Colossians 2:1 Cross References - JMNT

1 You see, I continue wanting you folks to have seen and thus perceive (realize; know) [the] size of and how extensive a contest I am having and how intense a struggle I constantly hold (or: continue to have) over [the situation of] you and the folks in Laodicea, and as many as have not seen my face in [the] flesh,

Luke 22:44

44 Then, coming to be within the midst of great inner tension and conflict (or: agony and anxiety), He continued praying more intensely and more stretched out, and so His sweat came to be as it were large drops and clots of blood, steadily dropping down upon the ground.

Acts 20:25

25 "And thus now, consider this. I have seen and am thus aware that all you folks, among whom I passed through constantly and progressively making public proclamation heralding the reign and kingdom [D adds: of Jesus; E and others read: of God], will no longer see my face.

Acts 20:38

38 being presently pained by mental and emotional distress – especially upon the word which he had declared, that they were now about to no longer be periodically gazing upon his face. Thus they began escorting him, sending [him] forward unto the boat.

Galatians 4:19

19 O my little children (born ones), with whom I am progressing, again, in childbirth labor (travail; labor pains) until Christ may be suddenly formed (= until the Anointing would be at some point birthed) within you folks!

Philippians 1:30

30 constantly having the very (or: continuously holding the same) contest [as] in the public games (or: race in the stadium; agonizing struggle in the gathered assembly) such as you saw (or: perceive) within me and now are presently hearing in me (or: and at this moment are repeatedly hearing [to be] in me).

Colossians 1:24

24 I am at this moment continuing to rejoice within the effects of experiences and the results of my sufferings over your [situation] and on your behalf, and I am progressively filling back up in turn – so as in [His] stead to replace, supply and balance out, within my flesh (or: = with the means of my natural situation) – the deficiencies (or: results from what is lacking; effects from need) with regard to the pressures (or: from the squeezings, tribulations and tight spots) that pertain to the Anointed One (or: that belong to and affect Christ; or: from the Christ) over [the situation of] His body, which is the called-out community (which exists being the summoned-forth congregation – the ecclesia) (or: Now I am progressively filled with joy – in union with the feelings coming from passion over you folks – and am habitually filling up again, to bring balance, the effects of what is lacking, resulting from the distresses of Christ – resident within my flesh – concerning His body, which is the invited-out assembly),

Colossians 1:29

29 unto which [goal] I habitually work hard (or: progressively toil on) and become weary, constantly struggling as in a contest, corresponding to (or: down from, yet on the level of) His inward working (or: energy and operation): the One continuously operating (energizing and inwardly working) within me – within power and in ability.

Colossians 2:5

5 for though (or: even if) I am presently absent (or: being away) in the flesh, nevertheless I continue being together with you folks in the spirit (or: by the Spirit; in union with the Breath-effect), constantly rejoicing and seeing (or: observing) your arranged succession (or: drawing up of rank and file for an ordered disposition in battle array; or: post and place in line; also: = a body of soldiers or militia) – as well as the solid body having a backbone which is the result of strengthening unto firmness – of your trust and faith (or: pertaining to your faithfulness and loyalty; which have the qualities of confidence and conviction of you folks) [which is being placed] into Christ (or: [which flows] into [the] Anointing).

Colossians 4:12-13

12 Epaphras – the one from among you folks; a slave of Christ Jesus – continues embracing and greeting you folks, at all times (or: always) in constant struggle as in a contest over [the circumstances of] you folks, within prayers (speaking to having goodness and well-being), to the end that you can stand [other MSS: would at once be set and placed] [as] mature folks (or: complete people; finished ones; those having reached the purposed goal and destiny; perfect ones) and people having been brought to fullness (or: carried to the full measure) within, and in union with, all God's will, intent, design and purpose. 13 You see, I am presently bearing witness for him that he constantly has (or: continuously holds) toil-caused pain (misery; travail; anguish) over you folks and those within Laodicea, and the people within Hierapolis.

Colossians 4:15-16

15 Embrace and greet the brothers within Laodicea, also Nympha and the called-out gathering (or: community) that corresponds to her [other MSS: from their] house. 16 And whenever the letter (or: epistle) may be read (caused to be known again) beside you (= in your presence and to you), you folks make an arrangement to the end that it may also be read within the set-apart community of the Laodiceans; and so that you folks may also read the one from out of Laodicea.

1 Thessalonians 2:2

2 but rather, after previously experiencing ill treatment and being outraged (subjected to insolent, riotous, or insulting behavior) in Philippi, according as you are aware, we spoke freely and boldly – publicly, as is the right of citizens – within, and in union with, our God, [proceeding at once] to utter God's message of goodness (or: the good news from God; the message of ease and well-being, which is God) toward you in the midst of much striving (conflict; arguing; or: within a large stadium or racecourse; or: in much agony of struggle).

Hebrews 5:7

7 Who, during the days of His flesh (= existence as a human), with a strong (or: robust) outcry and tears, offered both earnest requests (supplications from need) and petitions (or: supplications; literally: olive branches carried by suppliants, which symbolized a request for help and protection) toward the One being continually able and powerful to deliver (rescue; save) Him forth from out of the midst of death. And so He was being heard (or: was being listened to), from this discretion and precaution (or: the disposition of taking hold well with prudent understanding; or: the receiving of goodness and well-being; or: [His] undertaking with care).

1 Peter 1:8

8 Whom not seeing (or: perceiving), you folks are continuously loving and accepting (or: experiencing the urge for reunion); into Whom at the present moment you folks are not constantly looking, yet are habitually believing (or: continuously placing [your] trust and loyalty). You folks are repeatedly rejoicing and being very happy in indescribable (or: incapable of being spoken out) joy which also exists having been made glorious (or: by unspeakable and glorified joy; in joy [that is] inexpressible and has made a notable reputation; with joy that is glorious beyond words, and which is filled with imagination and good opinion),

Revelation 1:11

11What you are presently observing (or: continue seeing) write into a scroll and send [it] to the seven called-out communities (or: summoned-forth congregations): into Ephesus, and into Smyrna, and into Pergamos, and into Thyatira, and into Sardis, and into Philadelphia, and into Laodicea.”

Revelation 3:14-22

14 "And then, to (or: in; for) the agent of (or: messenger from; person having the message with regard to) the called-out community within Laodicea, write: 'The Amen (The It-is-so), the Faithful (or: Trustworthy, Reliable) and True Witness, the Beginning of God's Creation (or: the Origin of God’s creation; the First Place or Corner of God’s Framing; the Beginning of God’s act of building and founding; the Beginning of God’s act of reducing from a state of wildness and disorder) is presently saying these things, 15 I have seen, and thus know (am aware of) your [singular] works (acts), that you are (continue being) neither cold nor boiling hot (or: zealous): O that you were being cold, or boiling hot (zealous)! 16 Thus, because you continue being lukewarm (tepid), and are neither boiling hot nor cold, I am about to vomit you out of My mouth. 17 Because your are habitually saying, "I am rich and have acquired wealth and continuously have need of nothing, " and you have not seen to know (or: are not aware) that you continue being wretched (or: miserable; in hardship) and pitiful and poor and blind and naked, 18 I continue advising you [singular] to buy from Me gold having been refined (set ablaze) forth from out of fire, to the end that you may become rich; and white garments, to the end that you may clothe yourself and the shame (disgrace) of your nakedness may not be manifested (brought to light; caused to appear); and eye-salve to anoint (rub in) your eyes, to the end that you may be continuously observing (or: progressively seeing).' 19 "Whosoever, if I may be having affection for them (regard them as fond friends), I constantly put to the proof (or: expose; reprove) and I continuously educate (discipline; give child-instruction). Therefore be hot (zealous) and change your mind (your way of thinking; your attitude and frame of mind)! 20 "Consider! I have stood, and continue standing, upon (= at) the door (entrance), and I am constantly knocking; if ever anyone may (or: can) hear My voice (or: sound) and would open the door, I will proceed entering (coming or going in) toward him, and then I will continue eating the evening meal with him, and he with Me." 21 "To (or: In; For) him who is habitually conquering (repeatedly overcoming; normally victorious) I will continue giving [the right? the ability? the honor?] to sit (or: be seated) with Me within My throne, as I also conquer (or: conquered; overcome; overcame and was victorious) and sit (or: sat down) with My Father within His throne. 22 "Let the one who has an ear hear what the Spirit (Breath-effect) is presently saying to the called-out communities."

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