting from under a beginning, being God's family (a species of God; a race whose source is God; [the] kind of being having the qualities and characteristics of God; [the] offspring birthed from God), we continue indebted (or: we ought) not to from custom be habitually presuming or inferring the Deity (or: the Divine Nature) to be like gold or silver or stone – a result of engraved or sculpted work of art or craftsmanship, or even of human inner rush of emotion, passion or sentiment. 30 "Indeed then, upon looking over, seeing above and perceiving on behalf of [D reads: taking no notice of] the times of this ignorance, in regard to the present conditions and situations, God is presently and progressively passing along [other MSS: bringing back] this announcement to mankind (or: for humanity): all people (or: every human) everywhere are (or: is) to be progressively changing [their] thinking and continue with a changed mindset!

Romans 1:20

20 For you see, from [the] creation (framing; founding of order out of chaos; settling) of [the] ordered System (cosmos; universe; or: world of culture, religion and government) His invisible things (unseen [qualities and attributes]) – both His imperceptible (unobservable, but effecting-all) power, ability and capacity, as well as divinity (Godship; God-state) – are habitually seen down the line (or: are normally correspondingly perceived), being continually apprehended (grasped by the mind; mentally conceived) in the results and by the effects of things which are made or done, in order for them to be continuously defenseless (without an excuse),

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