Acts 10:1 Cross References - JMNT

1 Now in Caesarea there was a certain adult man named Cornelius, a centurion (a Roman officer in charge of 100 men, i.e., one sixth of a cohort) that was a part of the band (or: cohort; squadron; – an army division of 600 men) which is normally being called "Italian,"

Matthew 8:5-13

5 Now upon His entering into Capernaum, a centurion (a commander of one hundred men in the Roman army) approached Him, calling Him alongside and pleading with Him and then saying, 6 "Sir, my orderly (manservant; servant boy) has been struck down with paralysis and is bedridden (has been laid up) within the house, constantly being dreadfully pained and grievously tested with this affliction." 7 So Jesus then says to him, "I Myself, upon coming, will proceed to serve and cure him, then restore him to health." (as a question: "Shall I, Myself, on coming, be serving and giving him attentive care or prescribing therapy or ongoing treatment that will restore him to health?") 8 Now the centurion, giving a considered response, said, "O Sir, I am not fit or important enough to the end that you should enter under my roof. But rather, only say a word (speak a message) and my orderly (manservant) will proceed to be healed and made whole. 9 "You see, I too am myself (or: even I, myself, am) a person (a man) being set in a continued arrangement under authority – continuing in holding (having) soldiers under me – and I normally say to this one, 'Go your way,' and he proceeds going his way; and to another one, 'Proceed coming,' and he proceeds coming, and to my slave, 'Do this,' and by habit he is doing [it]." 10 Now at hearing [that], Jesus was astounded (was amazed; marvels) and said to those following after Him, "Truly I am saying to you folks, with no one in Israel do I find so much faith [as this]! (or: I did not find such great trust and confidence at the side of even one person within the midst of Israel!). 11 "Now I further say to you that many people from eastern lands, as well as western regions, will continue arriving. And they will one-after-another be made to recline [and dine] with Abraham and Isaac and Jacob, within the reign and sovereign rule of the heavens (or: the kingdom of the atmospheres). 12 "Yet the 'sons of the kingdom (or: reign; = those who were in line to inherit the kingdom; or: = those who were supposed to manifest its reign)' will be progressively thrown out into the external darkness (external obscurity of the shadows). There [= outside the banqueting building] it will continue be 'weeping and grinding of teeth' (or: The crying and the gnashing of teeth will be in that [outdoor] place, or situation)." [note: grinding/gnashing of teeth = either regret, or anger] 13 So Jesus said to the centurion, "Go! In the same way that you trusted, let it come to be for you (or: Just as you believe, let it be birthed and happen with you)!" And so the orderly (manservant; servant boy) was healed and made whole in that hour.

Matthew 27:27

27 So at that time the governor's soldiers, upon taking Jesus along into the praetorium (the governor's residence and headquarters), gathered together upon Him the whole company of troops (a tenth part of a legion, normally 600 troops).

Matthew 27:54

54 Now the centurion (a Roman commander who normally is in charge of one hundred soldiers) and those with him [who were] guarding and watching over Jesus, upon seeing the shaking (= earthquake) and the things occurring (happening; being birthed), were made extremely afraid, one to another saying, "Truly (or: Really; Certainly) this man was God's son."

Mark 15:16

16 Now the soldiers led Him away inside the courtyard – which is [part of the] Praetorium (i.e., the governor's headquarters, or palace) – and proceeded calling together the whole company of troops (squadron; battalion; detachment).

Luke 7:2

2 Now a certain centurion (Roman officer, commander of one hundred soldiers) [owned] a slave who was valued, honored and respected by him, [but who was] continually having it badly (= having an illness; being sick): he continued being about to be progressively reaching his end (= living his last day).

John 18:3

3 Therefore Judah (Judas), getting and taking the detachment (or: squad [of Roman soldiers]) and subordinates (those who act under orders; deputies; Temple guards or Sanhedrin officers) from the chief (ranking) priests and from the Pharisees, is proceeding to come there with lanterns, torches and weapons (or: arms).

John 18:12

12 Then the detachment (or: squad [of Roman soldiers]) and the military commander (tribune; commander of a thousand soldiers) and the subordinates (deputies) of the Jews (= religious authorities) together seized (apprehended; arrested) Jesus and bound Him (tied Him up),

Acts 8:40

40 But Philip was found (or: discovered) [entering] into Ashdod (or: Azotus), and continuing in going throughout [the territory], he was repeatedly bringing and announcing the good news to all the towns and cities – till the [occasion for] him to come into Caesarea.

Acts 21:8

8 So after setting out on the next day, we came into Caesarea. Then, upon entering into the house of Philip, the one who brings wellness and announces goodness (or: good news) – being [a part] of the seven – we remained (or: stayed) with him.

Acts 22:25

25 Yet as they extend and stretch him forward with the thongs (or: straps), Paul says to the centurion, "If a person [be] (or: Since a man [is]) a Roman and [is] uncondemned, is it lawful or permissible for you to be scourging [him] (= Is it legal for you to flog a Roman who has not been condemned)?"

Acts 23:23

23 Then upon calling to himself two specific centurions, he said, "Get two hundred heavy-armed infantry soldiers prepared and ready so that from the third hour of the night (= at nine o'clock tonight) they can march clear to Caesarea – also seventy mounted cavalry and two hundred spearmen.

Acts 23:33

33 who, upon entering into Caesarea and after handing over the letter to the governor – and then, Paul to him – stood at the side.

Acts 25:1

1 Then Festus, having stepped up to assume the governorship of the province, after three days went up from Caesarea into Jerusalem.

Acts 25:13

13 Now with the elapsing of some days, Agrippa the king and Bernice arrived in Caesarea, paying their respects to Festus.

Acts 27:1

1 Now as it was decided for us to be presently sailing off into Italy, they handed over Paul, besides also some different prisoners (= folks who were prisoners for reasons different than for Paul), to a centurion (Roman officer normally in charge of 100 soldiers) named Julius, who was a part of an Augustan military cohort (or: [the] Imperial regiment or squadron).

Acts 27:31

31 Paul said to the centurion and the soldiers, "Unless these men should remain in the ship, you men yourselves are not able to be kept safe (rescued; delivered; saved)!"

Acts 27:43

43 But the centurion, wanting and intending to bring Paul safely through (or: to fully rescue Paul and keep him safe and sound throughout [the ordeal]), prevented them from [their] intention. Besides that, he gave orders for those being able, after diving off, to proceed to be swimming [and thus] to be out upon the land first,

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