Philippians 1:1 Cross References - JMNT

1 Paul and Timothy, slaves of Christ Jesus for (or: to) all the set-apart folks (the holy ones; the saints) within and in union with Christ Jesus, to those being in Philippi, together with care-givers (folks keeping a watchful eye upon [people and situations]; those noting and being concerned for others; overseers) and attending servants:

Mark 13:34

34 "[It is] like a person (human), a traveler (one who journeys away from home and country), leaving his home and giving the authority to his slaves – to each one his work – and imparts a directed goal in the gatekeeper (or: to the doorkeeper; for the person in charge of the entry) that he should be constantly watchful and alert.

John 12:26

26 "If anyone would habitually give attending service (raise dust throughout in hastening to provide for material needs) to Me, let him habitually and progressively follow with Me, and then where I Myself am, there My attending servant will also be (exist; have his or her being). If anyone would habitually give attending service to Me and provide for Me, the Father will value and honor him.

Acts 1:20

20 "You see," [continued Peter], "it has been (or: it stands) written within [the] Book (or: scroll) of Psalms, 'Let his encampment (unroofed place where he spends the night; or: sheepfold; unwalled village; homestead) at once come to be desolate (abandoned and lonely; a desert), and let there not continue being the permanent resident with it,' [Ps. 69:25] also, 'Let a different person take (or: receive) his function of visitation and supervision (or: of keeping an eye fixed on a distant object or goal; of a watcher who takes note of a situation and provides care).' [Ps. 109:8]

Acts 6:1-7

1 Now in these days, during a progressive multiplying (= increasing the number) of the disciples (students; learners; apprentices), a discontented muttering of grumbling and complaints occurred (was birthed) from the Hellenists (Greek-speaking Jews, and/or, folks of the Hellenistic culture) aimed toward the Hebrews (the Hebrew-speaking folks, and/or folks living in accord with the Jewish culture) because their widows kept on being overlooked (= neglected and disregarded) in the daily attending service of dispensing hospitality and serving meals. 2 So the twelve, after summoning the full multitude of the disciples (students) to themselves, said to them, "It is not acceptable (satisfactory; approvable) [for] us to be constantly serving [food] at tables (also: = supervising the distribution of supplies), thus neglecting (or: completely abandoning; leaving down) the Word of God (or: the Word which is God; the Word coming from God)! 3 "Thus, brothers (= fellow believers and member of the community), look about carefully upon and inspect so as to select from your [ranks] seven adult men [who are] constantly being attested and certified by witnesses [to be] full of Breath-effect (or: [the] Spirit; Attitude) and of wisdom, whom we will proceed situating (setting or placing down) upon this need. 4 "Yet we ourselves will continue enduring strongly focused on and loyally persist in the thought, speaking and action aimed at having goodness, ease and well-being (or: with prayer) and the attending service of the Word (and: the dispensing pertaining to the Idea and from the Message which originates in the Logos)." 5 And the idea (word; thought) brought satisfaction in the eyes (in the sight; = in the judgment and view) of all the full multitude, and so they selected (picked out; chose) Stephen, an adult man full of trust (and: faith; or: trustworthiness) and set-apart Breath-effect (or: Holy Spirit; or: a consecrated attitude), as well as Philip, Prochorus, Nikanor, Timon, Parmenas, and Nicolas, a proselyte of Antioch, 6 whom they made stand before the sent-forth folks. Then, while envisioning goodness and speaking well-being (or: praying), they placed [their] hands on them. 7 And so the Word of God (or: God's thought, idea, message and Logos) kept on progressively growing and increasing (also: = God's Reason was spreading out like a growing Vine), and thus the number of disciples (students; learners; apprentices) continued tremendously multiplying (= increasing in number) within Jerusalem. Furthermore, a vast throng of the priests [note: these would have been Sadducees] kept on submissively listening to and hearing (thus: paying attention to and obeying) the Faith [note: noun with the article, thus this would signify trust and belief in the resurrected Jesus as the Christ – the message of faith that was then being proclaimed].

Acts 9:13

13 But Ananias discerningly answered, "O Lord! I hear (or: heard) from many people about this adult man... how many vile and bad (worthless and evil; ugly and malicious) things he did to Your set-apart folks (Your saints) in Jerusalem!

Acts 16:1-3

1 So [with D: after going through these ethnic (= non-Jewish) countries,] he came down into, and arrived at, Derbe, and then at Lystra – and now consider this! – a certain disciple (student; apprentice) was there, named Timothy – [the] son of a faithful (loyal; trusting; believing) Jewish woman, yet of a Greek father – 2 who was constantly being attested (or: repeatedly witnessed of, well reported on and recommended) by the brothers (= fellow believers) in Lystra and Iconium. 3 [It was] this man [that] Paul had wanted and now intended to go out with him, and so after taking [him], he circumcised him because of the Jews – the ones presently being in those places – since they had all seen, and were thus aware, that his father was (or: had been) a Greek.

Acts 16:12-15

12 and from there unto Philippi, a colony which is a foremost city of [that] part of Macedonia. Now we were within this city, continuing to spend time, for some days. 13 And then, on one of the sabbath days, we went forth outside the [city] gate beside [the] river [Gangites (or: Gargites); about one mile west of town] where we had been supposing (or: inferring from custom) there to be a place of prayer (may = a synagogue; a place devoted to imparting goodness and to speaking toward things being well). And so, after sitting down, we [note: implies each of the four men] began speaking to the women being come together [there]. 14 Then a certain woman named Lydia – a seller (or: dealer) of purple fabrics, from the city of Thyatira, [and she was] a woman who stood in awe of God [D* reads: the Lord {= Yahweh, or, Christ}; note: = a convert to Judaism, or, a "God-fearer;" the word was also used to designate a group (including males and females) separate from proselytes and native Jews, yet enrolled as members of a synagogue] – began hearing and continued listening, whose heart (core of her being) the Lord [= Yahweh, or, Christ] at once completely opened up (or: opened back wide) to continue holding to, attentively accepting and being devoted to the things being presently and progressively spoken by (or: under) Paul. 15 Now as soon as she had been immersed (or: baptized) – along with [D adds: all] her household – she at once called [them] to her side, saying with entreaty, "Since (or: If) you men have sifted and separated me, then decided (judged) me to be trusting in the Lord (or: faithful to the Lord; full of faith by the Lord [= Christ or Yahweh; D reads: God]), upon entering into my house, continue remaining (abiding; dwelling)." And thus she strongly urged us [to accept her hospitality].

Acts 20:28

28 "Continue holding focused toward and taking attentive care – to and for yourselves, as well as for all the little flock among whom the Set-apart Breath-effect Itself (or: the Holy Spirit Himself) set you folks [as] ones who look around over people for their welfare and oversee situations – to be continuously (or: habitually) acting as shepherds of God's [other MSS: {the} Lord's {= Christ's or Yahweh's}] called-out community which He built as a surrounding for Himself (or: made to encompass Himself), through (or: by means of) His own blood.

Romans 1:1

1 Paul, Jesus Christ’s slave (or: a slave servant of and from [the] Anointed One, Jesus; a slave belonging to Jesus [the] Anointed [= Messiah]), a called person, one sent forth with a mission (or: an ambassador or emissary by invitation), being one having been marked off by boundaries (parted away and determined by bounds; separated away and limited off; delineated; defined) unto God’s good news (or: into a message of goodness and well-being which is God),

Romans 1:7

7 to (or: for) all those being in Rome: God’s loved ones (folks dearly loved of God), set-apart (holy) called ones, joyous grace and peace to you (or: favor and harmony [= shalom] [are] in and with you) from God, our Father and Lord, Jesus Christ (or: from our Father God, and [the] Master, Jesus Christ; or: from God our Father, even [the] Owner – [the] Anointed Jesus).

1 Corinthians 1:1-2

1 Paul, a called (or: invited) one – one sent forth with a mission (an emissary; a representative) of, and from, Jesus Christ [with other MSS: Christ Jesus' ambassador] through God's will (purpose; intent) – and Sosthenes, the brother (= fellow believer), 2 to God's called-out community (or: summoned-forth group that has God as its source, and which belongs to God), the one being within Corinth; to those having been set-apart within Christ Jesus (or: made holy, sacred, different from the normal and sanctified, in union with [the] Anointing of Jesus); to called (or: invited) folks [and] to set-apart people (holy ones; saints; sanctified folks; sacred ones) – together with all those in every place constantly calling upon the Name of our Lord [note: the phrase applied to Yahweh in Gen. 12:8; Zech. 13:9], Jesus Christ – their [Lord] as well as ours:

1 Corinthians 16:10

10 Now if Timothy can (or: may; should) come, be constantly seeing [to it] that he should come to be fearless toward you folks, for he continues actively working (or: performing as a worker on/in) the Lord's [= Christ's or Yahweh's] work (deed; action), as I also [do].

2 Corinthians 1:1

1 Paul, one sent off as a representative from Jesus Christ (or: an emissary of Jesus [the Messiah]; an envoy of [the] Anointed Jesus) through the effect of God's will and purpose, and Timothy, the brother. To God's called-out community – the one being (existing) within the midst of Corinth – together with all those set apart (the holy ones; the saints or sacred people) being (existing) within [the] whole [region of] Achaia:

Ephesians 1:1

1 Paul, a sent-forth person belonging to Jesus Christ (or: an emissary from, and a representative pertaining to, Jesus, [the] Anointed One [= Messiah]) through and by means of God's will (resolve; determined purpose; resultant choice), to all those who continue being set-apart folks (or: holy ones; saints) [other MSS add: within Ephesus], as well as to believing folks (or: trusting and loyal people) within, in union with and centered in Christ Jesus:

Ephesians 1:15

15 On account of this, I also, on listening to (or: after hearing) along with and in accord with you folks (or: in the same sphere as you; down from you; on the same level with you people) the faith resident within the midst of the Lord Jesus (or: the trust centered in the Owner, Jesus; the loyalty based on union with the Master, Jesus), as well as the love and unrestricted acceptance [being dispersed] unto all the folks set apart (holy ones; saints),

Colossians 1:1-2

1 Paul, one sent with a mission pertaining to Christ Jesus (or: an envoy of [the] Anointed Jesus; an emissary who has his origin in Christ Jesus) through God's will, and Timothy, the brother (or: = fellow believer; or: the brother Timothy), 2 To the set-apart folks (the holy ones; the sacredly different people) within Colossae – even to ones full of faith (or: to faithful and trusting people) – to [the] brothers within Christ (or: and to loyal fellow believers [who are] in union with [the] Anointed [other MSS add: Jesus]): Grace and joyous favor (or: The act that produces happiness, which was granted [to all] as a favor), as well as peace and harmony [= shalom], to you folks from God our Father [other MSS read: from God, our Father and Lord, Jesus Christ].

1 Thessalonians 1:1

1 Paul, Silvanus (or: = Silas; D reads: Silbanos), and Timothy, to the called-out community of the Thessalonians within, and in union with, God our Father, even (or: and) [the] Lord Jesus Christ: grace and peace (or: joyous favor and harmony with the absence of conflict; = shalom [peace and prosperity]) to you [other MSS add: from God, our Father and Lord, Jesus Christ (or: God our Father, and {the} Owner, Jesus {the} Anointed)].

1 Thessalonians 2:2

2 but rather, after previously experiencing ill treatment and being outraged (subjected to insolent, riotous, or insulting behavior) in Philippi, according as you are aware, we spoke freely and boldly – publicly, as is the right of citizens – within, and in union with, our God, [proceeding at once] to utter God's message of goodness (or: the good news from God; the message of ease and well-being, which is God) toward you in the midst of much striving (conflict; arguing; or: within a large stadium or racecourse; or: in much agony of struggle).

2 Thessalonians 1:1

1 Paul, Silvanus (or: Silas), and Timothy, to the called-out community of [the] Thessalonians within God our Father, even (or: and) [the] Lord (or: in union with God, our Father and Lord), Jesus Christ:

2 Thessalonians 1:10

10 whenever He may come and go, to be made glorious within (to be glorified in union with; to have a reputation within) His set-apart folks (holy and sacred people), and to be wondered at (marveled at; admired) within all the folks believing in that day, seeing that our testimony (or: evidence), [being placed] on you, was believed (received with faith) and is trusted.

1 Timothy 1:2

2 to Timothy, a genuine child (a legitimate born-one) within the midst of faith (or: in union with trust): Grace and favor, mercy and compassion [together with] peace and harmony [= shalom], from God, our Father, even (and) Christ Jesus, our Lord (Owner; Master).

1 Timothy 3:1-2

1 If anyone is habitually stretching himself in reaching out toward a distant object upon which the eye is fixed, he is by habit craving a beautiful deed (or: If anyone continues reaching after visitation for inspection and tender guardianship, he fully desires a fine action; If anyone stretches out in reaching for the duties of looking around upon things {duties of one who watches upon, or oversees}, he completely desires ideal work). 2 It is therefore binding upon (necessary for) the person fixing his eye upon a distant object (or: the one doing visitation for inspection and tender guardianship; the one watching upon or overseeing) to be someone not to be laid hold of (thus: one in whom is no just cause for blame), a husband of one wife (or: an adult male in relationship to one woman), sober (unintoxicated; clear-headed; moderate in habits), sound in mind (sensible), have his world ordered and arranged (or: systematic, proper, descent and decorous), be fond of strangers (or: hospitable), skillful and qualified to teach,

1 Timothy 3:8

8 Attending servants, similarly, [should be] serious (dignified with gravity) – not double-talking (or: speaking with double meanings; or: divided in thought or reason), neither [being] folks having a propensity toward much wine, nor people eager for dishonorable (deformed or ugly; = dishonest) gain –

1 Timothy 3:10-13

10 And so, let these folks also be first put through a process of examination, testing and proving. Thereafter, let them be regularly giving supporting service [to the community], being folks that have not been called up before a judge (or: free from accusation; unimpeachable). 11 Women (or: Wives) [of the community], similarly, [should be] serious (dignified with majestic gravity, inspiring awe), not devils (or: adversaries; women who thrust things through folks), sober (unintoxicated; clear-headed; moderate in habits), full of faith and trust (or: faithful; trustworthy; loyal) in all things. 12 Let those giving supporting service be adult males having a relationship with one woman (or: husbands of one wife), habitually placing themselves in front of their children, as well as their own households, to beautifully (or: finely; ideally) lead, protect and provide [for them]. 13 You see, those giving supporting service in a beautiful and ideal manner continue in (or: by; for; among) themselves building around themselves a beautiful (fine; excellent; ideal) circular staircase (that which enables folks to step up to a higher place) and much freedom of speech (confident outspokenness and boldness which is the right of citizens) resident within faith, trust and loyalty – that which is resident within, and in union with, Christ Jesus.

Titus 1:1

1 Paul, God's slave (a slave of God; one bound to, subjected under and owned by God), yet one sent away with a commission (as an emissary, envoy or ambassador) from, pertaining to and belonging to Jesus Christ (or: a representative of Jesus [the] Anointed), with a view to and corresponding to [the] faith of God's chosen folks (or: in line with a trust and loyalty possessed by and characteristic of God's selected and picked-out ones) and the full, accurate and precise intimate knowledge and experiential insight of Truth and Reality – the [truth and reality] corresponding to and in accord with reverence (or: down from goodness which produces virtuous conduct with devoutness, and in line with ease from a true relation to God)

Titus 1:7

7 – for you see, it continues binding and necessary for the person who sets his eyes upon the distant goal, having a full-scope view, and successfully hits the target (or: the one who surveys, inspects and watches upon; the scout; the tender guardian who oversees with attentive care) to continue being one [that is] not normally called up, or arraigned, before a judge (= to habitually exist being one free from reproach). As God's house administrator (house manager; house dispenser and distributor; estate steward), [he should] not [be] one who pleases himself (or: gives himself to pleasure): not impulsive (prone to passion, irritation or anger; not ruled by his own mental bent, disposition or propensities; not one teeming with internal swelling or motion), not addicted to wine (or: beside himself with wine; = not a drunk), not quarrelsome and apt to strike another, not one eager for dishonorable, deformed or ugly gain.

Hebrews 13:23

23 Know (or: Take note and be personally aware) [that] our brother Timothy, has been released, with whom, if he may more quickly be going (or: coming), I will see you.

James 1:1

1 Jacob (or: James) a slave belonging to God and to [the] Lord, Jesus Christ (or: a slave pertaining to God, even in fact, really, to [the] Lord and Owner [or, perhaps: = Yahweh], Jesus Christ), to the twelve tribes (or: sprouts and branches which sprang forth) who are to be constantly rejoicing within the scattering (or: which are within the midst of the dispersion [= the planting], "To constant joy and gladness!").

1 Peter 2:25

25 For you folks were continuing to be "like sheep, being habitually caused to wander (being led astray; or, as a middle: people constantly wandering away), " [Isa. 53:6] but now in contrast, "you are (or: were) turned around and made to return, upon" [the will of; the herding of] the Shepherd and Overseer of (Supervisor of; the One who watches over) your souls (your inner beings).

2 Peter 1:1

1 Simon Peter, a slave and sent-off representative (or: emissary) of Jesus Christ, to (or: for) the folks obtaining by lot an equally valuable (precious; honorable) faith, conviction, trust and loyalty, along with us, within the midst of and in union with fair and equitable treatment, as well as with rightwised relationships (= covenant membership), which come from and characterize our God and Savior (Deliverer; Rescuer; Source of health and wholeness), Jesus Christ (or: Jesus, [the] Anointed One; = Jesus, [the] Messiah):

Jude 1:1

1 Judah, a slave of Jesus Christ and a brother of Jacob (= James), to those having been, and yet being, loved (accepted recipients of the drive for reunion; [other MSS: set-apart and made holy]) within God [the] Father, even (or: and) Jesus Christ; to kept and maintained folks, to called ones (or: for the people being loved in union with and within the midst of Father God, and now being watched over, guarded and protected in and by Jesus Christ – to invited ones)

Revelation 1:1

1 An unveiling of, and which is, Jesus Christ (or: A disclosure from Jesus [the] Anointed; A revelation which pertains to Jesus [the Messiah]) which God gave by Him (in Him; for Him; to Him) to point out to His slaves that which continues necessary to come to be (or: to be birthed) in swiftness (= speedily) [note: this phrase means either the manner in which events will happen, or that it is quickly going to happen]. And sending [Him] as an emissary (or: representative), through means of His agent (or: messenger) He indicated [it] by signs (or: symbols) to (or: in; for) His slave John,

Revelation 1:20-2:1

20 "The secret of the seven stars which you saw upon My right hand, and the seven golden lampstands: the seven stars are agents of (or: pertaining to; belonging to; having the qualities and characteristics of; or: folks with a message from) the seven called-out communities, and the seven lampstands are the seven communities (or: summoned-forth congregations)."

Revelation 2:8

8 "And in and for the agent of (or: to the person with a message pertaining to; cf vs. 1, above) the called-out community within Smyrna, write: 'The First and the Last, the One Who came to be (was birthed) a dead one and lives (or: lived), is presently saying these things:

Revelation 2:12

12 "And in (or: to; for) the agent of (person with the message corresponding to; cf vs. 1, above) the called-out community within Pergamos, write: 'The One constantly holding (having) the sharp, two-mouthed broadsword is presently laying out and saying these things:

Revelation 19:10

10 And so I fell before his feet to worship him, and he is saying to me, "See and perceive! No! (= Don't do that!) I am your fellow-slave and [am] from among your brothers (or: = even belonging to [a group of] your fellow believers) – the ones constantly holding (having) the witness of (or: the testimony pertaining to, and the evidence about) Jesus – Give worship to God! You see, the evidence of (or: testimony pertaining to; witness about) Jesus is the spirit of The Prophecy (or: For the Breath-effect which is prophecy is the evidence for, and comes from, Jesus)."

Revelation 22:9

9 And he is saying to me, "See! No! I am your fellow-slave, even of (belonging to; from among) your brothers – of (or: belonging to and from among) the prophets and of those continuously keeping and observing the words of this scroll. Worship God!”

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