Jeremiah 41:8 Cross References - IHOT

  8 H6235 ועשׂרה But ten H376 אנשׁים men H4672 נמצאו were found H559 בם ויאמרו among them that said H413 אל unto H3458 ישׁמעאל Ishmael, H408 אל us not: H4191 תמתנו Slay H3588 כי for H3426 ישׁ we have H4301 לנו מטמנים treasures H7704 בשׂדה in the field, H2406 חטים of wheat, H8184 ושׂערים and of barley, H8081 ושׁמן and of oil, H1706 ודבשׁ and of honey. H2308 ויחדל So he forbear, H3808 ולא them not H4191 המיתם and slew H8432 בתוך among H251 אחיהם׃ their brethren.

Job 2:4

  4 H6030 ויען answered H7854 השׂטן And Satan H853 את   H3068 יהוה the LORD, H559 ויאמר and said, H5785 עור   H1157 בעד for H5785 עור   H3605 וכל yea, all H834 אשׁר that H376 לאישׁ a man H5414 יתן hath will he give H1157 בעד   H5315 נפשׁו׃ his life.

Psalms 49:6-8

  6 H982 הבטחים They that trust H5921 על in H2428 חילם their wealth, H7230 וברב in the multitude H6239 עשׁרם of their riches; H1984 יתהללו׃ and boast themselves
  7 H251 אח his brother, H3808 לא None H6299 פדה can by any means H6299 יפדה redeem H376 אישׁ   H3808 לא nor H5414 יתן give H430 לאלהים to God H3724 כפרו׃ a ransom
  8 H3365 ויקר precious, H6306 פדיון (For the redemption H5315 נפשׁם of their soul H2308 וחדל and it ceaseth H5769 לעולם׃ forever:)

Proverbs 13:8

  8 H3724 כפר The ransom H5315 נפשׁ life H376 אישׁ of a man's H6239 עשׁרו his riches: H7326 ורשׁ but the poor H3808 לא not H8085 שׁמע heareth H1606 גערה׃ rebuke.

Isaiah 45:3

  3 H5414 ונתתי And I will give H214 לך אוצרות thee the treasures H2822 חשׁך of darkness, H4301 ומטמני and hidden riches H4565 מסתרים of secret places, H4616 למען that H3045 תדע thou mayest know H3588 כי that H589 אני I, H3068 יהוה the LORD, H7121 הקורא which call H8034 בשׁמך by thy name, H430 אלהי the God H3478 ישׂראל׃ of Israel.

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