Job 31:31 Cross References - Great

31 Dyd not the men of myne awne houshold saye: who shall let vs to haue oure belly full of his fleshe?

1 Samuel 24:4

4 And the men of Dauid sayd vnto him: se, the daye is come, of which the Lorde sayde vnto the: Beholde: I will delyuer thyne enemyes into thyne hand, & thou shalt do to him as it shall seme good in thy syght. Then Dauid arose and cutt of a lappe of Sauls garment priuelye.

1 Samuel 24:10

10 Beholde, this daye thyne eyes haue sene. how that the Lord had delyuered the thys daye into myne hand in the caue. And some bad me kyll the, but I had compassion on the, and sayde: I will not laye my handes on my master, for he is the Lordes anointed.

1 Samuel 26:8

8 Then sayde Abisai to Dauid: God hath deliuered thyne enemye into thyne hande this daye. Now therfore, lett me smyte hym once with my speare to the erth, & I wyll not smyte hym the seconde tyme.

2 Samuel 16:9-10

9 Then sayde Abisai the sonne of Zaruia vnto the kynge: why doth thys deed dogg cursse my Lorde the kynge? let me go nowe, and take of the heed of hym. 10 And the kynge sayde: what haue I to do wyth you ye sonnes of Zaruia: let hym cursse: for the Lorde hath bydden hym cursse Dauid, Who dare then saye: Wherfore hast thou done so?

2 Samuel 19:21-22

21 But Abisai the sonne of Zeruia answered, and sayde: shall not Semei dye for this, because he cursed the Lords anoynted? 22 And Dauid sayde: what matter is betwene you and me ye sonnes of zeruia? For thys daye ye be aduersaryes vnto me. Shall there any man dye this daye in Israel? Do not I knowe, that I am this daye kynge ouer Israel?

Job 19:22

22 Why do ye persecute me as God doth, and are not satisfyed of my flesshe?

Job 22:7

7 To soche as were weery hast thou geuen no water to drincke, & hast withdrawen bred from the hungrye:

Psalms 27:2

2 When the wycked (euen myne enemyes and my foes) came vpon me, to eate vp my fleshe, they stombled & fell.

Psalms 35:25

25 Let them not saye in their hertes: there, there, so wolde we haue it: nether lett them saye: we haue deuoured hym.

Proverbs 1:11-12

11 yf they entise the, & saye: come with vs, we will laye wayte for bloude, & lurcke preuely for the innocent without a cause: 12 we shall swalowe then vp lyke the hell, & deuoure them quycke and hole, as those that go downe into the pyt.

Proverbs 1:18

18 yee they them selues laye wayte one for anothers bloud & one of them wold sleye another.

Jeremiah 40:15-16

15 Then sayde Iohanan the sonne of Careah vnto Godoliah in Mizpa these wordes secretly: Let me go, I praye the, and I will slaye Ismael the sonne of Nathaniah, so that no body shall knowe it. Wherfore will he kyll the, that all the Iewes which resorte vnto the, might be scatred and the remnaunt in Iuda peryshe. 16 And Godoliah the sonne of Ahikam sayde to Iohanan the sonne of Careah. Thou shalt not do it, for they are but lyes, that thou sayest, of Ismael.

Micah 3:2-3

2 But ye hate the good, and loue the euel: ye plucke of mennes skynnes, and the flesh from theyr bones: 3 ye eate the flesh of my people, and flay of theyr skynne: ye breake theyr bones, ye choppe them in peces as it were in to a cauldron, & as flesh into a pot

Luke 9:54-55

54 When his disciples, Iames & Iohn sawe this, they sayde: Lorde, wilt thou that we commaunde fyre to come downe from heauen and consume them, euen as Helias dyd? 55 Iesus turned about, and rebuked them, saying: ye wote not what maner spret ye are of.

Luke 22:50-51

50 And one of them smote a seruaunt of the hye preste, & stroke of his ryght eare. 51 Iesus answered & sayde: suffre ye thus farre forth. And whan he touched hys eare he healed hym.

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