Acts 6:7 Cross References - JMNT

7 And so the Word of God (or: God's thought, idea, message and Logos) kept on progressively growing and increasing (also: = God's Reason was spreading out like a growing Vine), and thus the number of disciples (students; learners; apprentices) continued tremendously multiplying (= increasing in number) within Jerusalem. Furthermore, a vast throng of the priests [note: these would have been Sadducees] kept on submissively listening to and hearing (thus: paying attention to and obeying) the Faith [note: noun with the article, thus this would signify trust and belief in the resurrected Jesus as the Christ – the message of faith that was then being proclaimed].

Matthew 19:30

30 "Now many folks [being] first ones will proceed being last ones – and [many] last ones [will be] first ones.

Luke 2:34

34 Then Simeon spoke good words to (or: blessed) them, and said to Mary (Miriam), His mother, "Look and consider! This One continues lying down into the midst of a fall, and then a standing back up again, of many people within Israel – and into a sign being constantly spoken in opposition to, and being repeatedly contradicted!

John 12:42

42 Just the same, however, many of the rulers also (or: many, even from among the chiefs,) believed and placed their trust into Him, but still, because of the Pharisees, they did not begin confessing (= openly avowing their faith) or keep on speaking in agreement so that they would not become ones cut off from (separated away from) the synagogue,

Acts 12:24

24 But the Logos of God (God's Word, thought and idea; or: the message pertaining to and the source of which is God; the verbal expression which is God [B reads: the Lord {= Christ or Yahweh}]) kept on growing (increasing) and continued being multiplied.

Acts 13:8

8 But Elymas (Arabic meaning: the wise one), the magus – for in this way is his name being normally translated and interpreted – kept on standing in face-to-face opposition to them, repeatedly seeking to twist in two and thoroughly turn the proconsul away from the faith.

Acts 14:22

22 progressively establishing (fixing and making to stand) the souls (inner lives) of the disciples (or: students), repeatedly calling [them] alongside to give relief, aid and comfort while encouraging [them] to continue abiding and remaining within the midst of the faith (or: trust; confidence; loyalty; reliance; conviction; assurance), and [saying] that, "It continues binding and necessary for us to enter into the reign of God (or: God's kingdom; the sovereign activities which are God) through the midst of many pressures, squeezings, tribulations, afflictions and oppressions."

Acts 19:20

20 Thus, down with force and in accord with [the] might of the Lord [= Yahweh, or, Christ], the Logos (Word; idea and message) continued growing and increasing – and It increasingly exerted strength so as to prevail.

Acts 21:20

20 Now after hearing [these things] they began giving the glory and ascribing the reputation to God [D and other MSS: the Lord (= Yahweh, or, Christ)]. Besides this, they said to him, "Brother, you are now observing and noticing how many tens of thousands there are among the Jews of those having trusted and are continuing in believing – and they all continue humbly from their beginning being zealots of the Law (or: zealous about the Law).

Romans 1:5

5 through Whom we receive grace, as well as a sending off with a mission [leading] unto faith’s obedience (or: obedience that springs from trust and loyalty; [the] paying attention associated with loyal allegiance; or, as apposition: "obedience which faith is" – Rudolf Bultmann) among all the ethnic multitudes, over [the essence, reality and power of] His Name (or: through means of Whom we at one point received a joy-producing act of favor, and then suddenly took in hand a commission as emissaries with a view to a humble and submissive hearkening – along with an appropriate response, which is faith – and a giving-of-the-ear from beneath [Him], with compliant listening and paying attention that has its source in trust and involved commitment, within all the non-Jewish nations for the sake of and in behalf of His Name [and reputation]),

Romans 16:26

26 but now is being brought to light and manifested, and through prophetic Scriptures, down from (in accord with, on the level of and in line with) a command of the eonian God (from the God Who exists through and comprises the ages; of God in relation to the ages; or: = from the God who created, inhabits, owns and rules the ages), [which leads] into hearing obedience from faith as well as a humble listening and paying attention belonging to trust, pertaining to confidence and which comprises loyalty – suddenly being made known unto all the ethnic multitudes (nations; Gentiles; pagans; non-Israelites),

Colossians 1:6

6 This [Word; Logos] is being continuously present alongside [and proceeding] into you folks, just as it is also continuously existing within all the ordered System (within the entire world of culture, secular society, religion, economics and government; or: in the entire universe; or: = the entire Roman Empire), repeatedly bearing fruit of itself and constantly being grown and caused to be increasing, just as also within you folks, from [the] day in which you heard and at once fully experienced – in intimate knowing and accurate realization – the grace of God, within Truth (or: God's favor resident within [the] truth; God's grace in the midst of reality; or: the favor which, in reality, is God).

2 Thessalonians 1:8

8 within a fire, of flame [with other MSS: in union with a blaze of fire] continuously giving justice (or: repeatedly imparting the effects of fair and equitable dealings from out of the way pointed out, and the maintaining of right) among (or: for; in; with; to) those not knowing (or: perceiving) God, even among (or: for; in; with; to) those not continuously listening to or paying attention and obeying the message of goodness and well-being, which is our Lord, Jesus (or: which comes from and pertains to our Master and Owner: Jesus).

2 Timothy 2:9

9 in which I am continually experiencing bad situations (suffering evil; experiencing bad treatment and conditions of poor quality) to the point of bonds (fetters or imprisonment) as a worthless worker (a criminal; one who acts badly; a worker of evil), but by comparison, the Word of God (or: God's thought, idea and message) has not been bound or imprisoned, and thus remains untied!

Hebrews 5:9

9 And being brought to the goal of [His] destiny (being brought to maturity and completion; being finished and perfected) He became a cause of eonian deliverance (or: rescue, wholeness and good health and restoration to the original state of being which pertains to and has the character of the Age; safety and healing of and for the ages) for all (or: in all) those habitually listening, paying attention and acting in response (or: the giving of the ear in hearing from below, with obedience) to Him,

Hebrews 11:8

8 In loyal faith, by trusting allegiance and with confident faithfulness, Abraham obeyed (humbly listened and submissively paid attention, under [God]), continuing to be called to go out into the place which he was, and continued being, about to take in hand (or: receive) – into an inheritance (an enjoyment of an allotment). And he went out not presently putting his thoughts on (or: not being versed in or acquainted with) where he was progressively going.

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