Mark 14:55 Cross References - Great

55 And the hye Prestes & all the counsell sought for witnes agaynst Iesu, to put hym to death, & founde none:

1 Kings 21:10

10 and set two vnthriftes before him, to beare witnesse agaynst him, sayenge: thou dydest blaspheme God and the kyng. And then carye hym out, and stone hym to deeth.

1 Kings 21:13

13 & there came in two men (the children of Belial) and sate before him. And the two vnthriftie persones wytnessed agaynst Naboth, in the presence of the people, sayeng: Naboth dyd blaspheme God and the kyng, And they caried hym out of the cytie, and stoned hym wyth stones that he dyed.

Psalms 27:12

12 Delyuer me not ouer into the will of myne aduersaryes, for there are false wytnesses rysen vp agaynst me, and soch as speake wronge.

Psalms 35:11

11 False witnesse dyd ryse vp: they layed to my charge, thynges that I knowe not.

Daniel 6:4

4 Wherfore the Princes and Lordes sought, to pycke out in Daniel some quarell agaynst the kyngdome: yet coulde they fynde none occasyon ner faute vpon hym. For whyche was so faythfull, that there was no blame ner dishonesty founde in hym.

Matthew 5:22

22 But I say vnto you: that whosoeuer is angrye with hys brother (vnaduysedly) shalbe in daunger of iudgement. And whosoeuer saye vnto hys brother Racha, shalbe in daunger of a councell. But whosoeuer sayeth thou foole, shalbe in daunger of hell fyre.

Matthew 26:59-60

59 The chefe Prestes and the elders, and all the councell, sought false witnes agaynst Iesus (for to put hym to deeth) 60 but founde none: yee, when many false witnesses came, yet founde they none. At the last came two false witnesses,

Acts 6:11-13

11 Then sent they in men, which sayde: we haue hearde hym speake blasphemous wordes against Moses, and agaynst God. 12 And they moued the people and the elders and the scribes: and came vpon him and caught hym, 13 and brought him to the councell, and brought forth false witnesse, which sayde: Thys man ceaseth not to speake blasphemous wordes against this holy place and the lawe:

Acts 24:1-13

1 After fyue dayes, Ananias the hye preste descended with the elders, and with a certayne oratour named Tartullus, which enformed the debite against Paul. 2 And when Paul was called forth, Tartullus beganne to accuse hym, saying: Seyinge that we lyue in greate quietnes by the meanes of the, and that many good thynges are done vnto thys nacion thorowe thy prouidence. 3 that alowe we euer and in all places moost noble Felix with all thankes. 4 Notwithstandynge, that I be not tedious vnto the, I praye the, that thou woldest heare vs of thy curtesy a feaw wordes: 5 For we haue founde this man a pestilent felowe, and a mouer of debate vnto all the Iewes in the whole world, and a maynteyner of the secte of the Nazarites 6 which hath also enforsed to pollute the temple. Whom we toke, and wolde haue iudged accordinge to our lawe: 7 but the hye captayne Lisias came vpon vs, and with great violence toke hym awaye oute of oure handes, 8 commaundynge hys accusars to come vnto the. Of whom thou mayest (yf thou wilt enquyre) knowe the certenty of all these thinges, wherof we accuse him: 9 The Iewes lykewyse affermed, sayinge, that these thinges were euen so. 10 Then Paul (after that the debite hym selfe had beckened vnto hym that he shulde speake) answered: With a moare quiet minde do I answere for my selfe, 11 for as moche as I vnderstande, that thou hast bene of many yeares a iudge vnto thys people, because that thou mayest knowe, that ther are yet, but twelue dayes sence I went vp to Ierusalem for to worshyppe, 12 and they nether founde me in the temple disputynge with eny man, ether raysinge vp the people, nether in the Synagoges, nor in the cytie. 13 Nether can they proue the thynges wherof they accuse me

1 Peter 3:16-18

16 hauynge a good conscience that where as they backbyte you as euyll doars, they maye be ashamed, that falsely accuse your good conuersacion in Chryst. 17 For it is better (yf the wyll of God be so) that ye suffre for well doynge, then for euyll doinge. 18 For as moch as Christ hath once suffered for synnes, the iust for the vniust, to bring vs to God, and was kylled, as pertayninge to the flesshe: but was quyckened in the sprete.

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