1 Corinthians 7:33 Cross References - JMNT

33 Yet the one being married is constantly concerned about and repeatedly caring for the involvements of the System (the issues pertaining to his world of culture, religion, economy and government): how he can please and be accommodating to the woman ([his] wife), and thus, he has been divided so as to be distributed in parts!

Luke 12:22

22 Then He said to His disciples, "On account of this I am now saying to you folks, Quit (or: Do not continue) being anxious and overly concerned for the [other MSS: your] soul (the inner life and its concerns; or: your person) – what you should eat! Nor for your body – what you should put on (or: with what you can clothe yourselves)!

1 Corinthians 7:3

3 Let the husband habitually render (give away in answer to claim and expectation) to the wife [her] due (what is owed to her; the obligation; the debt), yet likewise the wife, also, to the husband.

Ephesians 5:25-33

25 O husbands, be constantly loving [your] wives (or: Men, continue loving the women), accordingly and correspondingly as the Christ also loved (or: to the degree that, and commensurately as, the Anointed One loves) the called-out community, and gave Himself up (or: commits and gives Himself over) in behalf of (for the sake of; over [the situation of]) her, 26 to the end that He may set her apart (separate her; consecrate and make her holy), cleansing (purging) [her] by the bath of the Water [that is] within a result of a flow (or: in union with a gush-effect; or: in the midst of aspoken word, a declaration, or an utterance), 27 so that He Himself could place beside Himself (or: should present to and make to stand alongside in Himself) the glorious (held in high esteem; in-glorious-array) called-out community, continuously having neither spot (or: stain), nor wrinkle, nor any of such things, but to the contrary, to the end that she may continuously exist being set-apart (holy; different from the ordinary and profane) and flawless (unblemished; or: unblamable). 28 Thus (or: In like manner; In this way) the husbands also are continuouslyindebted (thus: obligated) to constantly love their wives as their own bodies (= persons).The one constantly loving his own wife continues loving himself, 29 or you see, no one ever yet (at any time) hated (or: hates) his own flesh (= his body and interior self) but rather continually intensively nourishes (feeds and supports) and warms (cherishes; comforts) it, according as also the Christ [does] the called-out community, 30 because we are (we exist continuously being) members of His Body. 31 Answering this (or: In the place facing this [situation or reality]), "a man will continue leaving behind his father and mother, and he will be progressively glued (welded) to his wife, and the two will continue being [made] into one flesh (= one physical unit as though being one body)." [Gen. 2:4] 32 This secret (or: mystery) is great (= important), but I am speaking unto (or: into; with a view to) Christ, even (or: and; as well as) unto (or: into) the called-out community (or: the called-out person; or: the summoned-forth assembly). 33 Moreover, you men also, individually, each one thus (in this way) be continually loving his own wife (or: woman) as (or: as she were) himself, andso the result will be that the wife would continually have deep respect for (or: may habitually stand in reverential awe of; can normally be fearing with a healthy respect for) the husband (or: adult man).

Colossians 3:19

19 Husbands, habitually love [your] wives (or: Adult males, be constantly showing loving acceptance to the women), and do not become repeatedly sharp toward them (or: stop being rough, bitter or insensitive to them).

1 Thessalonians 4:11-12

11 and then to habitually be fond of honor and value [and] to be repeatedly quiet (or: to be progressively ambitious to live in settled peace), and by habit to be engaged (or: involved) in your own affairs (or: matters), and then to constantly work with your own hands (idiom: = work at it actively), according as we commanded to you, 12 to the intent that you may continuously walk about in good form (= live your life respectably) toward those without (with a view to outsiders; = face to face with those that are not a part of your community), and then you would continually have need of nothing.

1 Timothy 5:8

8 Now if anyone is not habitually having forethought or perceiving beforehand in order to provide for those who are his or her own (= relatives), and especially ones of the household (family or domestics) she or he has disowned (turned her or his back on; denied; renounced; refused) the Faith-loyalty and is worse than an unbeliever (or: has disregarded and declined their trust and exists being worse than one without faith).

1 Peter 3:7

7 Husbands (or: Adult males), likewise (or: in like manner): Continuously dwelling together (cohabiting; making a joint home) with [them] corresponding to intimate, experiential knowledge [of them] (= with a learned insight and an intelligent recognition of the nature and aspects of a married situation), [be] habitually assigning (portioning-off; awarding; allotting) honor (value; worth) to the female attributes (things pertaining to a woman; or: to a feminine one) as to a person having a disadvantaged position in her living (or: a weaker livelihood; or: a weaker vessel, utensil, instrument, container, gear, furniture, equipment), yet as to co-heirs of Life's grace and favor (or: of [the] grace which is life; or, with other MSS: as joint-participants in an inheritance of manifold {diverse; varied; multicolored} grace – of life [p72 adds: pertaining to and having the qualities of the Age {of eonian life}]), into the [situation where] your thoughts, words and actions projected toward goodness (or: prayers) continue not to be hindered or blocked, as if by a trench being cut in their path to impede their progress.

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