Acts 6:4 Cross References - JMNT

4 "Yet we ourselves will continue enduring strongly focused on and loyally persist in the thought, speaking and action aimed at having goodness, ease and well-being (or: with prayer) and the attending service of the Word (and: the dispensing pertaining to the Idea and from the Message which originates in the Logos)."

Acts 1:14

14 All these men were continuing to be carrying on forward with strength and with the same passion and temperament constantly persisting in the prayer with a view to goodness – together with [the] women, as well as Mary [other MSS: Mariam], the mother of Jesus, and with His brothers.

Acts 2:42

42 So they were continuing strongly focused toward and persevering in and by, while devoting themselves to, the teaching of the sent-forth folks (the emissaries; the representatives) and to the common existence and in the common being, to sharing, partnering, contributing and in the participation in the breaking of the loaves of bread (= eating meals), as well as to, in and by the thoughts, words and deeds that were focused toward having goodness, ease and well-being (or: prayers).

Acts 13:2-3

2 So, in the midst of their continually doing public work (service for the people) for (or: in; to; by; with) the Lord [= Christ or Yahweh], as well as periodically fasting, the set-apart Breath-effect (or: the Holy Spirit) said, "Now therefore, you folks section off (mark off boundaries so as to define) Barnabas and Saul – to (or: for; by; in; with) Me – into the work toward which I Myself have called (or: summoned) them." 3 At that time then, after fasting and praying (speaking and thinking toward things going well), and then placing their hands on (or: to) them, they loosed [them] away (disbanded and released [them]).

Acts 20:19-31

19 "constantly performing as a slave for the Lord (or: continually serving as a slave-servant to [Christ, or, Yahweh]), with all submissive humility (the frame of mind as of being in a low position) and [with] tears and [with] harassing ordeals (or: tests and trials) which from time to time walked along with me (= happened to me) during, and in the midst of, plots originating from the [religious leaders of the] Jews – 20 "how [in] nothing (or: under no circumstances) did I arrange myself under (= out of public view) and hold myself away [from the issue] (or: shrink or draw back) from repeatedly bringing [thoughts and information] together to recount to (or: for) you and to teach you folks in public, as well as from house to house, 21 "to both Jews and Greeks constantly certifying with thorough testimony about and full witness of the change in thinking and the returning into God, as well as faith and trust [directed] into our Lord, Jesus [p74, Aleph, A, C & D add: Christ]. 22 "And so now, look and consider this! I myself, having been bound by the Breath-effect (or: in the Spirit; to [my] spirit and attitude; with the [realm of] spirit; for the breath-effect) – and still being thus – I continue proceeding on my journey into Jerusalem, not seeing or knowing [p41 & D read: having insight about] the things that will progressively be meeting together with me (or: that will proceed falling together in opposition to me) within the midst of her (or: it), 23 "except that down through each city (or: from city to city) the Set-apart Breath-effect (or: Holy Spirit) keeps repeatedly giving full witness and evidence to me, continually saying that bonds (= imprisonments) and pressures (oppressions; afflictions; tribulations) continue remaining and are still awaiting me. 24 "Nevertheless, from not even one thought do I habitually make my soul of value to myself (or, with other MSS: neither do I now hold a word or idea for me, nor do I continuously make my inner life or self valuable or precious to me), until I can finish my course (complete my trek and perfect my career; bring my run to its purposed destiny; or: [with other MSS: so] I would bring my race-course to its goal), as well as the attending service, which I received from beside the Lord Jesus: to for myself make full witness of and give thorough evidence for the good news (the message of ease, goodness and well-being) which is God's grace (or: which has a source in, and the character of, the undeserved joyous favor of God). 25 "And thus now, consider this. I have seen and am thus aware that all you folks, among whom I passed through constantly and progressively making public proclamation heralding the reign and kingdom [D adds: of Jesus; E and others read: of God], will no longer see my face. 26 "Hence (or: Because of this) I am now testifying to you men – in this very day – that I continue being clean from the blood of all humanity, 27 "for you see, I did not draw back from recounting to you folks all the purpose, will and counsel of God (or: from the [situation] to at some point announce again all God's design and determination for you people). 28 "Continue holding focused toward and taking attentive care – to and for yourselves, as well as for all the little flock among whom the Set-apart Breath-effect Itself (or: the Holy Spirit Himself) set you folks [as] ones who look around over people for their welfare and oversee situations – to be continuously (or: habitually) acting as shepherds of God's [other MSS: {the} Lord's {= Christ's or Yahweh's}] called-out community which He built as a surrounding for Himself (or: made to encompass Himself), through (or: by means of) His own blood. 29 "Now I myself have seen and am aware that, after (or: with) my spreading forth as dust and ashes (= going away, so as to be out of reach), heavy (= burdensome and oppressive) wolves will enter into the midst of you folks – folks by habit not sparing (or: treating with tenderness or forbearance) the flock, 30 "and men from among you yourselves (= from your own community) will of themselves proceed standing up, repeatedly speaking things having been thoroughly turned and twisted (things that are distorted and not straight), to progressively drag (or: draw; [D & p41 read: turn]) away the disciples behind (thus: after) themselves. 31 "Therefore, constantly keep your wits about you (be continuously awake, alert and watchful) while continuously bearing in mind through remembrance that three-year period [when] night and day I did not cease – with tears – repeatedly and progressively placing [thoughts; ideas; information; admonition] in the minds of each one [D & E add: of you folks].

Romans 1:9

9 For you see, God is my Witness (or: continuously exists being my Evidence) – to and in Whom I continuously render service (or: for Whom I am hired to constantly work), within my spirit (or: in union with my Breath-effect; in my attitude), within His Son’s good news (or: in union with the message of goodness, ease and well-being pertaining to, coming from, having the character of, and which is, His Son) – how unintermittingly (without intervals in between; unceasingly) I am habitually constructing a memory (or: producing a recollection) pertaining to you (or: making mention of you folks),

Romans 12:6-8

6 Now constantly holding (having; possessing) excelling grace-effects (or: gracious results of favor that carry-through), down from, in accord with and to the level of the grace and joyous favor being given to us, in us and for us, whether prophecy[let it be] down from and in line with the above-word of the faith (or: in accord with the analogy of the loyalty; according to the proportion of trust; following the pattern of the corresponding relationship that pertains to the Faith; down along the upward-thought of faith or the up-message of the belief; in accordance with conformability from the faithfulness; on the level of the correspondence and ratio of confidence); 7 or whether serving (thoroughly dispensing in attendance on a duty) – [let us be, or live] in the service (the attendance to the duty; the arrangement for provision; the aid through dispensing); or whether the one constantly teaching – [let the person continue] in the teaching (the instructing or training); 8 or whether the person normally performing as a paraclete (one habitually calling alongside to aid, admonish, encourage, exhort and give relief) – [let the person flourish] in the calling alongside to give relief and aid, as well as for admonition, encouragement and exhortation; the one habitually sharing (imparting; giving together) – in simplicity (singleness; or: = with generosity); the one constantly setting himself before [a situation] or being a caregiver (or: standing in front and presiding; or: being in charge of giving care or aid) – in diligent haste (= eagerly); the one continuously mercying (applying mercy) – in cheerfulness (pleasantness; gleeful abandon).

1 Corinthians 9:16

16 for it is not the result of a boast for [other MSS: for is it not grace to...?] me if I should habitually announce good news, for a compressed necessity (a compulsion) is continuously lying upon me. For it is a woe (a condition or situation at which I would say, "Alas!") to and for me, if ever I should not constantly announce the message of goodness.

Ephesians 1:15-17

15 On account of this, I also, on listening to (or: after hearing) along with and in accord with you folks (or: in the same sphere as you; down from you; on the same level with you people) the faith resident within the midst of the Lord Jesus (or: the trust centered in the Owner, Jesus; the loyalty based on union with the Master, Jesus), as well as the love and unrestricted acceptance [being dispersed] unto all the folks set apart (holy ones; saints), 16 [I] do not pause (or: cease; stop myself) in continuously giving thanks over you (or: speaking good favor on your behalf; or: expressing the well-being of grace because of your [situation or condition]), constantly making mention (constructing a recollection; producing for myself a mental image) upon the [occasions] of my speaking and thinking toward having wellness and goodness (or: imparted desires; prayers), 17 to the end that the God of (or: pertaining to; or, reading the genitive as in apposition: Who is) our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of the Glory, might give (suddenly impart) to you a spirit (or: breath-effect; attitude) of wisdom and revelation (unveiling; uncovering; disclosure) within the midst of a full, experiential and intimate knowledge of Himself (or: in a full realization of Him; or: within and in union with His full, personal knowledge; or: resident within an added insight from Him, and which is Him),

Ephesians 3:14-21

14 On account of this I continually bend my knees (= in loyalty, respect and reverence) to (toward; or: face-to-face with) the Father [other MSS add: of (or: Who is) our Lord Jesus Christ], 15 forth from Where (or: out of the midst of Whom) every family (lineage; kindred; descent; paternal group) within heaven and upon earth (or: in [the] sky or atmosphere, and on [the] land) is one after another being named (or: spoken of, or to, by name; or: designated), 16 to the end that He would give to you folks, in accord with (or: down from; in correspondence to and on the scale of) the riches of His glory (or: the wealth of the glory which is Him), to be strengthened (rendered strong; reinforced; made to grow strong and acquire strength) inpower and with ability through His Breath-effect for the interior person (or: by means of the Spirit, which is Him, [proceeding] into the midst of the humanity within,) 17 to inhabit (dwell down in; take up permanent abode in) the Christ (or: to house the Anointed One), through the faith and trust within your hearts, being folks having been rooted (or: having taken root) and now established and placed on a foundation within the midst of and in union with Love (or: having been grounded and rendered firm, centered in love). 18 To this end, may you folks be fully powerful and thus act out of strength to grasp (receive down for yourselves; take possession of so as to comprehend), together with all the set-apart folks (saints; holy ones), what [is] the width and length and height and depth, 19 and thus to know and gain insight by intimate experience the love of, from, and which is, Christ [that is] continuously transcending (overshooting; being thrown over and beyond; surpassing) personal experiential knowledge and insight, so that you folks would be filled unto all the effect of the fullness of God and the result of the filling from God (or: could be filled up, unto the saturation point, with the result from the entire contents of God; or: into all God's full extent; or: unto all the effects pertaining to God's filling [you]). 20 But by (or: Now in) the One being continuously able and powerful to do (make; form; create; produce) above and beyond all things surpassingly above, over and beyond things which we are repeatedly asking for ourselves or are normally grasping with the mind (apprehending; imagining; considering; conceiving) in accord with (or: down from; corresponding to) the power and ability [which is] continuously operating (making itself effective; energizing itself; working and developing) within us, and in union with us, 21 y Him (to Him; for Him; in Him; with Him) [is] the glory (the manifestation which calls forth praise) within the called-out community (the summoned-forth congregation) as well as within Christ Jesus: unto (or: [proceeding] into) all the generations (births; progenies) of the Age of the ages (= the most significant, or crowning, Age of all the ages)! Make it so (or: Amen)!

Philippians 1:4

4 at all times (or: always) in my every request (or: petition) over [the situation of] you all (or: on behalf of all of you folks), habitually making the request (or: petition) with joy

Philippians 1:9-11

9 And this I habitually think and speak toward having things be well (or: pray): that your love may continually grow with excess and would progressively encompass [you and your world] with surpassing abundance still more and more, within full and accurate experiential and intimate knowledge and all insight and sensible perception, 10 into the [situation for] you folks to habitually test, examine, distinguish and determine (or: make sure by proving) the things that carry through and are thus of consequence or make a difference, so that you may constantly be (continually exist being) folks judged by the light of the sun (thus: clearly sincere and with integrity) and ones [that are] not stumbling or jarring against [anything] nor striking toward [someone] and causing trouble, on into the Day of Christ, 11 being people having been filled full with [the] Fruit of fair and equitable dealings which bring right relationship within the Way pointed out (or: = from covenant inclusion): the one [that is] through Jesus Christ [that is] leading into God's glory (good reputation and manifestation of that which calls forth admiration) and praise (approval and commendation) (or: being those filled full of fruit of a rightwised nature through Jesus Christ, which proceeds into glory and praise that belongs to and pertains to God; or: ... through Jesus Christ, with a view to inhabiting the qualities and characteristics of God's reputation and praise).

Colossians 1:9-13

9 And because of this (or: So that is why) we, from the day on which we heard, are not ceasing constant praying (thinking and speaking toward having things being well) over your [situation] and asking (or: making a request) on behalf of you folks, to the end that you may (or: would) be filled full with the entire contents of the accurate, full, experiential, intimate knowledge and insight of His will (His design, purpose, plan and intention; or: so that you may know and experience all that He wants you to know and experience) within the sphere of all wisdom and spiritual understanding (comprehension; a junction of that which is sent together; discernment; being able to make the pieces fit together). 10 [Thus we pray for you] to walk about worthily (i.e., to live your life with corresponding value) with regard to the Lord (the Owner; [= Yahweh or Christ]) [progressing] into all pleasing (or: into every desire to please; into the midst of entire pleasure) within every good work or virtuous action, while habitually bearing fruit and constantly being folks [that] are being progressively caused to grow and increase in the full, accurate, experiential and intimate knowledge of God (or: with God's full experience of intimate knowledge and insight; or: by the added insight and experiential knowledge which is God), 11 being continuously empowered in every ability (being ones progressively enabled within all power) corresponding to the strength of His glory (or: down from and in the sphere of the might pertaining to and having its source in His reputation or His manifestation of that which calls forth praise; or: = the strength coming from His manifested presence [= His Sh'khinah]) [leading] into every [situation of] persistent remaining under [difficulties] to humbly give patient support (or: unto all relentless endurance) and long-waiting before rushing into emotions (or: long endurance; a long time before breathing violently with passion; or: perseverance; tolerance towards others), accompanied by (or: together with) joy. 12 [We are folks who are] constantly giving thanks to the Father: the One calling you [other MSS: us] – as well as making [you; us] competent (sufficient; qualified; fit; suitable) – into the divided share of the lot of the inheritance (or: into the part and portion of the allotted possession) of the set-apart folks (or: pertaining to the holy ones; belonging to the saints; from the sacred people; which is the different-from-the-ordinary folks) within the Light; 13 He who drags us out of danger (or: rescued us) forth from out of the midst of the authority of the Darkness (from Darkness's jurisdiction and right; from existing out of gloomy shadows and obscure dimness; = the privilege of ignorance), and changes [our] position (or: transported [us], thus, giving [us] a change of standing, and transferred [us]) into the midst of the kingdom and reign of the Son of His love (or: into the midst of the sovereign influence of the Son Who has the characteristics and qualities of His accepting love; into union with the sovereign activities of the Son Whose origin is His love; or: into the sphere of the reign of the Son of the Love which is Him; into the center of the kingdom of the Son, which is His love),

Colossians 2:1

1 You see, I continue wanting you folks to have seen and thus perceive (realize; know) [the] size of and how extensive a contest I am having and how intense a struggle I constantly hold (or: continue to have) over [the situation of] you and the folks in Laodicea, and as many as have not seen my face in [the] flesh,

Colossians 4:12

12 Epaphras – the one from among you folks; a slave of Christ Jesus – continues embracing and greeting you folks, at all times (or: always) in constant struggle as in a contest over [the circumstances of] you folks, within prayers (speaking to having goodness and well-being), to the end that you can stand [other MSS: would at once be set and placed] [as] mature folks (or: complete people; finished ones; those having reached the purposed goal and destiny; perfect ones) and people having been brought to fullness (or: carried to the full measure) within, and in union with, all God's will, intent, design and purpose.

Colossians 4:17

17 And say to Archippus, "Be constantly observing and seeing to the attending service which you received and took to your side, within [the] Lord [= Christ or Yahweh], to the end that you may make it full (or: fulfill it)."

1 Timothy 4:13-16

13 While I am coming, continue holding toward a propensity for the reading (in the means of knowing again), for the calling alongside to give relief, aid, exhortation, comfort and encouragement (in the work of a paraclete), [and] for the teaching (to the instruction and in the training). 14 Do not make it a habit to neglect the care of or disregard this result of grace (or: the effect of favor) residing within you, which was given to you through a prophecy (a coming or manifestation of light ahead of time), accompanied by a laying on of the hands of the body of elder folks. 15 Continually meditate on, give attention to and cultivate these things; be absorbed in them (exist centered within them), to the end that your cutting a passage forward (your progress and advancement) may be visibly apparent to all (for everyone; among all folks). 16 Habitually have a hold upon yourself and the teaching (or: Constantly attend to yourself and to the instruction and training). Continue abiding on and remaining in them (or: Constantly dwell on, while settling in them; or: Be progressively and fully persisting with them), for, continuously doing this, you will progressively rescue (deliver; save; restore to health and wholeness) both yourself and those regularly hearing you.

2 Timothy 4:2

2 Herald (Proclaim; Preach) the Word (The Logos; the idea; the thought; the reason; the message); stand upon [it; or: It; Him] in season or out of season (if the situation fits favorably, if the conditions are not favorable; whether convenient or not); test and put to the proof; show further honor (give higher value; assess greater worth; or, negatively: respectfully charge; strongly admonish; enjoin); within every emotion which is long in arriving (in all long-suffering patience), and by teaching (or: in union with instruction and training) give aid, relief, comfort and encouragement as you call [others] to your side (perform as a paraclete).

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