Romans 1:18 Cross References - JMNT

18 You see, God’s personal emotion (or: inherent fervor; mental bent; natural impulse; teeming desire and swelling passion; temperament; disposition; or: anger; wrath) is continuously and progressively being unveiled (revealed; disclosed) from heaven upon every irreverence (lack of awe or absence of pious fear; disrespect) and injustice (wrong; unrighteousness; situation or act contrary to the Way pointed out) of mankind (or: that arises from humans) – the folks continuously holding down (restraining; stopping while possessing) the Truth (or: reality) in the sphere of (or: within the midst of) injustice (unrighteousness; that which is not right; unfairness and inequality) –

Luke 12:46-47

46 "the owner (lord; master) of that slave will proceed in arriving on a day in which he continues not anticipating or suspecting [it], and in an hour in which he continues having no personal knowledge [of it]. Then he will proceed to cut him in two (figurative: = severely punish him; perhaps: = sever him from his position after lashing him with a whip) and next will proceed putting his part (or: setting his position) with the unfaithful and unreliable [slaves]. 47 "Now that slave who by experience is knowing and personally understanding his owner's (his lord's; his master's) will and intent – and yet is not preparing (or: making ready) or performing with an aim toward his [owner's] will or intent – will proceed in being flayed (severely whipped) [with] many lashes.

John 3:19-21

19 "Now this continues being the (or: So there continues being the same) process of the sifting, the separation and the decision (the evaluation; the judging), because the Light has come (or: has gone) into the world (the aggregate of humanity; the ordered system and arrangement of religion, culture and government; or: the system of control and regulation), and yet the humans love the darkness (or: the men [= the leadership] love the dimness of obscurity and gloom; or: mankind loved the shadow-realm) rather than the Light, for their works (deeds; actions) were continuing to be bad ones (unsound ones; wicked ones; laborious ones; toilsome ones that created bad news; wrongful ones), 20 "for everyone [who is] habitually practicing (or: performing) worthless things (base, mean, common, careless, cheap, slight, paltry, sorry, vile things or refuse) is continuously hating (regarding with ill-will) the light, and is not coming (or: going) to the light (or: the Light), so that his works (deeds; actions) may not be tested and put to the proof (and thus, exposed and perhaps reproved). 21 "Yet the one habitually doing the truth (constantly constructing the real; repeatedly making the genuine) is constantly coming (or: going; moving) toward the light (or: the Light), so that his works (deeds; actions) may be set in clear light and manifested, because they exist being ones having been worked and accomplished (or: performed as deeds) within God (or: that it is within God [that they are] ones having been acted out)."

Acts 24:24-25

24 So after some days, Felix, happening by with Drusilla his wife – [she] being a Jewess, sent for Paul and then heard from him about the faith, trust and loyalty [being placed] into Christ Jesus (or: [the] Anointed Jesus; = Jesus the Messiah). 25 Yet during his dialoging and discoursing about fairness and equity (rightwised behavior and right relationships within the Way pointed out; also: = covenant inclusion and participation), inner strength and self-control, and then the impending effect of judgment (separation which is about to result in a decision), Felix – coming to be alarmed with inner fear – gave a decided response: "For the present, be now going your way while continuing to hold this [subject]. Now then, upon getting a fitting opportunity with [you], I will keep on calling for you,"

Romans 1:19

19 simply because the thing experientially known (or: personally knowable; able to be gained by insight) pertaining to God (or: from, and which has its origin in, God; which is God) is continuously made visible (made apparent; manifested by light) within (or: among) them, for God at one point made (or: makes) it visible (manifests it) to them (or: for them; in them; by them; among them).

Romans 1:28

28 And then, correspondingly as they did not (or: to the same degree as they do not) put God to the proof and so approve [Him] as fit and suitable, to be continuously holding [Him] within full experiential knowledge (or: having [Him] in union with added intimate insight; or: possessing [Him] in recognition and acknowledgment), God gave them over (hands or delivers them) into a mind which fails to meet the test (a disqualified mind) to continuously do (practice; make) things that consistently are not fitting (not reaching the proper level),

Romans 1:32

32 those who, fully knowing by experience (being fully aware of) the effect of God’s justice (or: the result of God's fairness and equity; or: the result of what is right, from the way pointed out, which is God; or: God's decree of the Way pointed out) – that those continually performing (committing; executing) such things are folks deserving (worthy; of equivalent value) of death – not only keep on doing the same things, but also are constantly mutually approving, taking pleasure in and consenting with those habitually performing (or: committing; practicing) them.

Romans 2:3

3 Yet you continue logically thinking (reckoning; counting on) this, O human – the one continuously judging those who are normally performing or committing such things, and yet are also a person habitually doing the same things – that you will proceed in making an escape out of the result of God’s judgment (the effect of a decision from God)?

Romans 2:15-23

15 which very ones continuously display (exhibit; show outward proof by demonstration) the work of the Law (or: action and conduct of that law and principle) written within their hearts, their conscience (the knowing with themselves; awareness; integrated recognition from what has been seen) continually bearing joint-testimony (giving confirming witness and evidence, together), and, in between each other’s calculations (or: logical thoughts), also constantly accusing (speaking down [against] in the assembly) or defending themselves (or: and in the mean time one another’s reasonings and reckonings constantly accusing, or even repeatedly excusing themselves), 16 within a day, when God is presently judging (or: continues deciding and is progressively separating off and evaluating; [some MSS: in which day God will continue judging]) hidden things of humanity (or: concealed things pertaining to people) – commensurate with my good news (or: according to and following the pattern of my message of goodness, ease and well-being) – through Jesus Christ [with other MSS: by means of Jesus [the] Anointed [= Messiah]). 17 So since (or: But if; [other MSS: Consider this,]) you yourself are habitually calling (naming; classifying) yourself a Jew and are continuing to rest (lean back) upon [the] Law (= Torah), and are even from time to time boasting (expressing pride) in God, 18 and you are progressively knowing the Will by personal experience and insight, and are constantly testing in order to prove (or: approve) the things that habitually carry through (i.e., the essential things which matter and are different in that they are of greater value), while being a person regularly undergoing oral instruction from out of the Law (= Torah), 19 [and] likewise (or: besides) you have confidence in yourself (or: you have persuaded yourself) to be a guide or an escort of blind folks on the way or in the path; a light within [the] darkness (obscurity of the shadow areas; dimness of the gloom), 20. a trainer (instructor; corrector; discipliner; educator) of senseless ones (folks without will, heart or guts; imprudent ones; foolish ones); a teacher of infants (ones not yet able to speak), while habitually having (or: holding) the outward form (rough sketch; outline; framework; semblance) of the experiential knowledge and of the truth (or: reality) within, or in union with, the Law (= Torah)...

Romans 2:21-23

21 You then, the one habitually teaching another (a different one), are not habitually teaching yourself! You, the one constantly preaching (proclaiming; heralding), “Do not steal,” are habitually stealing! 22 The person continually saying not to be committing adultery, you are habitually committing adultery! You, the one repeatedly detesting idols (responding to forms, shapes or concepts as an abomination, as something that is foul and stinks), are in the habit of robbing temples (despoiling or profaning the sanctuary)! [note: vss. 21-22 can also be rendered as questions] 23 You who are boasting in law (or: [the] Law [= Torah]; or: a law), through the transgression of (stepping across the line of; stepping to the side of; deviating from) the Law, you are constantly dishonoring (devaluing) God,

Romans 4:15

15 For you see, the Law is by labor constantly effecting personal emotion from intrinsic fervor or natural propensity (or: is working-down anger and wrath; is producing indignation; is fully accomplishing a teeming, passionate impulse or a disposition of desire). Yet (or: Now) where no law is existing (or: where there is no custom), neither [is there] a stepping to the side (a transgression; a violation; a breach).

Romans 5:6

6 For during our yet existing [as] weak folks and continuing in being without strength (or: [B reads: Since in fact] when we were infirm, and thus helpless), Christ, still corresponding to and in accord with [the] appointed season (or: down from a kairos; in the sphere of and down into the level of a fitting situation; in line with a fertile moment), died for the sake of the ungodly and irreverent (or: died over [the situation of] and on behalf of those without awe of God).

Romans 5:9

9 Much more, then – being now (at the present time) rightwised (turned in the right direction, placed in right relationships of solidarity and made fair within the Way pointed out; or: justified and made free from guilt; = placed in covenant) within His blood (or: in union with the blood from, and which is, Him) – through Him we will continue being rescued (saved; delivered; made healthy and whole; returned to our original state and condition; kept safe), away from the [conditions or situations of] personal emotion (inherent fervor; natural mental bent or disposition; teeming passion and swelling desire; or: [our] anger and [human] wrath).

Romans 6:13

13 Also stop constantly placing your members (or: body parts) alongside (providing and presenting them) [as] tools (or: instruments) of injustice (disregard for what is right; activities discordant to the Way pointed out); but rather, you folks at once place yourselves alongside for disposal to God (or: stand yourselves with God, at [His] side; by and in God, present yourselves; set yourselves alongside [each other], for God) as it were being folks continually alive forth from out of the midst of dead ones, and your members [as] tools (instruments) of fair and equitable dealing in the Way pointed out in and by God (of justice and solidarity, for God; of being turned in the right direction, to God; of rightwised covenant relationships with God),

Ephesians 5:6

6 Let no one keep on deceiving (or: seducing) you by empty words (or: messages; reasons; thoughts; ideas), for because of these things, God's inherent fervor (natural impulse and disposition; intrinsic teeming desire and swelling passion; or: anger; indignation) is continuously coming upon [note: cf John 3:36] the sons of The Disobedience (the incompliance; or: = folks having the quality of not being convinced or being disobedient and stubborn).

Colossians 3:6

6because of which things God's inherent fervor (natural impulse and propensity; internal swelling and teeming passion of desire; or: anger; wrath) is repeatedly (or: continuously; progressively) coming [other MSS add: upon the sons of The Disobedience (or: those having the condition of being unpersuaded; or: the stubbornness); note: “the disobedience” could refer to Adam and Eve eating from the tree, and thus, the “sons of the disobedience” could refer to all of mankind] –

2 Thessalonians 2:10

10 and within every deception (delusion; seduction) of the injustice (wrong; thing that is not the way pointed out and which is not right) within the folks continuously or repeatedly being lost (or: by the folks progressively destroying themselves) in return for which (or: in the place of which) they do (or: did) not take unto themselves and welcomely receive the love of, and from, the truth (or: Truth's love; the Love which is Truth and Reality; or: an appreciation of and affection for reality), into the [situation for] them at some point to be suddenly delivered (restored to health and wholeness; rescued; saved; restored to the original state and condition).

1 Timothy 4:1-2

1 Now the Spirit (or: Breath-effect) is explicitly saying that within subsequent seasons (in fitting situations and on appropriate occasions which will be afterwards) some of the faith (or: certain folks belonging to this trust) will proceed standing off and away [from the Path, or from the Community] (or: some people will progressively withdraw from this conviction and loyalty), habitually holding toward (having a propensity to) wandering and deceptive spirits (or: straying and seducing breath-effects and attitudes) and to teachings of demons (to teachings about and pertaining to, or which are, demons [note: a Hellenistic concept and term: = animistic influences]; or: to instructions and training which come from animistic influences [= pagan religions]), [comment: this prophesied about the future institutionalization of the called-out community, and the introduction of pagan teachings, all of which later came to be called "orthodox"] 2 within perverse scholarship of false words (or: in association with overly critical hairsplitting of false messages; in the midst of gradually separated interpretations of false expressions; or: in union with deceptive decisions by speakers of lies), from folks having their own consciences cauterized (seared; branded) as with a hot iron,

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