Luke 1:38 Cross References - JMNT

38 So Mary (or: Miriam) said, "See and consider the slave girl that belongs to [the] Lord [= Yahweh]. May He birth Himself (or: May it of itself come to be) down from (or: in accord with; corresponding to) your declaration (saying; or: the effect of your gushing flow)." And then the agent (messenger) went away from her.

Romans 4:20-21

20 but [being moved] into God’s Promise he was not divided in his judgment by unbelief (or: but by and in lack of trust he was not separated or undecided in view of, and with regard to, God’s Promise; or: yet unto God’s Promise he did not waiver or doubt in disloyalty), but on the contrary, he was empowered and enabled by faith (or: in trust; for conviction; with loyalty), giving glory (or: an opinion; an estimation; credit) to God and a reputation for God, 21 and being carried to full conviction and assurance that what He had promised He continuously exists being capable and powerful to do (to make; to perform).

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