Job 1:3 Cross References - IHOT

  3 H1961 ויהי also was H4735 מקנהו His substance H7651 שׁבעת seven H505 אלפי thousand H6629 צאן sheep, H7969 ושׁלשׁת and three H505 אלפי thousand H1581 גמלים camels, H2568 וחמשׁ and five H3967 מאות hundred H6776 צמד yoke H1241 בקר of oxen, H2568 וחמשׁ and five H3967 מאות hundred H860 אתונות she asses, H5657 ועבדה household; H7227 רבה great H3966 מאד and a very H1961 ויהי was H376 האישׁ man H1931 ההוא so that this H1419 גדול the greatest H3605 מכל of all H1121 בני the men H6924 קדם׃ of the east.

Genesis 12:5

  5 H3947 ויקח took H87 אברם And Abram H853 את   H8297 שׂרי Sarai H802 אשׁתו his wife, H853 ואת   H3876 לוט and Lot H1121 בן son, H251 אחיו his brother's H853 ואת   H3605 כל and all H7399 רכושׁם their substance H834 אשׁר that H7408 רכשׁו they had gathered, H853 ואת   H5315 הנפשׁ and the souls H834 אשׁר that H6213 עשׂו they had gotten H2771 בחרן in Haran; H3318 ויצאו and they went forth H1980 ללכת to go H776 ארצה into the land H3667 כנען of Canaan; H935 ויבאו they came. H776 ארצה and into the land H3667 כנען׃ of Canaan

Genesis 12:16

  16 H87 ולאברם   H3190 היטיב   H5668 בעבורה for her sake: H1961 ויהי and he had H6629 לו צאן sheep, H1241 ובקר and oxen, H2543 וחמרים and he asses, H5650 ועבדים and menservants, H8198 ושׁפחת and maidservants, H860 ואתנת and she asses, H1581 וגמלים׃ and camels.

Genesis 13:6

  6 H3808 ולא was not H5375 נשׂא able to bear H853 אתם   H776 הארץ And the land H3427 לשׁבת them, that they might dwell H3162 יחדו together: H3588 כי for H1961 היה was H7399 רכושׁם their substance H7227 רב great, H3808 ולא not H3201 יכלו so that they could H3427 לשׁבת dwell H3162 יחדו׃ together.

Genesis 25:6

  6 H1121 ולבני But unto the sons H6370 הפילגשׁים of the concubines, H834 אשׁר which H85 לאברהם Abraham H5414 נתן gave H85 אברהם had, Abraham H4979 מתנת gifts, H7971 וישׁלחם and sent them away H5921 מעל from H3327 יצחק Isaac H1121 בנו his son, H5750 בעודנו while he yet H2416 חי lived, H6924 קדמה eastward, H413 אל unto H776 ארץ country. H6924 קדם׃ the east

Genesis 29:1

  1 H5375 וישׂא went on his journey, H3290 יעקב Then Jacob H7272 רגליו went on his journey, H1980 וילך and came H776 ארצה into the land H1121 בני of the people H6924 קדם׃ of the east.

Genesis 34:23

  23 H4735 מקנהם their cattle H7075 וקנינם and their substance H3605 וכל and every H929 בהמתם beast H3808 הלוא not H1992 לנו הם   H389 אך of theirs ours? only H225 נאותה let us consent H3427 להם וישׁבו unto them, and they will dwell H854 אתנו׃ with

Numbers 23:7

  7 H5375 וישׂא And he took up H4912 משׁלו his parable, H559 ויאמר and said, H4480 מן me from H758 ארם Aram, H5148 ינחני hath brought H1111 בלק Balak H4428 מלך the king H4124 מואב of Moab H2042 מהררי out of the mountains H6924 קדם of the east, H1980 לכה Come, H779 ארה curse H3290 לי יעקב me Jacob, H1980 ולכה and come, H2194 זעמה defy H3478 ישׂראל׃ Israel.

Numbers 31:32-34

  32 H1961 ויהי was H4455 המלקוח And the booty, H3499 יתר the rest H957 הבז of the prey H834 אשׁר which H962 בזזו had caught, H5971 עם the men H6635 הצבא of war H6629 צאן sheep, H8337 שׁשׁ six H3967 מאות hundred H505 אלף thousand H7657 ושׁבעים and seventy H505 אלף thousand H2568 וחמשׁת and five H505 אלפים׃ thousand
  33 H1241 ובקר beefs, H8147 שׁנים   H7657 ושׁבעים   H505 אלף׃ thousand
  34 H2543 וחמרים asses, H259 אחד and one H8346 ושׁשׁים And threescore H505 אלף׃ thousand

Judges 6:3

  3 H1961 והיה And it was, H518 אם when H2232 זרע had sown, H3478 ישׂראל Israel H5927 ועלה came up, H4080 מדין that the Midianites H6002 ועמלק   H1121 ובני and the children H6924 קדם of the east, H5927 ועלו even they came up H5921 עליו׃ against

Judges 6:5

  5 H3588 כי For H1992 הם they H4735 ומקניהם with their cattle H5927 יעלו came up H168 ואהליהם and their tents, H935 יבאו and they came H1767 כדי   H697 ארבה grasshoppers H7230 לרב for multitude; H1581 ולהם ולגמליהם and their camels H369 אין were without H4557 מספר number: H935 ויבאו and they entered H776 בארץ into the land H7843 לשׁחתה׃ to destroy

Judges 7:12

  12 H4080 ומדין And the Midianites H6002 ועמלק   H3605 וכל and all H1121 בני the children H6924 קדם of the east H5307 נפלים lay H6010 בעמק along in the valley H697 כארבה like grasshoppers H7230 לרב for multitude; H1581 ולגמליהם and their camels H369 אין without H4557 מספר number, H2344 כחול as the sand H5921 שׁעל by H8193 שׂפת side H3220 הים the sea H7230 לרב׃ for multitude.

Judges 8:10

  10 H2078 וזבח Now Zebah H6759 וצלמנע and Zalmunna H7174 בקרקר in Karkor, H4264 ומחניהם and their hosts H5973 עמם with H2568 כחמשׁת them, about fifteen H6240 עשׂר them, about fifteen H505 אלף thousand H3605 כל all H3498 הנותרים that were left H3605 מכל of all H4264 מחנה the hosts H1121 בני of the children H6924 קדם of the east: H5307 והנפלים for there fell H3967 מאה a hundred H6242 ועשׂרים and twenty H505 אלף thousand H376 אישׁ men H8025 שׁלף that drew H2719 חרב׃ sword.

1 Samuel 25:2

  2 H376 ואישׁ And a man H4584 במעון in Maon, H4639 ומעשׂהו whose possessions H3760 בכרמל in Carmel; H376 והאישׁ and the man H1419 גדול great, H3966 מאד very H6629 ולו צאן sheep, H7969 שׁלשׁת and he had three H505 אלפים thousand H505 ואלף and a thousand H5795 עזים goats: H1961 ויהי and he was H1494 בגזז shearing H853 את   H6629 צאנו his sheep H3760 בכרמל׃ in Carmel.

1 Kings 4:30

  30 H7235 ותרב excelled the wisdom H2451 חכמת wisdom H8010 שׁלמה And Solomon's H2451 מחכמת the wisdom H3605 כל of all H1121 בני the children H6924 קדם of the east country, H3605 ומכל and all H2451 חכמת   H4714 מצרים׃ of Egypt.

2 Kings 3:4

  4 H4338 ומישׁע And Mesha H4428 מלך king H4124 מואב of Moab H1961 היה was H5349 נקד a sheepmaster, H7725 והשׁיב and rendered H4428 למלך unto the king H3478 ישׂראל of Israel H3967 מאה a hundred H505 אלף thousand H3733 כרים lambs, H3967 ומאה and a hundred H505 אלף thousand H352 אילים rams, H6785 צמר׃ with the wool.

2 Chronicles 26:10

  10 H1129 ויבן Also he built H4026 מגדלים towers H4057 במדבר in the desert, H2672 ויחצב and digged H953 ברות wells: H7227 רבים many H3588 כי for H4735 מקנה cattle, H7227 רב much H1961 היה he had H8219 לו ובשׁפלה both in the low country, H4334 ובמישׁור and in the plains: H406 אכרים husbandmen H3755 וכרמים and vinedressers H2022 בהרים in the mountains, H3760 ובכרמל and in Carmel: H3588 כי for H157 אהב he loved H127 אדמה husbandry. H1961 היה׃ he loved

2 Chronicles 32:29

  29 H5892 וערים him cities, H6213 עשׂה Moreover he provided H4735 לו ומקנה and possessions H6629 צאן of flocks H1241 ובקר and herds H7230 לרב in abundance: H3588 כי for H5414 נתן had given H430 לו אלהים God H7399 רכושׁ him substance H7227 רב much. H3966 מאד׃ very

Job 29:9-10

  9 H8269 שׂרים The princes H6113 עצרו refrained H4405 במלים talking, H3709 וכף hand H7760 ישׂימו and laid H6310 לפיהם׃ on their mouth.
  10 H6963 קול their peace, H5057 נגידים The nobles H2244 נחבאו held H3956 ולשׁונם and their tongue H2441 לחכם to the roof of their mouth. H1692 דבקה׃ cleaved

Job 29:25

  25 H977 אבחר I chose out H1870 דרכם their way, H3427 ואשׁב and sat H7218 ראשׁ chief, H7931 ואשׁכון and dwelt H4428 כמלך as a king H1416 בגדוד in the army, H834 כאשׁר as H57 אבלים the mourners. H5162 ינחם׃ one comforteth

Job 42:12

  12 H3068 ויהוה So the LORD H1288 ברך blessed H853 את   H319 אחרית the latter end H347 איוב of Job H7225 מראשׁתו more than his beginning: H1961 ויהי for he had H702 לו ארבעה fourteen H6240 עשׂר fourteen H505 אלף thousand H6629 צאן sheep, H8337 ושׁשׁת and six H505 אלפים thousand H1581 גמלים camels, H505 ואלף and a thousand H6776 צמד yoke H1241 בקר of oxen, H505 ואלף and a thousand H860 אתונות׃ she asses.

Proverbs 10:22

  22 H1293 ברכת The blessing H3068 יהוה of the LORD, H1931 היא it H6238 תעשׁיר maketh rich, H3808 ולא no H3254 יוסף and he addeth H6089 עצב sorrow H5973 עמה׃ with

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