Joshua 2:19 Cross References - Great

19 And then whosoeuer doth go out at the dores of thy house, into the streat, his bloude shalbe vpon his awne head, & we wilbe giltlesse. And whosoeuer shalbe with the in the house, hys bloude shall be on oure heade, yf any mannes hande touche him:

Exodus 12:13

13 And the bloude shalbe vnto you a token in the houses wherin ye are. And when I se the bloud, I will passe ouer you, and the plage shal not be vpon you to destroye you, when I smyte the lande of Egipte.

Exodus 12:23

23 For the Lorde will go about to smyte the Egipcians. And when he seeth the bloude vpon the vpper dore poste & on the two side postes: he will passe ouer the dore, and will not suffer the destroyer to come into your house to plage you.

Leviticus 20:9

9 Whosoeuer he be, that curseth his father or hys mother, let hym dye: for he hath cursed hys father and mother, hys bloude be vpon him.

Leviticus 20:11

11 And the man that lyeth with hys fathers wyfe, & vncouereth hys fathers secrettes, let them both dye, their bloude be vpon them.

Numbers 35:26-28

26 But & yf the slayer come without the borders of his preuileged cytie whether he was fledd, 27 yf the auenger of bloud fynde him withoute the borders of hys fre towne, and slaye the murtherer, he shal be gyltlesse, 28 because he shulde haue bydden in hys fre towne vntyll the deeth of the hye preaste, and after the deeth of the hye preaste to retourne agayne vnto the lande of his possession.

Joshua 2:14

14 And the men answered her: oure liues for you to dye, yf ye vtter not this oure busines. And when the Lord hathe geuen vs the land, we will deale mercifully & truly with the.

2 Samuel 1:16

16 then sayde Dauid vnto him: thy bloude be vpon thyne awne heed. For thyne awne mouth hath testyfied agaynst the sayinge: I haue slayne the Lordes anoynted.

2 Samuel 3:28-29

28 And when after warde it cam to Dauids eare, he sayd. I and my kyngdom are giltlesse before the Lorde for euer concernyng the bloude of Abner the sonne of Ner. 29 Let the bloude remayne on the heed of Ioab & on all his fathers house that the house of Ioab be neuer wythout one or other that hath runnyng issues or leper, and that leaneth on a staff, and that doth fal on the swerde, & lacketh breed.

2 Samuel 4:11

11 How moch more whan wycked men haue slayne a ryghtuouse person, in his awne house and vpon his bed? Shall I not require his bloud of youre hande, and take you from the erth?

1 Kings 2:32

32 And the Lorde shall bryng hys bloud vpon his awne heed, for he smote two men right wyser and better then he, and slue them with the swerde, my father Dauid not knowynge therof: euen Abner the sonne of Ner, captayne of the hoost of Israel, and Amasa the sonne of Iether captaine of the hoost of Iuda.

1 Kings 2:36-42

36 And the kynge sente and called Semei, and sayde vnto hym: buylde the an house in Ierusalem, and dwell there: and se that thou go not forth thence any whether. 37 For be thou sure, that the daye that thou goest out, and passest ouer the ryuer of Cedron, thou shalte dye that daye, and thy bloude shalbe vpon thyne awne heade. 38 And Semei sayde vnto the kynge. Thys is a good thinge: as my Lorde the kynge hathe sayde: so wyll hys seruaunt do. And Semei dwelt in Ierusalem many a daye. 39 And it chaunced after thre yeres, that two of the seruauntes of Semei ranne away vnto Achis, sonne of Maacha king of Geth. And they tolde Semei, sayinge: beholde, thy seruauntes be in Geth. 40 And Semei stode vp, & sadled hys asse, and gat hym to Geth to Achis, to seke hys seruauntes, and returned, and brought hys seruauntes agayne from Geth. 41 And it was tolde Salomon, howe that Semei hathe gone from Ierusalem to geth, and was come agayne. 42 And the kynge sent, and called Semei, and sayd vnto hym: Dyd I not charge the by the Lorde with an othe, and testifyed vnto the, sayinge: be sure, that whensoeuer thou goest out, and walkest abroade any whether, thou shalt dye the deeth? And thou saydest vnto me: it is good tidynges that I haue hearde.

Ezekiel 33:4-5

4 If a man now heare the noyse of the trompet & wyll not be warned, and the swearde come: and take him awaye: his bloude shall be vpon his awne head: 5 for he herde the sound of the trompet, & wolde not take hede, therfore his bloude be vpon him. But yf he will receaue warninge, he shall saue his lyfe.

Matthew 24:17

17 And let hym whych is on the house toppe, not come downe to fet eny thinge out of hys house.

Matthew 27:24-25

24 When Pilate sawe that he coulde preuayle nothinge, but that more busynes was made, he toke water, and wasshed hys handes before the people, sayinge: I am innocent of the bloud of this iust person, ye shall se. 25 Then answered all the people, and sayd his bloud be on vs, and on oure children.

Acts 18:6

6 And when they sayde contrary & blasphemed he shoke hys rayment and sayde vnto them: youre bloude be vpon youre awne heedes: from hence forth wyll I go blamelesse vnto the gentyls.

Acts 20:26

26 Wherfore, I take you to recorde this daye that I am pure from the bloude of all men.

Acts 27:31

31 Paul sayde vnto the vndercaptayne and to the soudyers: excepte these abyde in the shypye cannot be safe.

Philippians 3:9

9 and be founde in him not hauynge myne awne ryghtewesnes of the lawe: but that which is thorow the fayth of Chryst: euen the ryghtewesnes which commeth of God thorowe fayth:

Hebrews 10:29

29 how moch sorer (suppose ye) shall he be ponisshed which treadeth vnder fote the sonne of God: & counteth the bloude of the testament, wherwith he was sanctifyed, as an vnholy thyng, & doth dishonoure to the sprete of grace.

1 John 2:27-28

27 And the anoyntinge which ye haue receaued of him dwelleth in you. And ye nede not, that eny man teach you: but as the anoyntinge teacheth you of all thinges, and is true, and no lye, and as it hath taught you, euen so byde therin. 28 And now babes abyde in hym: that when he shall appeare, we maye be bolde, & not be made ashamed of hym at hys commynge.

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